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I’ll Be Back

By: Sineag

Email: Sineag

Series: "Hell is for Children"

Companion piece to "Child of the Tribe-Joel"

This story will not make a lot of sense if you have not read the rest of the stories in the series.

Warning: Deals with child abuse.

Feedback: Would be welcomed.

Blair lay quietly in the hospital bed wondering when his Mom would be coming home from India. He hoped she would come home before he had to leave the hospital. She loved him he knew that, even if she let some of the men who dated her, hurt him. He knew that it was not really her fault; she just needed to get away from him for a while. He tried to be good but it seemed that he still made her mad and then she would go away leaving with her latest guy. Anything was better than when she would send him to stay with some friend. While she always tried to make it up to him by buying him a new book or something else that he wanted, he would rather go without the new things if she would just stay with him. He sighed and turned over to look at the door. He wondered if Detective Joel would come and see him. He knew that his mother would not like him being friends with a pig.

"Oops, policeman not pigs. I have to remember that I promised I would not call them pigs anymore" he whispered to himself.

All of a sudden he saw the door to his room open and he smiled as he saw gray wolf wagging its head at him and a and a high voice saying, "I am missing my owner, I have looked everywhere for him. I am supposed to be his but I can’t find him. His name is Blair, does anybody know him?’

"That’s me," Blair giggled "I don’t have a wolf," he said sadly "I don’t have anybody," he whispered

"Well, you do now," the large black man said as he came into the room with a big smile on his face. He handed the wolf to the small boy on the bed. "Now you will always have a friend even if you feel like you are alone Detective Taggart t old the boy.

"Thank you, Detective Joel; I have never had a friend before".

Joel pulled up a chair, and sat down next to the boy that he had met just two days before. He smiled as he saw the bright eyes and the big smile of the boy as he hugged the wolf close to him.

"Blair, I have something important that I need to talk to you about, okay?

"Sure, Detective Joel, what is it?"

"Blair, I know that somebody has been hurting you, and this is not the first time," Joel stated in a soft voice, not wanting to scare the child.

Blair did not answer and became very interested in the floppy ears on the wolf.

"Blair, I can’t help you if you do not tell me what is happening. I know that somebody has been hurting you for a long time," Joel said in a gentle voice, putting his hand softly on the boy’s curly hair.

"How do you know that?" Blair asked quietly."?

"The x-rays show that there have been old injuries".

"What are x-rays?" Blair looked at Joel with a question in his eyes.

"Well, X-rays are pictures that they can take of your bones. Your X-rays show that you have had two broken arms, and a couple of ribs have been broken sometime. Can you tell me how you got those??" Joel inquired softly.

"No." Blair shook his head emphatically, his curls bouncing, Nobody is hurting me".

"Blair, please …" Joel pleaded

"No NO NO!" Blair yelled. "I don’t know what you are talking about. Go away and leave me alone. ". Blair turned his back to Joel and curled up into a small knot.

"Okay," Joel said softly "I will check with you tomorrow. I don’t want to upset you; I just want you to be safe that’s all. ".


Blair did not say anything, but Joel heard the sobs as he shut the door.

//You handled that well// Joel said to himself. He knew he had been pushing but he was pretty desperate. Jason had told him that Blair would be discharged in three days, and unless he could get the boy to talk to him, they would have to release him to Dave.


Blair lay in his bed that night, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. "What should I do, Wolfie?" he asked the stuffed toy. "If I say anything, Detective Joel will not let Dave hurt me, but Nomi said it was important that I never tell the police anything, or they would take me away from her. She gets mad sometimes but she loves me, I know she does. I don’t want to go away from her but I don’t want her to hurt me anymore either

He hugged the wolf to him and cried himself to sleep knowing that he had to do what his mother had said and keep his secret.

The next day Jason Taggert stood at the door of the boy’s room, watching him sleep.

"I wish you would tell us, little man," he whispered to himself. "You are too special to have this happening to you".

He turned as he saw his brother walking down the hall. "Hey, Jason," Joel asked, "how is he doing today?

"He is doing okay, for now," Jason replied, "but he won’t be once he leaves here".

"I know," said Joel, "I wish I could do more".

Blair looked over and saw the two men standing at the door.

"Detective Joel, I’m sorry I yelled at you yesterday," Blair mumbled in a soft voice.

"It’s okay, Blair," Joel assured him as he crossed the room to sit on the bed by the young boy. "I know that it is hard for you, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you. No matter where you go you can always call me, okay?"

Joel gave Blair one of his cards.

"Now I know that you are a really smart boy, so I want you memorize the number on this card so that even if you lose the card, you will be able to call me. If you forget the number, you just dial the Operator and ask her to connect you to the police department in Cascade, Washington and ask to speak to me. Now matter where you are, I will make sure that somebody I trust will come and help you, okay?"

"Okay," Blair answered, looking up at Joel with those bright blue eyes.

"Well, now that that is settled, is anybody ready for breakfast?" Jason asked from the doorway, holding a breakfast tray with pancakes on it.

"I’m starving," Blair exclaimed with a smile on his face.

"Well, then you had better eat all of this then. ".

Two days later Jason was helping Blair get ready to leave, when Joel walked up to the nurses’ station where David was waiting.

"David, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked the man waiting for Blair.

"Well, we kind of need to get on the road," David replied sullenly.

"This will just take a minute," stated Joel in a firm voice and escorted him around the corner of the hallway. Once they got, he grabbed the front of David’s jacket and pushed him into the wall.

"I want you to listen to me very closely," Joel growled, "I am going to be watching you, No matter where you go, I will know. If that boy turns up with so much as a bruise, I will know and I will find you. You had better remember that".

"Are you threatening me?" David spluttered.

"No, I am promising you," Joel growled, "you had better not ever hurt that boy again".

Joel pushed him back into the wall and walked down the hall and went outside, trying to blink past the tears in his eyes.

//God, please watch over that little boy, and keep him safe.//

"Detective Joel?" a small voice asked

"Yes, Blair," the Detective said, forcing a smile on his face as he knelt down to look at the small boy.

"Thank you for caring about me," Blair cried as he threw his arms around Joel’s neck.

Joel could feel the tears on his neck and blinked hard to keep his own from falling.

"It was my honor, Blair," Joel replied, emotion thickening his voice. "Remember what I told you, no matter what, you can call me if you need me and I will help you".

"I know," Blair said, "I did decide something though."

"What is that?" Joel said, hoping that the boy was going to tell him what he needed to hear to keep him safe.

"When I grow up I am going to come back here and go to college. Will you still be here?" he asked with a smile.

"I hope so, Blair, I hope so".

"Blair, get in the car!" David snapped.

Blair turned away, and opened the door. Just before he got in, he turned back to Joel with a smile that stole Joel’s breath away.

"Remember, Detective Joel, I will be back".

Blair then got in the car and turned around so he could watch Joel through the rear window and waved as they drove away.

"I hope you do come back," Joel said softly." I will be here."