Change Isn't Necessarily Bad

By Shadde

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Dear Jim and guys...

I've changed. No I'm not the same as I was four years ago. But hey I'm not the same guy. I've had experiences and seen and done things that have changed me. Also I'm not the same kid I was four years ago.

I've changed but who hasn't. Isn't change good? Should I remain the same while everyone around me grows up, matures and are altered by their experiences?

I've changed. Hey I know things I didn't know before. I see now that the path I had set for myself isn't the path my destiny follows. I'm cool with that. I didn't know finding a sentinel would change me so drastically but I sure wouldn't give up the experiences I've had and go back to that naive, be-bopping kid. I couldn't be him any more anyway. I'm almost thirty, no longer twenty-five. I'm no longer the wonder kid or prodigy on campus. Please at least six or seven kids younger than I was when I first came to Rainier have come through here or are still here.

I've changed. And it's all for the good in some ways. I know now cops aren't pigs and some are really good guys. I know now the sacrifices they make and what they give up to protect me and the innocents going about living their life in peace for their sacrifice. I know now they are some really intelligent guys and gals and they make some really good, loyal friends.

I've changed. I no longer want to be a perpetual student. I no longer think academia is the world. I realize now that each little pocket is it's own world. I no longer want to just influence from afar I like touching lives now instead of just in the future.

I've changed. I'm not the same I used to be but then who is. Now if only I can get the guys to understand I'm happy with the changes maybe I could have skipped some of the bad experiences... But hey no ones exempt from the bad times. Look at all Jim went through. I was just blessed to miss most of the really bad times until now.

I've changed. And I'm looking forward to what the future holds. So all you guys grieving over who I used to be just get over it and get with the program because I've changed.

Your Friend and for you Jim, guide

Blair Sandburg.