Flying With Sandburg

By Shadde

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Jim couldn't believe this, after spending several days in England with Blair and Naomi on some crazy re-energizer retreat where the Sandburg-I'm-not-from-this-world family reunion was taking place, he wasn't going to be able to go home anytime soon. Some crazy bomb-toting terrorist had thought to blow up some planes that were on their way to the US and Jim and Blair's flight had been delayed. Jim shook his head this was his fault he should have planned an alternative route or contingency plans when he knew he was going to spend time with more than one Sandburg. After all if two could cause so much trouble together and separately what could fifty do?

He should have warned the English authorities as soon as they arrived. Then they would have been better prepared for the disaster and trouble to come and Jim would be on hi way home right now.

Of course some flights had made it out but because they were running late they had missed out on those. Jim glanced over at the reason for their lateness only to discover his guide and friend deep in conversation with the young mother who was in line behind them.

Jim wanted to growl at his friend but was constrained by the small children playing quietly around their feet and the animation on his friends face which matched the children's as they found many new playmates in the waiting, tired crowd. Blair had found a new playmate too.

Instead of anger Jim found himself grinning. He turned away so Blair wouldn't see the smile but caught the amused glance of the woman about his age, behind Blair and the young mother. She was traveling with a teenage son who was showing the same animation for the teen girl sitting nearby.

She and Jim shared a smile and if he hadn't seen the ring on her finger he might have tried to pick her up for a meal and conversation while they waited.

Jim shifted his feet as another announcement went forth across the speakers announcing another delay for US going flights.

Jim looked around for some seats but there wasn't even an inch of floor to sit on so he slowly folded down where he was at. He couldn't help smiling at how easily he did it after all of Blair's pushing him to meditate while sitting cross-legged on the loft floor.

His smile grew larger as he watched Blair follow him down unconsciously and even more easily than he. Blair helped the young mother down situating her on her piled bags. He never broke conversation.

Jim thought the young lady looked a bit dazed but she seemed to be enjoying the attention so Jim didn't try to distract his friend. Instead he leaned back on his own bag closed his eyes and sent his senses out. It was a way for him to explore, rest and train his senses all at once while still keeping vigil. Blair had taught him how to do this.

It was a long wait but finally their flight was called sometime early the next morning and they were allowed to go home. The young mother and the woman with the teenage son who had finally come over and sat by Jim so they could talk about their respective "kids" along with other stranded Americans flew with them.

As they exited the plane Cascade Jim turned to Blair, "Now you see why I don't want to leave home without it."

Blair who was reeling from exhaustion looked up at Jim confused "Without what?"

Jim eyes lit with a mischievous light "The Sandburg disaster prevention kit."


The End.