Change Isn't Necessarily Bad - Epilogue

By Shadde

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I sit back at laugh at the guys. They can't understand how I could have changed enough to become an employee of the police department, not fully as a cop but as a consultant who does carry a gun at times, and still but the energetic, exuberant kid they remember from our first meeting.

Hey as I wrote them everybody does change and grow up but change is never total. I'm still me and I've chosen to remain young, vibrant and positive. These guys need a non-cynical viewpoint.

They've let it all get to them. I refuse to let it get to me. No I spend time, still... "Yes." I tell Jim and Simon, "I will still spend time using the methods taught by my mom to keep me on an emotional keel." And I laugh at the way they just shake their heads and mumble about being lost in the Sandburg Zone.

Still I know they like it, it keeps them young. Simon purposely seeks me out. I must admit though they don't really need me when you have practical joker Brown along. I don't think he'll ever grow up. But then hey that's what makes us such a good family. I really do love these guys and girl.

Megan would kill me if she heard me calling her one of the guys. And then with legs and looks like her... well I just have to slap myself upside the head. She really isn't one of the guys.

Oh and don't tell any of them I saved I loved them, even Jim and Megan can't take that from me. They have an image to keep up. But that's okay I can deal.

Chuckle...Ha Ha.

The End