by: Lyn


AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This is my take on what happened after Daniel jumped on Jack in "Legacy". Hope you enjoy. Feedback very welcome.

Thanks to my daughter, Amz, who encourages me and pretends not to be embarrassed by her mother's weird obsessions.

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Jack O'Neill slammed down the phone receiver after paging a medical emergency and hurried back to Daniel's side. The young man appeared to be unconscious, but his appearance belied any suggestion of peace. His eyes moved restlessly behind closed lids, his face was pale and sheened with sweat and his hands twitched and fisted convulsively.

Jack shook his head as he replayed in his mind the horror of the last few minutes. It had begun innocuously enough with Jack insisting on keeping Daniel company in the VIP room, after he had been 'medicated' as Doctor Mackenzie so nicely put it.

In reality, Jack knew he had wanted to prove the doctors wrong in their diagnosis of schizophrenia and to show that Daniel's problems were merely stress related. God knows, he'd had enough stress in his young life for twenty men.

Jack readily admitted also, that he was as uncomfortable with the notion of mental illness as the next person was. He'd nearly ended up there himself in the months following Charlie's death. But Daniel had been the one on Abydos who had pulled him back from the brink, when he had been determined to destroy himself, regardless of the cost to others. God, Daniel was the sanest, most levelheaded person he knew.

They had played a game of chess. After being soundly beaten by Daniel, who appeared a little distant - just the drugs they'd pumped into him, Jack reasoned, Jack had suggested a game of gin, something more his speed. While Jack was shuffling the cards, Daniel had suddenly jumped all over him, screaming that he had a Gou'ald in him. Jack had managed to push him away and Daniel had calmed quickly, apologizing, but seemingly convinced that he had seen the Gou'ald enter Jack. Jack had been about to walk him to the infirmary, when he had abruptly collapsed. Jack eased Daniel to the floor and raced for the telephone.

He heard footsteps echoing up the hallway and then saw that Daniel was beginning to regain consciousness. "Easy, Daniel, easy," he soothed.

He got to his feet as Doctors Frasier and Mackenzie rushed in, closely followed by Sam Carter, Teal'c and General Hammond. Daniel was struggling in Mackenzie's grip, looking around wildly, not seeming to recognize anyone or to know where he was. Doctor Frasier swiftly administered an I.V drug and Daniel collapsed to the floor once more.

Two airmen bent to lift Daniel, but Jack brusquely pushed them aside. "Teal'c, give me a hand here," he said.

Teal'c stepped forward and together they lifted the archaeologist's limp form onto the gurney. Jack brushed the damp hair from Daniel's forehead. "Where are you taking him?" he asked Janet Frasier.

"The military base hospital has a psychiatric unit," Janet replied.

Jack swallowed past the lump in his throat. "We'll follow you down."



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