Elllison Sentinels protect their Sandburg Guides

by Shadde

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"I had to do it Uncle Jim. I am the sentinel and wasn't going to let those big bullies beat up on my guide."

Jim sighed as he looked down into the earnest and determined face of his niece. "Don't you think that maybe BJ would like to fight his own battles and not be defended by girl two years his junior?"

Bet shook her head. "There were two many of them Uncle Jim and BJ likes uncle Blair he's a bit of a nerd. He likes to read and he learns things real fast and loves to share it with everyone. Just like uncle Blair. He isn't really a fighter and he's my guide. You protect uncle Blair." She finished plaintively

"Yes I protect him but's that's against crooks who he doesn't have the skill to fight which I have to admit sometimes he's better at getting them than me. And I only protect him when he allows me to or needs me to. Blair would tear me...I mean Blair would give me such a lecture my ears would fall off if I stepped in without his asking."

Bet frowned. "You mean like BJ did to me? He was so angry. He made sure me and Kenny were home safe then he stormed off." Sudden tears appeared in the young girls eyes. "He said he wouldn't be my guide if I ever did something like that again. He said he didn't need my help or protection."

Bet threw herself into her Jim's arms, "But Uncle Jim I was just trying to keep him safe like a sentinel is supposed to."

"Well maybe BJ wants to be the one to keep you safe. You have to understand Bet, no boy wants a girl to be his defender. That hurts his pride and other boys will give him a hard time later so he'll have to fight more not less. BJ looks at you as his responsibility. He see's you and Kenny as younger siblings. He see's himself as the protector."

"But I don't understand" Bet all but wailed. "Uncle Blair said the sentinel protects their tribe. BJ and Kenny and you and Uncle Blair and Uncle Simon and all your friends are my tribe but I can only really take care of BJ and Kenny. Now BJ doesn't want me to take care of him."

"Bet, I don't just take care of Blair. He takes care of me too. He is my protector and not just with the senses but a lot of time with the bad guys too. We are a team. We work together. That is how sentinel and guide are supposed to be."

Bet sighed dramatically. "Why can't guides just do what they're told?" She lamented, "But I hear you." She unconciously copied Naomi's ignomatic saying and Jim couldn't help grinning. The Sandburgs sure had a way of infiltrating the Ellison home, psyche, eatting habits and conversation.

"Yeah it would be nice if our guides would just do what we told them but then_ _ they wouldn't be Sandburgs and what would we do without them?"

"I heard that, Uncle Jim. Okay I've got to apologize to BJ and tomorrow I'll let him rescue me from those nasty bullies so he'll know I need him to protect me and they'll know he isn't somebody you better mess with."

Jim shook his head laughing softly as the little girl wandered off mumbling to herself and planning events to fall her way like a Sandburg. Blair and BJ were a bad influence on his niece and nephew. What would Steven say if he could see them now?

Jim felt a moment of twisting pain at the thought of his brother and how much he missed him. He also felt a smidgen of regret that Steven couldn't see what beautiful people his children were turning out to be under the tutelage of Blair.

Speaking of his guide that was him now and he had BJ with him. As it was his day to cook he'd better be pretty swift about getting something started. Blair was going to accept take out again.

As Jim moved to the kitchen, the front door opened and Blair and his son walked in. He studied the young boy and saw that although he was still upset his father had mananged to assuage most of his anger.

Jim looked up and caught Blair's eye and he. Jim knew then everything was going to be alright. Jim smiled at both guides in turn and went on to finish dinner. It was just another saga in the ongoing Sandburg and Ellison house.