A glimpse of the past

By: Lyn

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CATEGORY: Missing scene.


SUMMARY: Daniel begins to remember Sha're.

Between calling Jack, Jim, and finally remembering that Jack was Jack, Daniel had been hit with a sledgehammer of emotions and memories… except for one. He still had no idea what he had done to cause the being known as Oma Desala so much grief that she’d plonked him down on some unknown planet, with amnesia and not a stitch of clothing.

It could have been worse, he supposed. SG-1 could have found him in his most vulnerable state. At least by the time he’d been introduced to Jim… damn, some habits died hard… Jack and the team, he’d been decently if humbly attired, and not entirely sure he wanted to go back with these people who claimed they were his dearest friends… his family….

At the same time, a yearning overwhelmed him, to know who he was, where he came from, how he came to be who and where he was now. Arum – naked one. He had to admit Daniel Jackson had a far more civilized and noble ring to it.

It was not the previously ascended Daniel Jackson he sought, though he had to admit, his always curious mind still wondered at what kind of person he had been to warrant such an honor. That was tempered with the thought that he had failed, or else, he would not have found himself here now, lost, confused, and afraid, and he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know how he had erred. But he desperately needed to know the Daniel Jackson who had existed before that time of ascension. The man who had caused these people – his team – to plead their case so poignantly, and ask him to return with them.

After returning to Earth through the Chappa-ai, or Stargate as Jack called it, they had been greeted by a stern-looking man, whose features seemed to soften somewhat when Daniel had to admit he had no memory of the commanding officer or their surroundings. Jack had led him through a seeming rabbit warren of corridors, and Daniel found exhaustion creeping up on him as he hurried to keep up with the other man's purposeful strides. A medical examination, conducted by a doe-eyed, diminutive doctor whose expression turned wistful whenever she looked at him, followed. It was unpleasant, due mostly to Daniel's nervousness at being studied so closely by a total stranger who knew more about him than he did himself. That point was proven when she handed him a pair of spectacles that suddenly brought the world into focus.

Further excursions along narrow corridors and into the bowels of the complex followed, with Daniel uncomfortably aware of the scrutiny of everyone they passed then finally, Jack stopped and showed him into a room, set up with a large double bed and two small bedside tables. Set off to one side sat a larger table, its surface strewn with an assortment of artifacts.

Daniel's curiosity was piqued immediately and for a moment, he forgot Jack was still there. The photo was what had really captured Daniel's attention though and when he asked Jack who she was, the colonel suddenly seemed unsure of himself.

"You tell me," he said, then quickly backed out of the room.

Daniel felt a moment's unease as he heard a lock engage, then he sank wearily onto the bed and gazed around his new home. The tent had been better, he thought, this was a sterile, unfamiliar place. He got up and wandered back to the table, idly touching the items there, but his attention kept returning to the pretty dark-haired stranger in the photo frame.

Except she wasn't a stranger. Daniel had a brief, fleeting flash of memory, of dark eyes that smiled gently at him, then flashed an angry fire that chilled him to the bone. He gasped as agony shot through his head, taking up residence behind his eyes and setting up a fierce pounding. Staggering back to the bed, he collapsed onto it and curled himself into a ball, pulling the pillow over his eyes to protect them from the light that sent shards of pain into his skull.


"Daniel?" A hand touched his shoulder, startling him and he jumped then moaned as the pain that had finally subsided to a dull pounding reached a new crescendo of agony.

"Daniel?" the voice asked again. "What's wrong?"

The bed dipped beside him and he felt himself rolled gently onto his back. He blinked rapidly as the light on the ceiling burned into his eyes, then squinted up at his visitor. Ji… Jack.

"You need a doctor?" Jack's face was creased into a concerned frown, his hand stroking a rhythmic, soothing caress along Daniel's arm that seemed to mute the pain in his head.

"No," he managed to whisper. "Headache, that's all."

Jack didn't seem appeased. "You look lousy," he observed. He started to stand. "Let me call Doc Fraiser, get her to take another look at you."

"No!" Daniel flung out a hand, anchoring his fingers in the sleeve of Jack's jacket. "Please, I don't want…" He closed his eyes and sighed. "I just need some rest. It's all been a bit much to take in."

Jack studied him for a moment, then nodded. He gently disengaged his arm from Daniel's grasp and reached out to pull open a drawer on the bedside table. "With any luck…" he muttered. "Ah, here you go." He held up a dark-colored bottle and shook it. "There were times you seemed to live on these things - aspirin… and coffee." He poured water into a tumbler then opened the bottle and shook out two small pills.

Daniel eyed them warily.

"S'okay," Jack assured him. "It's just aspirin. It'll help your headache."

Daniel placed the pills on his tongue and washed them down with water, grimacing at the powdery, chemical taste. He relaxed back onto the pillows.

"So," Jack said after a moment. "You want to tell me what brought it on?"

"I remembered something," Daniel began. At Jack's look of interest, he held up a hand. "Nothing much. More a flash than anything. Nothing I could really make sense of."


Daniel's gaze slid over to the photo on the table. "Her."

"You know who she is?" Jack asked softly.

Daniel reached up and rubbed his forehead, wishing the aspirin would begin working. "No, just a beautiful face and angry, flashing eyes. Sensations mostly. Love, rage, a flash of light, then this fire that seemed to burn into my skull."

"Sounds nasty."

"It was." The pain finally appeared to be easing and Daniel felt himself relaxing, the stroking of Jack's hand along his arm, hypnotic. His eyes drifted closed.

"Get some rest," Jack said. His hand squeezed Daniel's arm and then lightly touched his cheek, cupping it for a brief moment. "I'll see you in the morning."

Daniel wanted to ask Jack to stay. He felt a familiarity with the colonel that was slow in coming with the others, despite their kindness and obvious feelings for him. He opened his mouth to make the request but Morpheus' arms claimed him too quickly and he slept.