Almost an Olympian

by Shadde

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Summary: Jim and Blair discuss the Olympics.

Notes: Not spell-checked or betaed. Just a little story I thought of watching the opening Olympic ceremonies in Athens. Originally posted to SentinelAngst.

Disclaimer: Jim and Blair belong to Pet Fly. I'm just borrowing them.


"Hey Cheif you ought to see this. It's really something" Jim said with a twinge of awe in his voice.

Blair looked up from his laptop where he was preparing a quiz for his first year Anthropology students. "What are you looking at Jim?"

He left the couch to see what had Jim sounding so out of character. Settling on the couch he smiled as he saw the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. "Hey Jim did you hear that the Iraqi team was flown out so that even though we're still at war they can compete?"

Blair shook his head. "Do you realize Jim that the Olympics are the one universal event that seems to stop hostilities between countries. And you know that's odd since it's an event that thrust countries to compete against each other. Do you realize the social, political"

"Whoa Professor, whoa" Jim laughed. "I just wanted you to see how nice the Greece made the opening. I mean think about it Cheif the Olympics back where they first began."

"Yeah Jim and that too has social, political..."

"I was almost in the Olympics" Jim said softly cuttin Blair off again.

"What!" Blair turned to Jim in shock "When?"

"When I was in my late teens I was training to be a diver. I was the best on my swim team and had been chosen as an alternate." Jim closed his eyes. His face tensing with the memories.

"What happened" Blair asked quietly realizing this was a painful memory for Jim.

Jim shrugged. "My father got angry about a couple of B's I made and got me taken off the team. Told me diving wasn't going to take me anywhere, only good grades in school would count in the future. He felt a B made me a loser and he couldn't abide losing. It dosen't matter now."

Blair knew that Jim wasn't being honest with himself. "Jim it does matter! And it certainly mattered then. How could your dad do that."

"He wanted what was best for me. He didn't think that was it and he wanted to punish me for failing."

Blair shook his head unable to understand William Ellison's thought processes. Very few people would think their child participating in the Olympics was unimportant. He shook his head again then sat back against the back of the couch. His shoulder touched Jim's and Jim glanced over at him with a smile. Blair smiled back "How about some a all meat pizza for dinner?"

Jim couldn't keep the grin off his face. "Sure Cheif." He pushed himself up off the couch to call it in to their favorite pizza place before flopping back on the sofa after a detour by the kitchen to grab two beers.

He handed one to Blair. Glancing at Blair before he turned back to watch the continual opening ceremonies. "Thank you" he said quietly and Blair couldn't keep the grin off his face knowing Jim was thanking him more for just springing for the pizza.

"Hey did I ever tell you about the one Olympic game me and Naomi got to go to when she was with..."

Jim set back with a quiet laugh enjoying listening to Blair's voice as it rose and fell during his long, involved tale of his childhood.