A Visual Dream

by Shadde


Summary: December themefic.

Warnings: Some sexual scenes that a child witnesses. Nothing graphic.

Disclaimer: Not mine and I get no money for them but I sure wish I did.


It was a dream. He knew it was a dream. There was no way he was lost in the middle of the desert during a dust storm at night high on a plateau watching some 10 to 20 feet below the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was laid out like a sacrifice on an intricately weaved blue and red Navajo blanket.

Her long wavy black hair splayed about her tanned body. Her bent knee partially hid her erect breast and her secrete center, just a dark, mysterious spot between her shapely thighs. Her hair hid her face but he could see heaving breast as she arched on the blanket in a moment of excruciating ecstasy. He caught his breath as he watched transfixed.

It took him a moment to become aware of the insistent voice whispering near his ear pointing out the lighted candles and the sprinkled flower petals around the woman's body. She also pointed out the young man hid in the shadows of the bluff that Blair had missed quietly whispering words of love and intimacy to the woman on the blanket. He turned his head to see the whisperer and almost scuttled back, startled to see his companion.

Now he knew this was nothing more than a dream. Angel Eyes was dead, killed in that ill-fated last adventure with the boys of the commune in Utah where Blair and Naomi had stopped at. The kids had invited Blair to go with them for the nighttime climb to Old Stumbling Foot Rock's Peak but Naomi had extracted a karmic promise - one of their most sacred, never to be broken promise, he would stay away from that place. She had been having feelings of unease since they had arrived. Meditation would neither banish nor reveal the reason for her feelings so she just pleaded with Blair to be cautious.

Blair had not gone but Angel Eyes had, the only girl willing to try the peak at night with the boys. She had teased Blair for staying behind with the girls but had quickly understood when she knew of his promise and she had gone with the boys. Stumbling Foot had lived up to it's name and Angel Eyes had plummeted to her death in the ravine between the rock. Blair had not been allowed to see her broken body when it had been retrieved by Search and Rescue and the men of the camp. He and Naomi had attended her memorial service where her ashes were spread on the wind by her grieving father. He had recited a Navajo prayer over her that had caught and held Blair's attention making him believe he was floating on the wind and that Angel Eyes was there with her impish smile.

But she hadn't been there and she couldn't be here now, she was gone, dead. Yet here she stood bending over his shoulder in the desert of native land on her father's side pointing out nuances of the sexual tryst between Chief Jeff Wandering Willow's daughter Song and James Catching Bull, the banished son of the tribes Navajo school teacher and medicine man. Blair stared at her in shock and amazement as she pointed out to him how James did not touch Song but whispered his love and what he would like to do to and with her. "She reacts to his words but doesn't allow his touch thus obeying her father's command for her not to be with him."

Blair turned back to the strange tryst but it had grown to dark for him to see. The shadows had leaped up and the light slowly faded out like a scene in a movie. He found himself unutterably weary as he lay his head on his arm and drifted off to a deep sleep right there in the desert under the full moon. It was just a dream, he thought.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The sun shining brightly into his tightly closed lids and the warmth suddenly suffusing his cool, damp body drew him from a restful slumber. He sat up and looked around foggily until he realized where he was, then he came awake with a startled gasp.

How had he come here? It was just a dream he had thought. Why was he not back at the house secure in his bed? Why was he here on a desert plateau alone and abandoned?

Memory was slow to appear as the warmth of the sun burned off the cobwebs and he remembered the vision of the night before. He found himself leaning over the edge of the plateau gazing down into its depths but he could find no evidence of what he had witnessed, no woman, no blanket or even a stray petal or ash left to signal he had really seen what he thought he had seen. He pushed himself upright staring in panic at the far distant, monotonous, brown cliffs that went on forever. God's and Goddesses! What was going on? He had been sure he was only having a dream. And what about Angel Eyes? That couldn't be real. She was dead! Her ashes spread on the wind.

He pushed himself to his feet and it seemed the height opened the passageways of his brain that controlled memory because now he remembered coming out here with the other boys of the reservation village. He had come with them out into the desert to witness a mystery. They had given him water to drink and when he woke up he had been here alone. Sounds from below had drawn his attention over the plateau edge and he had witnessed the Chief's daughter in her clandestine tryst with the forbidden James Catching Bull. So they hadn't been making a fool of the new boy who was basically an outsider not being Navajo, but now he had to make his way back with no directions or help. Blair felt a sense of worry, he was never one for accurate directions.

Studying the sun he decided that they had come from the East. He put out his foot to start in that direction but the sight of billowing dust in the distance to the west arrested his journey. He thought he should move toward the signs of life and civilization but for some reason found his feet rooted to the spot until the cloud of dust became a recognizable jeep. The army green jeep pulled up and Naomi leaped from the front passenger seat. Her eyes were wide and red, her clothes rumbled as if she had slept in them, her hair ruffled on head.

She ran to Blair and enveloped him in her arms pressing him against her herb-ally fragrant breast. Blair blushed, his face and ears flaming as he remembered Song's heaving breast. "Oh Blair I was so worried. When the boys told us they had left you out here I feared you would be killed by some wild animal or wander off in the dark and fall like Angel Eyes.

"It's okay Mom." Blair soothed hugging Naomi back, gently rubbing his hands on her back. "I'm alright. The boys were just playing. It was only a childish dare. They'd all done it before."

Naomi pushed him to arms length so she could gaze into his guileless blue eyes. She knelt in front of him to make sure she had his attention not caring about the dust that coated her flimsy, blowy, peach dress. Hazel brown eyes stared into azure blue, tears moistening the brown ones. "You don't know this place Blair, not like the other boys. They grew up around here. These are their stomping grounds. The last time you were here you were only two years old."

"I know. I'm sorry for worrying you Naomi." Blair apologized. "I'll think before I do another dare."

"Please do sweetie. You are all I have and I can't bear to lose you."

Blair glanced at Dominic White Cloud sitting quietly in the drivers seat of the jeep. "I know mommy." Blair said gently reaching up to wipe at Naomi's wet cheeks.

"Come on darling. You must be starving."

"Yes I am" Blair said with feeling.

Naomi laughed at her son's exuberance. She rose from the ground, brushed the dust from her knees and pushed Blair before her to the jeep. Dominic smiled sadly at the boy as he clambered into the back of the jeep on the jump seat behind the front seats.

Dominic spoke quietly looking out the window into the wide expanse of the desert. "Angel is here. She has returned home. She is happy."

Blair started with surprise at Angel Eye's father's words remembering the vision of his daughter by him during sojourn that night. Still he couldn't help but agree when he remembered the matter of fact, content voice that had whispered in his ear.

His head jerked up and he looked out into the stark but living environment as Angel Eye's soft voice echoed in his ears "He touches her with his voice but keeps his hands hidden. Still they are always with each other joined by their spirits which touch across the distance."

Angel Eye's had touched Blair's spirit and he would never forget this night.