Bet, Her Guide and the Horrible, Terrible Smell

By Shadde

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Bet moved slowly from room to room her nose screwed up as she sniffed desperate to find the horrible smell that was turning her green. She knew Uncle Jim would be home today after be out of town for three days and he'd be a bear if he had to smell this rotten smell.

He had relied on them to help Uncle Blair keep the house clean and while they had half-heatedly did their chores they hadn't really kept it up to the standards that Uncle Jim required.

Uncle Jim could never understand how she could live in less than stellar conditions being a sentinel but he didn't' understand that she just didn't have the same requirements of cleanliness that he did. Just because she was a sentinel didn't' mean that she had to be just like him. A little dirt didn't bother her. Neither did a little clutter.

What Uncle Jim didn't understand was that she was used to clutter, with a mother who designed and sewed clothing and she was used to helping her out. But even she couldn't live with this horrible smell.

The problem was BJ was to busy to help her, Uncle Blair had gone to get uncle Jim and uncle Joel was fast asleep in the recliner. Kenny was playing video games. And nobody but she could smell the horrible smell.

She had tried to tell uncle Blair but he'd been in such a hurry and quite excited about the return of his sentinel. BJ had already made plans to go with his friend Daniel and hadn't listened properly as he disappeared out the door. Uncle Joel couldn't figure out how to help and Kenny was scared to after the last time when his lie and unsatisfactory help had led to her terrifying zone.

Bet sighed explosively. She stood in the middle of the floor with her hands on her hips. What was going on. Where was the smell coming from. This was crazy. It had to be coming from somewhere.

Bet raised her head she heard the sound of the truck pull up. The truck door slammed and uncle Jim was pulling out his bags. He and uncle Blair were laughing and talking. Panic took off in Bet stomach. She felt nauseous with nervousness and the intensity of her search picked up.

They had entered the building and were pushing the buttons on the elevator. Bet yanked open the refrigerators and and no.

The elevator was rising, Bet tore through the living room which she could verify as clean and tore upstairs searching with her nose. She heard the front door open and knew it wasn't uncle Jim and Blair who were in the elevator rising slowly.

Bet ran to the banister and yelled down at BJ who had just entered with Daniel. "Get up here and help me. Uncle Jim and your dad are in the elevator and maybe you guys can't smell that horrible smell but he will. Joel woke up and looked around startled he started up.

BJ paled and ran up the stairs. "Where do you smell it?"

"I don't know, but it's up here somewhere."

"Okay concentrate pull the outfit of your model together then for...What!" BJ yelled as Bet cocked her head and her eyes went distant.

"They're coming down the hall!"

"Okay concentrate! Bet" BJ grabbed her arm and Bet's face lit up. She ran into the room directly across from her and dropped down to pull a plate of molded Bologna sandwiches from under the bed. The sandwiches had onions on them. She recoiled from the smell and glared at the guilty Kenny.

BJ grabbed the plate and ran down the stairs and out the back door which lead to the trash-bins while Bet sprayed the non-irritating sentinel fresher in the air and Kenny ran down to pull open the door. Daniel stood to the side surprised and amused.

Bet joined Kenny and the just returning BJ to welcome their uncle Jim home to his clean and fresh smelling home.

The End.