What Do You See, Jimmy?

By Shadde

Email: Shadde

Jimmy Elison sat quietly in the window, leaning back against the window ledge, his leg curled under him on the window seat. He gazed dreamily out the window lost in the play of colors, shadow and wind in the late day's sunset. His mind danced and whirled with the shapes and color only he could see leaving him almost totally unaware of his surroundings.

Steven Ellison crept up on his brother sitting so still holding his breath and moving as quietly as a seven year old boy could. He walked even with shoes on quieter than most boys his age because of his Father William Ellison who hated any noise and because of Jimmy who could hear everything, even the quietest whisper.  When he was just minuets from reaching out to touch Jimmy, the older boy turned far away eyes toward him.

Steven froze and Jimmy just stared sightlessly at him for a moment then turned back toward the window. Steven let out a breath. He knew that Jimmy knew he was here. He was just caught up in the things he could see out that window that even Steven couldn't share, no matter how hard he tried to see them.

"Come here little brother." Jimmy said quietly and Steven moved to join the older boy not surprised that though Jimmy hadn't seemed to see him, he knew he was there. Jimmy always knew where he was and what he was doing. It was hard to get into things with a brother like Jimmy. Jimmy put his arms around the smaller boy and pointed out the window. "Do you see how the light plays with the wind and shadow making such mysterious shapes? I feel like I'm in another world where monsters live and warriors fight to save their land from the evil shadow creatures taht live in the dark."

Steven glanced outside but only really saw that it was getting dark, the sun almost gone and the wind whipping the leaves and branches about. He turned away after a moment more interested in the story Jimmy was weaving from what he saw. He felt his breath catch as Jimmy described a particularly wild battle and glanced back at the window but it was to dark to see. Instead he watched Jimmy's animated face and saw the images Jimmy described in teh shadows that played on the wall. There interlude was over all to quickly when two large hands reached down and grabbed each of them yanking them apart, to dangle a bit above the floor while a big voice thundered down at them almost causing Steven to wet his pants.

"What are you doing?" William Ellison roared shaking his two sons in big hands. "Jimmy what have I told you about your fantasy world, and especially pretending to see more than anyone else. Now you corrupt your brother with this foolish nonsense! You want him to turn out to be a freak just like you!" William let go of his younger son to grasp the shoulders of his oldest and to viciously shake the boy back and forth snapping his head back on his shoulders.

Jimmy bit his lip to keep from crying out and stared up at his father with wide, scared blue eyes. "No Father. No. I was just making up a story to entertain him. I wasn't trying to make him into a freak. I'm sorry, Father. I didn't mean to see more. I forgot it was to dark." Jimmy pleaded, a sob in his rough voice. He refused though to let a tear drop knowing it would anger his father more and produce disgust. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I sorry." He said again and again his voice getting progressively smaller.

Steven stood frozen his cheeks also dry though tears swam in his light, blue eyes. When William turned to him he almost ran but stood his ground hoping to escape a whipping if he showed himself to be a man. "We was just playing. It was makebelieve father." He defended his brother bravely.

"And what have I told you about makebelieve?"

"Um uh" Steven stuttered. "That's it's no-no good. That it doesn't make mo-money or you a-a man that other's resp-ect."

"Yes!" William gloated triumphally. "Now go to your room while I talk with your brother and get him to understand that."

Steven gulped. "Yes sir." He carefully did not look at his brother as he scuttled away to hide under the covers of his bed.

William turned back to Jimmy who was standing at attention. His back straight and head up though his eyes shimmered with his fear which also translated into his trembling bottom lip.

He shook but was not brought down.

"Into my office." William ordered angry by what he saw as the boys defiance. {He'd get some sense into the boy if he had to beat it into him. Jimmy could not be allowed to continue on using his unnatural abilities.  What if someone found out? They would know his son was a freak and it would keep him from following in his father's footsteps, taking on the business when William retired someday.}

Jimmy walked down the stairs, toward his father's office as if he were going to his death. {Why couldn't he have kept his imaginings to himself?}


* * * * * *

The talk was long and harsh filled with invective, taunts, putdowns and Williams idea of resonableness. Jimmy stood for the two hours mute before his father's vocal lash. He refused to cry or show any emotion and just answered when it was required of him, "Yes sir."

When he was finally allowed to go. He went up to his room, entered and quietly shut the door. He could hear Steven sleeping in his own room next door and he knew the younger boy had cried himself to sleep waiting for his big brother. Jimmy could smell the tears. He wouldn't wake him it was Stevie's bedtime anyway. He moved to the window and stood looking out stretching his eyesight as far as it would go into the night sky.

Finally he turned from the window bringing his vision back to what was normal for him and slowly got dressed for bed. He climbed into the big bed and lay in the darkness staring at the ceiling. And then he began to slowly wind his sight down, down to what was normal for everyone he knew but himself and closed off that part of himself that was different from his father and brother and Sally. One day he promised himself though, oneday he would be able to use his abilities again, and on that day he wouldn't be alone.