Blair's Beating

by Shadde

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Jim gently ran his hand over Blair's forehead. His face was troubled and creased with pain. He knew Blair would live but still he felt the clenching in his gut. When he had come up on the thugs beating Blair and saw the young man's eyes rolled up in his head, his face covered in blood his heart had almost stopped.

Blair wasn't even concious as he was being hit. His body being tossed back and forth between his assailants by their pounding fist. Jim had immediately leaped in and laid the brutes out.

When he was done bodies laid about his feet like broken trees in a windstorm. He had then sank down next to his battered friend pulled him into his arms and called for back-up.

Tenderly he had brushed the hair out of Blair's face and wiped away the blood with his tee shirt. When the paramedics had shown up he had only reluctantly released him to their care.

Then he had hovered over them until they had finished taking his vitals and loaded him into the ambulance. He had almost fought with the paramedics when they refused him entrance but Henri had jumped in to stop him.

Jim hadn't even know Henri had arrived but his collegue had been able to keep him from causing bodily harm to the medical people. He had gruffly apologized and sheepishly thanked the man.

Then he had jumped in his truck and sped after the ambulance after giving a murderous glance to reeling perps being loaded into police cars and other ambulances.

At the hospital he had waited what seemed hours until they finally allowed him from the waiting room to Blair's examination room where he sat with his friend until they moved him to a regular room.

At some time Simon appeared and spoke to him but he was unaware of what he said. Simon talked to doctor and Jim only half heard their conversation. Just the doctors words that Blair had a concussion and bruised abdominal muscles, adn kidneys. His arm had been broken and his shoulder dislocated.

Jim was angry with himself that he hadn't done worse to Blair's assailants. He should have killed them. All this was because of some girl. Blair had shown his usual friendliness to a new TA and the guys had taken it as him trying to pick up their girl.

Now Jim could only wait until Blair woke up. He sat quietly his eyes fixed on his friends face until a movement had him sitting forward. He held his breath. He watched his eyes and mouth.

He saw the frown. He saw the head shake. He saw the eyes flutter. He sat forward. He grasped Blair's hand and when the cloudy, blue eyes distant with drugs and darkened with pain opened he was the first thing Blair saw.

Blair smiled and Jim's heart eased.