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Warning Kid Fic.

No Longer Alone

by Sineag

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The child looked around the dark blue jungle and marveled at how good he felt. There was nothing scratching at him, making his head hurt, or the noise that so often made him go to a very dark place. Looking around he could feel the quiet and peace, feelings that belonged to this place. Where am I he asked himself, where is everybody?

Do not worry little one, all will be explained to you in time.

Who are you the child asked tilting his head back so that he could see the speaker.

"I am your protector, for now"

"Can you make all the pain go away" the child whispered?

"Yes young sentinel I can help you put that which causes the pain away until it is time for them to reappear".

"When will that be"?

""When it is time, the voice replied getting fainter. The child looked up at the unusual man.

"Can I stay here"? the boy whispered hope shining in his eyes.

"No, you must return to your world".

"But I don't like it there. I am alone, I don't want to be alone anymore."

"Shhh child, in time you will find a place where you will belong. You will have a life that will be very hard at times, but when it matters the most you won't be alone. Until then grow strong, the special gifts that you have will remain hidden from you until the time is right. You will be able to live without the pain of the world until you are ready to take your place as a great protector."

Without another word, the images disappeared and the boy was soon asleep free from the pain for the first time in his young life.

Jim woke with a start suddenly remembering Incacha and his promise. As he heard the high-pitched giggle and a deeper rumble, from his daughter and his guide, his gaze fell to the picture on his end table and realized that Incacha had been right. His senses enhanced his world now rather than making it a dark and lonely place. He was no longer alone.