The Ellisons, The Sandburgs and the Famers' Market

By Shadde

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This is just a little snippet or at least it was going to be a snippet. I have trouble writing just a little bit of a longer story I hope to finish someday. I hope you enjoy.


Jim couldn't help grinning as he watched the frown grower larger and larger on BJ Sandburg's face. His father Blair was grinning ear to ear like a proud papa but BJ's scowl was making the grin slip into a stern frown that rivaled his curly-headed son.


Jim shook his head at their antics and whispered only loud enough for Bet to hear. "It's good you can tell the fresh and ripest fruit and vegetables with your senses but BJ wanted to show us how much he's learned from his father about shopping here"


Elizabeth Stacy Ellison blushed at her uncle's quiet admonishment and being a sensitive child along with having enhanced senses. She immediately set by to rectify her mistake and to stop Uncle Blair from scolding her chosen guide.


"BJ sometimes I won't be able to use my senses how do I tell if this is a good corn on the cob to buy?"


Blair beamed at both children in relief as the scowl disappeared from his son's face and BJ strutted over to demonstrate to the two Ellison children how to shop for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables the non-sentinel way.


Jim half-listened to the lecture shaking his head with a half-smile at how much BJ was like his father even down to the same lecturing voice. Blair saw his reaction and grinned sheepishly at him, shrugging his shoulders but not really able to hide his pride in the boy. Jim let his acceptance, amusement and pride shine briefly as he touched both BJ and Bet on the shoulder.


BJ glanced up saw his uncle was looking at his father and went back to his lecture. Bet saw the pride in her in her uncles eyes and it made her feel warm with pleasure. Kenny didn't really care for the lecture and had crouched down to examine some crushed vegetables on the ground which had been taken over by fruit flies.


BJ ignored the little boy and Jim and Blair weren't paying attention when a wandering tabby caught Kenny's attention and in the next moment he was gone. No one really noticed until they left the corn booth to head to the citrus booth. There BJ, Blair and Bet surveyed large bags of sweet smelling oranges. Jim who carrying the basket decided here and now he'd had enough of being a beast of burden especially as the basket was heavy and full and had far to much produce for their combined families to be used in a week.


He backed away from them shaking his head. "If you guys want that ten pound of oranges you're going to have to carry it yourself. I've had enough. Come on Kenny let's get away from these slave drivers."


Jim turned to secure the little boy and make good their escape even as Blair, BJ and Bet came at him laughing, to dump the heavy load into the basket. So it was Jim who first noticed Kenny wasn't there causing his heart to leap into his throat. He immediately began to scan the area turning his eyesight up high and sending his hearing out after it.


Blair was immediately at his side. "Jim what is it? What's going on? Where's Kenny?"


"I don't know" Jim answered in the same quiet voice Blair had used not to agravate his enhanced hearing. "I just looked around and noticed he was missing."


"Okay Jim" Blair said taking the basket to set in down on the ground near their feet. "Can you hear him? Do you see him? Stretch out your hearing until you hear a familiar sound then let your sight follow until you know where he is. You can do this Jim" Blair coaxed softly laying his on Jim's back to keep him grounded.


Bet stood there almost frozen her eyes wide and searching along with Jim following Blair's soft commands to her uncle but she wasn't as experienced and no one was anchoring her. Not to mention the stress of losing her younger sent her plummeting right into a zone.


Blair felt her slip away from him and tried to reach a hand out to her but she was standing just out of reach and he couldn't let Jim go to get her or he'd have two zoned sentinels on his hand.


Even before Blair could speak BJ had moved up and placed his arm around Bet holding her tight and rocking her gently while crooning to her in soft melody that she immediately responded to. She came out of the zone, shook her head weakly and sagged at the knees. But she couldn't fall for BJ had his arms around her and he held her up.


For a moment she laid her head on his chest then she jolted up her whole body tense; her mouth open to cry out in anguish for her lost brother. BJ quickly snapped a hand over her mouth until she could remember her uncle Jim.


Bet blushed as she looked up and saw the concentrated look on her uncles' face and knew she would have hurt him with her cry. She stood trembling in BJ's arms until Jim came back and pointed south out over the mart.


"I can hear him crying. He's hysterical."


Bet took off before anyone could stop her and BJ followed. Jim followed. Blair found himself left with the basket which as he hoisted and realized it's weight suspected Jim had left on purpose.


He struggled after his crew and finally caught up with them near the security guards kiosk. Seeing the three Ellison's wrapped around each other and the tears and pain Blair felt guilty for thinking Jim was abandoning him with the basket for it's weight.


BJ stood back until he saw his father arrive then he threw himself in his arms. Blair barely had time to put the basket down. He hugged his son to him. "It's okay son. Kenny's going to be alright."


BJ pulled back from his father and gazed up into his face. "Why are they so upset then," he asked in a kind of whisper?


"You know Bet and Kenny got lost from their parents while in Europe and never found them again because they were killed?"


BJ nodded. "Well now getting lost for them is very terrifying. They'll be alright now that their back together."


BJ nodded but he still watched with some anxiety until the storm began to abate and Jim reached out an arm to welcome him and Blair into their circle. Both BJ and Blair moved into the family circle and healing was made complete as two families became one and two groups unified.


The End.