Not Such A Bad Day

By Lyn


This was turning out to be a very bad day. Hadnít he said that once before? Didnít matter. Jack cast a quick glance over at Daniel and urged the other man to increase his speed with a gentle shove in his back. "Come on, Daniel. Pull the lead out."

Daniel nodded silently and reached up to brush water and blood from his eyes. Without slowing their pace, Jack gave Daniel a quick once-over. The archeologist had slipped in the mud abutting the riverbank and fallen into the water during their dash for freedom. Jack had made a desperate lunge for him, one hand snapping out to grab Danielís wrist, wincing inwardly when he heard Danielís sharp cry of pain. The wrist, damn it! It had only been a week since the cast had come off after Reece had just about snapped it two. Grimacing, his boots skidding in the slick muck, Jack had managed to slow Danielís slide but not before the other man had gotten well dunked in the water. Daniel was soaked to the skin, and shivering. A nasty gash high on his forehead, inflicted during his Ďquestioningí, still bled sullenly, and his eyes seemed a little glazed, his focus, slow.

Jack had hoped taking the river route and bypassing the meandering paths that led from the city of Menthis would give them a greater chance of escape. With any luck, Carter and Tealíc had made it back to Earth and would be standing by with a welcome party, should any of the Menthins, or whatever the hell they called themselves, catch up.

Spying a grouping of caves just up ahead, Jack decided to take advantage of the shelter, for a few minutes, at least. Daniel was almost out on his feet, and, apart from the hefty branch Jack carried in one hand, they were out of luck in the weapons department. Their sidearms had been taken from them when the Menthins had decided to interrogate Daniel. They had nothing left, except their clothes Ė their radios, packs, everything had been stripped from them the moment Daniel had opened his mouth.

Up until then, theyíd seemed a friendly enough bunch, still locked in the way of many of the more primitive planets the team came across, believing the Goaíuld were still gods, but willing enough to welcome them into their town and show them around. They were suspicious the moment Daniel started one of his lectures about mythology and the origins of the Goaíuld. Wanted to know how he knew so much.

Damn it, anyway. Jack had warned Daniel his motor-mouth would get him into trouble one day. Thereíd been no time to reconnoiter the maze of passageways through the temple in an attempt to find their weapons. Once they'dí gotten free, Jack had ordered Sam and Teal'cí to take off via the path through the forest and had gone after Daniel, suggesting they split up in the hope of at least one group getting back to the Gate. Theyíd been lucky that the Menthins had decided a half-conscious archeologist only required one bored-looking guard and they got out easily enough but even before they made it to the forest, Jack could hear the shouts of a search party behind them.

Jack sighed and half-dragged Daniel toward the caves, pulling him up when he staggered and collapsed to his knees, his chin sinking onto his chest. "Come on, Daniel, just a little bit further, then you can rest."

Daniel squinted up at him and Jack could tell the other man had a headache the size of Texas and was already suffering a degree of hypothermia. Lighting the entrance to the cave with his flashlight, Jack nodded in satisfaction that this cavern stretched back a fair way, allowing them hopefully a chance to take cover or fight back, should they be discovered. Probably not the most ideal place to hide out but he could get Daniel warm and marginally dry and then hightail it the rest of the way to the Stargate. After this, things could only get better, right?

OíNeill helped Daniel over to the side of the cave and lowered him down. Daniel slumped immediately to one side, still shivering violently, despite their headlong dash to safety. Jack propped him up as best he could then pulled off his jacket and dropped it over Danielís shaking shoulders. "Donít go to sleep," he chided Daniel who blinked at him drowsily and eventually nodded.

This wasnít good. A quiet Daniel just wasnít natural and though, at any other time, Jack would have welcomed the respite from his friendís endless chatter, right now heíd settle for hearing Daniel prattle on. "Have you warmed up in no time," he said, patting Danielís bowed back. Heíd give anything to be able to light a fire but he knew it would too easily give away their whereabouts. Seating himself beside Daniel, he encouraged him to take a few sips of water then swallowed some himself. "You hurt anywhere?" he asked, reaching out to gently touch the cut above Danielís eye.

"Wrist," Daniel said croakily, "and a headache."

That was better. At least he was comprehending and talking. "Sorry about the wrist." Jack lifted the aforementioned appendage and studied it carefully. It looked a little red and perhaps swollen too. The thin white scar that concealed the metal plate inserted by Doc Fraiser stood out against the redness in stark contrast. "Can you move it okay?"

"Yeah." Danielís tone was flat and dull. Experimentally he bent his wrist up and down then wriggled his fingers, grimacing a little. "Itíll be all right." He titled his head up and rested it against the wall at his back. "Thanks."

"For what?" Jack asked, allowing his own body to mirror Danielís position.

"Getting me out of there." He looked over and stared at Jack, his eyes suddenly glittering in the dimness. "They had thisÖ thing, like a hand device. They were gonna use it on me to see how much knowledge I held."

"Ouch," Jack said sympathetically. "Looks like my timing was great as usual. When are you going to learn to keep your big mouth shut? Daniel, I swear Ė"

"Whatís that?" Danielís gaze flicked to the front of the cave and Jack stood quickly upon hearing the tramping of feet that drew nearer. Hefting up his branch, Jack held a finger to his lips and moved to the front of the cave. He chanced a quick glance out but could see no one. "Get to the back, as far back as you can," he hissed urgently to Daniel.

Danielís eyes bulged and he shot the darkened recesses of the cavern a quick glance, licking his lips. "What if Ė" He stifled a cough. "What if thereís something back there?"

"Itís it or them," Jack ground. Striding over to Daniel, he hauled him up with one hand and grabbed his jacket with the other, glancing around quickly to ensure heíd left no evidence of their presence behind, then hurried the reluctant archeologist to the back, pressing his body against the wall. He took up position beside Daniel and held his branch at the ready, pressing a finger to his lips in a shushing gesture. Daniel nodded and made a valiant attempt to stop shivering.

A glow lit the mouth of the cave and voices could be heard. Jack grabbed Danielís hand and squeezed it tightly, feeling the chill of his flesh. Someone shouted a rough gibberish of sound then the light was gone and the footsteps receded.

Jack felt Daniel sag against him but held his ground a while longer. Finally, he let go of Danielís hand and took his arm, leading him back to the wider part of the cave. "I think theyíre goneÖ for now," he said.

"He said there was no one in here, said he wouldnít come further in because it smelled bad."

Jack nodded. "Thatís good then. Might buy us some time."

"What?" Daniel had given up on getting the jacket wrapped around himself and allowed it to slip to the ground.

Jack watched him for a moment then held up a hand. "Spotted something back there that might help." He hurried off, using his flashlight to help him find what he was after, grabbed it out of the corner and strode back. "Look what I found!" he announced triumphantly, holding up the large fur for Danielís perusal.

Daniel stared at a moment, looking suspicious. "What is it?"

Jack shrugged. "How should I know. Whatever passes for bear here, Iím thinking." He shook his head impatiently. "Who cares. Itíll get you warm." He tossed the fur onto the ground and then crouched down, reaching for Danielís shirt. "Letís get those wet clothes off. Youíre bordering on hypothermia. Weíll spend whatís left of the afternoon here, get your clothes dry and head for the Gate as soon as itís dark."

Daniel flinched away from Jackís touch as if shot. "Take my clothes off?" he asked, his voice just a little high-pitched. His uninjured hand grabbed for the opening of his shirt and clung to it as though it was a lifeline.

Jack nodded and batted Danielís hand away. "Youíre too cold. You need to strip off and get under the fur till your clothes are dry."

"How are they gonna dry?"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Well, weíre not building a fire. Itís pretty warm in here. Weíll spread Ďem out on a rock and even if theyíre still a little damp when you put them back on, youíll be warm by then, so hopefully you wonít catch your death Ė"

"You donít catch cold from being cold," Daniel lectured soberly.

"No one else, maybe, but you, Iím not so sure of." Jack sighed. "Címon, Daniel, Iíve seen you naked before Ė"


"Lotsa times. NowÖ give!" Jack pulled and was rewarded with a popping sound and the sight of two buttons flying off and dropping to the ground.

"Well, thanks," Daniel said, sounding aggrieved.

"Iíll buy you a new shirt when we get home. Pants next, and your boxers." Daniel glared at him but the effect was lost when a massive shudder shook him from head to foot. "Oh, all right." Shuffling forward, he got himself under the fur, then with clumsy contortions, kicked off his boots and socks, followed by his pants and shorts.

Jack tried to hide a smile. The next part should be interesting. Quickly, he stripped off his own shirt, boots and pants, leaving on his socks and shorts. If anyone came calling in the next couple of hours, one of them had to be reasonably ready. Grabbing Danielís clothes, he draped them over the nearest boulder then walked over and crouched down beside Daniel.


He ignored Danielís strangled question for the moment, until he was beside him under the fur, facing the opening of the cave.

"What are you doing?" Danielís voice was no more than a hoarse whisper and heíd moved so far from Jack, he was almost out of the fur.

"Will you get back here?" Reaching out, Jack grabbed the suddenly stiff-as-a-rock Daniel Ė bad analogy, he allowed himself briefly Ė and dragged him back to his side. "Youíre hypothermic. Best thing for that without any mod cons, is body heat." He pressed himself closer, flinching when Danielís icy back touched his chest. "Christ, youíre cold."

"I Ė I donít think this a good idea," Daniel said, squirming in Jackís embrace. "What if they come back?"

"You said yourself they didnít want to come in. Now relax, will ya? Havenít you ever slept with a guy before?"

"Actually, no."

"Donít worry. Iím not after your virtue," Jack assured, muffling a smile against the back of Danielís neck. "Try to get some rest and Iíll keep watch. Iíll wake you in a couple hours and weíll get the hell out of here."

"How am I gonna sleep with youÖ with usÖ"

"Just try Ė Oomph! For crying out loud, Daniel. Lay still, will ya?" Jack rubbed gingerly at his ribs, where Danielís elbow had smacked him.

"Sorry. Itís just feels a little weird, thatís all."

"I thought youíd seen it all," Jack retorted.

"Mostly." Daniel yawned and stilled and Jack felt his body relaxing into sleep.



Well, this was interesting. Jack allowed himself a smile, knowing that Daniel was sleeping deeply and unable to see his grin.

Daniel had shifted in his sleep and Jack had moved onto his back to accommodate him. Danielís now warm body rested, sprawled partly over Jack. One arm was slung across Jackís chest, one leg had pushed between Jackís, Danielís knee pressed gently against Jackís awakening erection while Danielís own cock pushed insistently at Jackís thigh. Carefully, not wanting to disturb Daniel just yet or have him freaking out over Jackís attentions, Jack stroked his free hand down Danielís bare back. Nice.

He was so lost in the sensation that it took him a moment to realize that two sleepy blue eyes were staring at him. Jack smiled and stilled his hand. "MorningÖ or should I say evening."

"Mmm." Daniel yawned and stretched, causing his cock to push harder against Jackís leg. His eyes widened suddenly in realization and a dark red flamed his cheeks. "Oh God!" he said in a strangled whisper and rolled away from Jack, sliding out from under the fur and stretching out a hand in a seemingly desperate search.

"Your clothes are just to your left," Jack said. "I checked a little while ago. No sign of our friends. Give me a minute and Iíll turn on the flashlight."

"No!" Danielís voice was hoarse. He hung his head and took a deep breath. "Itís okay. Iíve got them."

Jack watched as Daniel hurriedly pulled on his boxers and pants then reached for his shirt. "Itís nothing to be embarrassed about," he said casually.

Daniel shot him a quick glance then busied himself pulling his arms through the sleeves. "What?"

"YourÖ condition when you woke up. Morning wood, even if it is night time."

Daniel shifted back to sit on the edge of the fur and pulled on his socks. "You donít understand," he said finally.

Jack sat up and scrubbed a hand through his hair. "What donít I understand? In case you hadnít noticed, I didnít have a problem with it."

Daniel looked over at him and stared at Jack for a long moment. Then seeming to come to a decision, he leaned over and pressed his lips to Jackís quickly then pulled away. "Thatís what you donít understand," he said. "Iím sorry. I know itís wrong and I have no idea why I just did that when I promised myself a long time ago, that I would never say anything. I must have a concussion or something. I Ė"

Jack reached up and clamped a hand over Danielís mouth, cutting off any further words. "Itís not wrong," he said. His lips still felt warm from Danielís kiss. Removing his hand from Danielís mouth, he slid it around to cup the back of Danielís neck and pulled him close. "In fact, it feels very right to me." And then Jack did what heíd wanted to do for the longest time. He kissed Daniel Ė thoroughly, heartened when Daniel just gave a little moan and opened his mouth, snaking his tongue out to explore Jackís mouth.

Danielís arms came up to wrap around Jackís neck, and he leaned further into the kiss. Their tongues dueled lazily, tasting, exploring then reluctantly, Jack pulled back. He stroked a finger down Danielís cheek. "See?" he said, smiling a little, relieved to have this out in the open at last. "Not wrong."

"But youÖ" Daniel shook his head. "The last few months, youíve beenÖ I thought you were angry with me."

Jack shrugged. "Denial." He pressed a chaste kiss to Danielís mouth. "Iím sorry. I didnít think youíd ever feel the same way. It was the only way I thought I could keep my distance. Prevent me from saying what I really wanted to."

Daniel smiled then. "Iím glad."

"For what?"

"That you werenít angry with me."

"Me, too." Jack looked toward the mouth of the cave. There wasnít a lot of moonlight. That was good. "We need to get moving," he said. "We canít be more than an hour from the Gate. We can talk when we get home. Carter and Tealíc will have mounted a search by now."

Daniel nodded and set about pulling on his boots. Both men were soon ready. Motioning Daniel to stay behind him and, keeping his branch at the ready, Jack led the way out of the cave.


Jack propped himself up on one elbow and ran a finger down Danielís chest, scratched gently through the light pubic hair, then for good measure, traced along the underside of Danielís straining erection. Daniel squirmed and gave a little strangled gasp that made Jack smile. Leaning down, he licked the drop of pre-come from the tip of Danielís cock and winced when Daniel fisted a hand in his hair. "Take it easy, Daniel. Iím losing enough hair without you yanking it out," he grumbled good-naturedly before settling in to taste his lover some more.

"Sorry," Daniel groaned. "Thatís justÖ Oh, yesÖ " He began a gentle thrusting with his hips then stopped. "Jack?"

"Mmm?" Jack asked around his mouthful.

"What about Sam?"

Jack stopped at that and raised his head, wrapped his hand around Danielís cock and kept stroking with a feather light touch. He stared at Daniel. "Iím doing this to you and you ask me about Carter?"

Daniel just shrugged.

Sighing, Jack moved up to lay beside him, idly skating a palm over Danielís nipples, feeling them peak beneath his touch. "What about Carter?"

"I just thought that youÖ that sheÖ" Daniel scrubbed a hand over his face. "I donít know what I thought. Thatís part of the reason I never said anything about how I felt."

Jack pressed a kiss to Danielís mouth. "Sheís a member of my team. Of course I care about her, and there was a time when I felt more than that for her but it would never have worked out."

"The fraternization thing?"

"Nope. Because I was in love with you."

Daniel smiled. "Oh. Thatís good."

"Yeah. Now can I get back toÖ" Jack fisted Danielís cock and stroked it firmly.

Daniel arched his back and bit his lip. "Oh yeah. Definitely. I just wanted to clear things up. You know, about Sam and -" He was silenced by Jackís mouth descending on his.

After a moment, Jack pulled back and frowned at him. "Anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?"

"You do. All the time."

"At least Iíve figured out how to shut you up," Jack retorted. He swooped down to capture Danielís mouth again, hungrily tasting him. It had turned out to be not such a bad day after all.