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NEW!  B Is For Beholden, The Emptiness Inside

Cave in

Daniel's curiosity puts the team in danger.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Missing scene for One False Step.


Missing scene for "Legacy".


Epilogue for The Devil You Know. Previously published in Tribute 1.

The Sphinx Conspiracy

Daniel's desire to help out a friend leaves him fighting for his life.

All's Fair

Written for a challenge on Daniel Fic Recs. Daniel's home alone and trouble comes stalking.


A Sense of Belonging

Jack takes Daniel away for the weekend. As usual, our intrepid explorers find trouble.

Degrees of trust

Jack and Daniel need to forgive each other after "Shades of gray. But someone else can never forgive Jack.

All's Fair

Written for a challenge on Daniel Fic Recs. Daniel's home alone and trouble comes stalking.


Missing scene and epilogue to "The Serpent's Lair."

Lucky Us

Jack and Daniel get another chance to ponder how lucky they are on another mission gone awry.

First do no harm

They've brought something back through the Stargate again.

Hathor's Mirror

Daniel is the victimof harassment.

Warning: Contains suggestion of rape (Not depicted)

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Missing scene and epilogue for "Need."

Scenes from a padded room

Missing scene and epilogue for "Legacy."

Soul Deep

Missing scene and epilogue for Dawn C's fic -

"Menace of the soul" which can be found here.

The Metis

When the team is captured offworld, an injured and self-doubting Daniel becomes their only hope of escape.*Expanded from the original version.*

Healing Touch

Tag to "The Crystal Skull." Another story about Daniel and his appendix. Rewritten and extended version.

Those Left Behind

Epilogue for 'The First Ones.'


Alternate ending to Meridian. Daniel returns. Previously posted on the Stargate Virtual Season Six.

Fade to Black

Missing scene and epilogue to The Light.

The Labyrinth

Searching for an injured Daniel in a strange maze, the team is stalked by an unknown violent creature.

A Glimpse of the Past

Missing scene for Fallen. Daniel begins to remember Sha're.


Epilogue for Evolution Part Two.


Epilogue for Legacy.


Epilogue for Forever In A Day. Previously published in 'All the Roses Falling' from AllGen Press.

Making It Home

Co-written with Annie. A what-if epilogue for Need.

Birthday Blast

A Daniel birthday challenge from the GenGate list with some humor, smarm and a little h/c.


Daniel returns from a mission gone wrong but doesn't want to talk about it. Can Jack get him to open up?

Written In the Past

Missing scene for Fallen.


Electric Dreams

Response to a challenge on the SG Drabble list - lemon spread, tutu, Academy Award and handcuff.


Mending Fences

Epilogue for Shades of Grey.

Coming Home

Missing scene for Fallen. Daniel's doubts.

Forgiving The Past

Tag for The Serpent's Lair. Jack needs to forgive himself.

The Cost Of Need

Epilogue for Need. Previously published in Ancients Gate 17.

Into The Light

Daniel gives comfort and receives peace of mind in return. Written for the SG Tourney on LJ.

For The Good Of The Many

Tag for The Shroud.

In  Hiding

Almost Stranger


Written for the SG Friendathon on LJ. Reuniting the team in Season 7.

 B Is For Beholden


Episode tag for The Light. Written for the Alphabet Soup challenge on LJ.

The Emptiness Inside - N is for Need

Missing scene for Need. Written for the Alphabet Soup challenge on LJ.





Life Is A Bridge Series

The Sum Of Us

Jack discovers he and Daniel aren't so different after all. Missing scene for Children Of The Gods.

Of Love and Loss

Missing scene for "The Enemy Within."


Epilogue for The Broca Divide.

Where The Heart Is

Epilogue for Cold Larazus.