A Baby Sentinel, A Baby Guide

By Shadde

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Jimmy Ellison sat quietly in his mother's lap, his dazed, sky-blue, eyes at half mast as his small, chubby hand rubbed hypnotically up and down his mother's arm running sensitive fingers over the soft, plush, blue sweater Grace wore. He burrowed into her soft, giving chest and breathed in her scent in soft puffs of air, his little red lips parted slightly.  Grace smiled warmly down at her quiet little boy pleased with his good behavior while they were at the hairdressers. He was always this way as long as she held him and wore the right kind of clothes. Clothes that gave his sense of touch a sensual delight and stole him from the world until her soft voice called him back.

Will worried whenever Jimmy slipped away like this, but Grace didn't mind and preferred it when she had to take him out into public. Maybe it was because she could always draw him back. b He would remain in this state for hours when Will had him. She had tried to get Will to talk to him in the soft, gentle way she used and to rub his back or caress his hair but the young businessman thought he was beyond such gentleness, that it was something for women not for a man and not compatible with his killer business sense. She sighed thinking about it. She feared Will would become a workaholic like her father.

She wouldn't be the wife her mother was though, sitting at home pretending to be happy with her absentee husband, raising their children practically alone. She wouldn't use money and affairs to assuage her pain and loneliness. She wouldn't lash back at her kids for her dissatisfaction. No, she fought for her marriage now, before it could go bad. Like her mother should have fought.

"All done, Grace darling and you look fabulous as usual."

Grace smiled up at Colette her all time favorite hairstylist. "Thank you. You always do such good work."

"Oh Grace honey you're just too kind" the older woman laughed." She looked down at Jimmy resting so peacefully in his mother's arm and shook her head. Little Jimmy is a wonder honey. I see so many little ones come in here and they're all weepy, messy and loud but not little Jimmy here. No your little one is the quintessential child. The perfect little boy."

"Yes he is. He's my little angel" Grace agreed as she stood gently shaking Jimmy awake as she leaned close to whisper almost silently in his ear. Jimmy shook himself and came fully aware looking up at his mother with slightly sleepy light, blue eyes.

"It's okay sweetie we're going home now." She smiled gently down into her son's face, watching as her son came all the way awake. He pushed up in her arms and looked around. His little hands reaching out to touch all the pretty bottles and strange objects he spy ed.

Grace stepped away from anything he could reach, paid her bill then stepped out of the shop into the warm summer afternoon. Jimmy was restless after sitting so quietly for so long and she knew she needed to let him stretch his little legs before the car ride home.

Checking for traffic as she moved to the edge of the curb, she quickly crossed the busy street and set Jimmy down on his fat one-year old legs, to run across the grass and up the slight hill  chasing the fluttering butterflies. She couldn't help laughing at his antics as he fell and went rolling down the small hill. He set up startled looked like he was deciding rather to cry or not then struggled back to swaying balance and took off after a circling seagull. Grace blotted the tears from the corner of her eyes to keep her mascara from running as she held her sides to keep from rolling with her laughter at his determination.

While she watched Jimmy run and play, getting out his boisterous energy she ignored the small voice that warned her William wouldn't be pleased at the dirt and grass on their son's clothes but she believed a boy had to have fun sometime and getting dirty was all a part of growing up.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Ten Years later

On a large farm in California...

Naomi Sandburg ran laughing out the front door of the farmhouse she and Blair had been staying at for the last three months, racing after her naked one year old son and catching him just before he toppled from the wooden slats of the porch. She shook her head at his antics. Her boy was surprisingly fast for a person with such little legs and feet.

She fell backward into the swing seat set up to view the whole open expanse of lawn for the Winter's family, clutching her wiggling little bundle to her chest. Blair had such energy that he sometimes even exhausted her. Still she would never stifle his exploration, energy or fun. He was mischievous at times and Dedra spoke of discipline.

Naomi was horrified at the thought. You didn't discipline children, especially a baby. And a baby like Blair who was so intelligent, curious and imaginative? Perish the thought. Dedra was such a stick in the mud. She even got upset that Naomi let Blair pee on her and the ground when he inadvertently pulled his shirt and diaper off. {Goddess! he was just a baby and it was such a natural act.}

It was almost impossible to keep her creative little angel in clothes anyway. Blair was truly a child of the earth and preferred his natural state the artificiality of clothing. She was so proud of him. He definitely would never be one to conform to the totalitarian, confining rules of the establishment.

Blair wiggled in her arms to get down and with a chuckle Noami pushed herself up. She hopped down the stairs and set her little boy down tiny, slender legs. Before she could draw her hands completely away he was off heading toward the woods and the stream behind the house. She would have given chase but she saw the Winters children emerge. Storey reached out and caught up the little naked runaway. She waved at Noami and disappeared back into the trees with her brothers and cousins.

Naomi just stood there with a smile on her face pleased her bright, little spark made friends so fast and came to be loved by everyone he came in contact with. No one could resist his charm. His bright, slobbery smile; His eyes like ocean waves on sunshiny morning; His determined attempts to talk at even such a young age. Of course no one but her could understand his gurgles but he always managed to get across his message through other means for the uninitiated. Truly her son was a genius.

She put her head back to enjoy the sun warm on her skin when she heard Dedra's querulous voice. {Dear Goddess who would believe the other girl was only nineteen, just three years younger than the youthful Naomi.}  The two women couldn't be more different. One staid and set in her ways resembling even in looks a much older woman and the other young, abandoned and carefree. One was a mother, the other seemed to almost hate children. One loved life, the other seemed to almost fear it. And not only fear life but everything in it.

Naomi sighed as the younger woman came to join her, turning to Dedra with a strained smiled plastered on her face as the girl began to castigate her once again for allowing, Dedra's younger siblings to take Blair into the woods and near the stream.

Naomi nodded her head in time with the argument without listening to it. Her eyes closed she basked in the son and let her mind drift. She drifted on visions of the future with her famous son who was a doctor in academics and brought change and beauty to the world, and despite Dedra's worry and even Dedra's mother. Naomi did not worry for Blair had been dedicated twice: once to the earth and once to his ancestors God. Nothing bad could ever happen to her special child.

He would be great someday.