The Interview

by Shadde

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Summary: A new reporter tries to interview the true Blair and Jim.

Disclaimer: Jim and Blair belong to Pet Fly. I'm just borrowing them for the month. All original characters are mine.


I was excited but nervous as today I was sent out on my first interview. Just barely out of high school and being trusted with such an important job I wanted to make a good impression. I couldn't believe they were sending me.

And I never realized how hard it would be.

I arrived at Cascade P.D. around 8:00 a.m. . Smoothing down my skirt and straightening my jacket I entered and went to the front desk. Showing the officer there my press credentials and telling him I was there for an interview I received my police pass and was sent on my way.

I had to study the map on the wall near the elevator to find what floor I was supposed to go to. I had been so nervous I had forgotten to ask the desk officer. Finding the right floor on the map I pushed the button for the elevator. When it opened I was about to enter when a slew of cops suddenly appeared behind me and entered the elevator.

I could feel my heart take off beating like a rocker's drum on opening night. I stepped back lowering my head not wanting to be trapped on the elevator with so many of Cascade's finest. I waited for the next elevator and when that one opened and I went to enter, I found I wasn't alone.

I almost choked on my breath to find myself riding the elevator with my interview subjects. Cascade P.D.'s cop of the year and his unorthodox civilian partner.

Clearing my throat I tried to introduce myself and was taken aback when ice, blue eyes turned to stare at me as if I were a mouse cornered by a snake. A growl proceeded the stare and I stepped back pressing myself against the elevator wall.

"Please Jim, please" A little voice piped up from the neanderthal's side where the owner of the voice was hidden. The neanderthal snarled at him and he clamped his mouth shut giving me a frightened look out of dull, dark blue eyes.

I was never so happy for an elevator to arrive. I stayed pressed against the wall until the two men had exited the neanderthal pulling his companion along by his hair as he cried out in pain holding to the detectives' wrist. I tentatively poked my head out making sure that creature and his mousy prisoner were gone. Seeing no sight of them I stepped out taking a deep breath feeling vaguely ashamed I hadn't helped the little guy but I consoled myself with the assurance I would report it when I found my *real* interviewees.

Looking around I headed toward two doors that opened to a large room where Major Crime was painted upon the door. I started toward the door but was stopped by the sound of sobbing coming from a room just a couple doors past the Major Crime bullpen. Even though I wasn't sure what I could do, my curiosity had me following the sound.

Looking through the door I figured this was a breakroom like a teachers' lounge as it had vending machines and a half filled coffee mug surrounded by a variety of coffee cups. Looking around I finally spied the issuer of the sobbing sound I had heard. My mouth gaped open as I came upon my interview subjects again. This time Jim Ellison was holding a weeping Blair Sandburg on his lap rocking and cooing to him. His large hands ran through soft, curls and he rubbed one hand up and down his back comforting him. For a moment I stared unable to move until soft, compassionate, light blue eyes smiled sadly at me.

I pulled back stunned leaning weakly against the wall. How many Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg caricatures were there in this one building? Desperate now to find my real subjects I hurried back to the Major Crime doors and pushed my way inside only to be stopped by loud yelling.

I groaned as I was faced with yet another set Cascade's supposedly best detective team. The tyrant stood before the whole room berating and downgrading his smaller partner who just stood there taking it and seeming to grow smaller and smaller as he apologized and blamed himself.

The tyrant agreed and continued on to nonstop put down this version of Blair Sandburg. I looked around but no one else seemed to notice so I turned away from the sickening scene to ask someone where the real Blair and Jim's desk was.

My heart took a dive when I saw two more representations sitting at the desk and these were no more real than the others. Blair Sandburg had his hair tied back but wore outrageously, bright and eclectic clothing. He was expounding intellectually on some theory or other working continuously on a large pile folders in front of him while his partner dressed in conservative clothing with a baseball cap on his head drooled at the mouth say duh every now and then his head in a sports magazine.

Turning away from this disheartening pair I searched for Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg: Not a Neanderthal dragging around a frightened partner by his long curls; Or a Jim Ellison so emotionally out of character he was holding a sobbing stranger with Blair Sandburg's face on his lap; Not an emotinally abusive detective who tore down an abused observer who felt he deserved the censure or last but not least a drooling idiot for a detective with a genius for a partner.

None of these were the men I had come to interview but strangers of someone's sick mind.

Turning sadly I left the bullpen, reentered the elevator, traveled back to the first floor and left the police station fearing I had failed my very first assignment.

I had one last hope when I studied my assignment prep sheet and saw I had the detectives address. If they weren't here I had to find them at home, didn't I.

I hailed a taxi and rode it to Prospect paying with the newspaper's money when I arrived. I stood outside the building staring up at its imposing brick facade then with a sigh I entered the foyer and studied the names on the mailbox until I found the names Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison. Oh yes they lived together.

Turning to the elevator I found it out so had to climb three flights of stairs to reach apartment 307. I was exhausted by the time I got to the third floor and had to sit down with head on my knees straining to catch my breath. It took me a couple a minutes.

Finally getting to my feet I was disgusted with myself for being so out of shape. Checking each door I came to 307 and stood there almost afraid to knock. What if this wasn't them either?

But I couldn't know unless I knocked. I had barely raised my hand to knock when the door swung open and my heart plummeted. Here stood Jim Ellison in a flowered bathrobe holding a rocking a huge baby who on closer inspection was his grown almost 30 year old partner. Mother Hen Ellison soothed the fretful Infant? and smiled at me with a question in her? his eyes. I shook my head about to turn away when a sound behind Mother Hen Ellison caught my attention.

Standing on my tiptoes I glanced over her/his shoulder hoping that the real Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg were here. What I saw so shocked me I found myself running down the stairs just wanting to get as far away from this building, these people and this assignment as I could. Now I knew why this assignment had been given to the rookie.

Uttering dire consequences to my fellow news correspondents I fled out the door of the building only to collide with a powerfully built chest. Strong arms caught me before I could fall and I looked up in the face of Jim Ellison smiling amusedly at me.

Fighting to get loose I backed away from him seeing Blair Sandburg behind him. What would these two faux detective and observer showcase. I didn't want to stand around a find out. I was sick of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg but as I turned away I heard the observer ask, "What do think is wrong with her Jim. She acted like she had seen a monster. I hope none of our resident psychos haven't stopped by for a visit?"

"I don't know Chief. I don't hear anything, just Mrs. Flavor watching her favorite morning shows, Mr. Catcher trying to teach his dog to use the paper and Fanny Tane pretending to be to sick to go to school again. Of course there are our counterparts from the other universes. J/B making out and Mother Hen putting Baby Blair down for a nap."

"Uh if I hate any of our counterparts more than the others I think Baby Blair gets on my nerves the most."

"I know what you mean that neanderthal and tyrant make me just want to put my fist through their faces."

"It's okay Jim. They're not us. That's not you."

Hearing this conversation I turned back to the two men staring at them unabashedly. They returned my stare warily.

"Jim Ellison? Blair Sandburg?" At their tentative nods I barreled on "I'm from Sentinel and Guide magazine and you have been chosen..."

I got my interview and learned something about the counterparts that peppered our city with their bitter presence. I learned their were even more than I had seen or met.

There was Blessed Protector Ellison and Accident Prone Sandburg; Psycho Bait Sandburg and Rescuer Ellison who also worked with Hostage/Kidnap victim Blair and Blessed Protector. So many I can't even remember them all. I'm just glad I met the real men or I would never have believed what others said about them, as the best again.

Everyone was shocked I actually got the right Jim and Blair and I was the first one to do it I got a raise.

Hey I think I earned it.

Hope you like it.