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"What the hell were you thinking?"

Bodie back-pedaled as Doyle poked him hard and insistently on the chest.

"Christ, Ray, give it a rest. I was doing my job, alright?" he replied, as he felt himself backed firmly up against the wall.

"Your job…" Doyle spat, reaching a hand forward to grasp Bodie's shoulder. "Your job means taking the necessary risks to complete the assignment. It doesn't mean risking your stupid skin for no good reason." He punctuated his words by twisting a handful of Bodie's shirt in his fist and stepping in till he was a breath away from his partner's face.

"No good reason?" Bodie's voice was quiet and calm. "I'd have thought you were a pretty good reason, sunshine."

"So, that makes it okay, does it? You getting killed instead of me? You're a bloody idiot, mate, and Cowley was right to tear strips off you. They had the place surrounded anyway, but you had to come in blasting away like something out of a gangster movie. The Cow told me he'd given you orders to wait till I gave the signal. So, why the fuck didn't you, Bodie? I know we've both gone against Cowley's orders before but this op was under my control. So, why didn't you wait?" Doyle took a deep breath and released his hold, allowing Bodie to slump back against the wall behind him.

"I saw you when they hauled you inside, didn't I?" Bodie answered, straightening up, his hand reaching out to grab Doyle's. "You looked like shit, then and Christ only knows what you'd have looked like if I'd waited for Cowley to give the word. For God's sake, Ray, I knew they were going to blow you away soon as they got you inside. Didn't need you for a hostage, did they? They had Matthews for that. You were just the cop who got in the way. Couldn't let that happen, could I?" Bodie smiled grimly at Doyle.

Doyle backed away, then moved back in, his hand pushing Bodie to the wall again. "You're a fucking idiot, Bodie, you know that? You're bloody lucky you only got creased by that bullet or I'd be organising your wake right now."

"Yeah, well, you're not, are you? So, give it a rest, Doyle. You're hurting my arm. Back off." Bodie's voice lowered an octave, and his eyes glared into his partner's.

"Sorry," Doyle said, releasing his grip. "Look, Bodie, I just don't understand why you did it. You knew you had to wait for a signal. Christ, I was just about to give it when you barreled in." Doyle took a hard look at his partner, seemingly noticing the pallor of his face for the first time. "Ah, look, let's just forget it for tonight. You look all in, Bodie. Ten stitches, wasn't it? Get to bed. I'll see you in the morning. I'll kip on the couch, keep an eye on you."

"Bite me, Doyle."

Doyle's head snapped up at the words. "What?"

"You heard me, Ray. Don't bloody patronise me, all right? I got shot in the fucking shoulder, not the head, and I haven't become stupid overnight. I know you're pissed off with me but you're doing the old 'let's keep Bodie calm' shuffle and this is about more than the fact that I disobeyed Cowley's orders. You've done that yourself, more times than I can count, and got me out of the shit too, when you did it. So what's the difference now?" Bodie kept his hand firmly around Doyle's wrist, not caring that his fingers would leave marks. He pulled Doyle in closer, his eyes demanding the answers he knew Doyle didn't want to give.

"What do you want me to say, Bodie? That I didn't want you getting killed? You know that. We've been partners too long now. I don't want to have to break in a new one, that's all. Knowing my luck, Cowley'd give me bloody Anson." Ray grinned wryly and tried to move away but Bodie wasn't letting him off the hook that easily.

"Bullshit! You've seen me hurt before, and a bloody sight worse than this, and you've never panicked the way you did today. And you've never hung me out to dry with the boss, either, when I've broken the rules. What the fuck's going on with you?"

"Fine! You want answers, Bodie. I'll give you answers. This is why." Doyle moved in closer again, standing toe to toe with Bodie, staring into his eyes. One hand went up to wrap around the back of Bodie's neck, pulling his head down, holding it still a bare inch away from Doyle's.

Bodie stopped breathing, knowing what was about to happen, waiting, letting Doyle take the lead.

Doyle tugged him down further, and then pressed his mouth softly to Bodie's, increasing the pressure as he felt his partner's lips open against his. He sighed, his breath whispering heat into Bodie's mouth. He groaned as Bodie pulled back, then looked down, not wanting to see the scorn he felt sure was on his friend's face.

"It's about bloody time, you prat," Bodie said, his voice husky.

Ray looked up quickly, seeing the smile, answering it with one of his own. "I thought for sure you knock me on my arse for that," he said, still not daring to believe what his eyes were telling him.

"Nah, got better plans for your arse, I have. Thought I was gonna have to write you a love letter or something, " Bodie replied, pulling Doyle back into his arms, taking the initiative himself, this time, and kissing him with so much passion that Doyle was left in no doubt about his feelings.

"I didn't know. I thought it was just me, " Doyle said, quietly.

"Yeah, well, you always have been a bit slow on the uptake, sunshine. Christ, I thought Blind Freddie could have seen how I felt. The Cow spotted it months ago…"

"The Cow? Jesus, Bodie, you didn't tell him…" Doyle stuttered, visions of him and Bodie lining up in the dole queue popping into his head.

"Course not. Didn't have to. I told you. He spotted it months ago, after the Ojuka job. That's why he was so pissed off at me then. Made me promise I'd put the job ahead of how I felt about you. So after today… well, let's just say he told me to sort it out with you, or we'd both be auditioning new partners." Bodie headed for the bedroom, towing Doyle along behind him.

"Whoa, slow down, Bodie. He knows that you have the hots for me, and he didn't sack you?"

Bodie stopped and turned around. He traced a gentle finger along Doyle's lower lip. "If he'd thought I just fancied you, he might have. But he knows this is more than that."

"Is it, Bodie? It is for me."

"Christ, you don't make it easy, do you? I'm not very good with stuff like this, Ray." Bodie took a deep breath, sensing that this was important to Doyle. "Look, sunshine, I love you. Oh, I fancied you when we first met, but I didn't know you batted for both teams then, did I? By the time you admitted it to me, I was in love with you, and that made it too important to screw up, didn't it? Had to be sure you felt the same way. Now," Bodie leaned forward and kissed Ray's mouth again, gently this time, "want to go to bed? Or shall I just have my wicked way with you here in the hallway?"

"Bed, definitely," Doyle said eagerly. "What about your arm, though? I mean we don't have to do anything tonight…"

"My arm's fine. Stop being a bloody nursemaid and come to bed," Bodie waggled his eyebrows suggestively and resumed his journey to the bedroom. "As for not doing anything, I plan on doing everything you'll let me tonight."

They undressed each other in silence, hands and lips caressing exposed skin.

Then Bodie pushed Doyle onto the bed, following him down, blanketing Ray's body with his own. He held Doyle's face between his hands and feathered light kisses over it. He'd always loved Ray's looks, the exotically tilted green eyes, and the imperfection of his cheek. His mouth moved down to nibble over Ray's throat, eliciting a moan that vibrated against his lips, sending a tingle of pleasure straight to his own groin.

Bodie sucked the lobe of one ear into his mouth, his hands moving restlessly through the hair on Doyle's chest, until he found a nipple. Bodie bent his mouth to kiss it, feeling his partner arching up toward him as he laved and suckled on it, then he turned his attention to the other.

Doyle's hands petted his head as Bodie kept moving down the body splayed beneath his own, lips and tongue tracing the path his hands took, swirling patterns through the hair at Ray's navel, dipping into the crevice there.

Bodie nudged Ray's legs further apart with his thigh and settled himself between them. He grasped the base of Doyle's cock with one hand, feeling Ray shudder at the contact, then licked all the way along the underside.

"God, Bodie," Ray whispered, his hands twisting into the sheets.

Bodie's own erection bobbed between them, achingly hard, and he pumped it once or twice, just to take the edge off. Then he bent his head to Doyle's penis and sucked the head into his mouth, slowly moving down till he felt the tip nudging at the back of his throat. He slid his lips back up the shaft, humming with pleasure at Doyle's needy moans.

Ray's head was tossing back and forth on the pillow as Bodie began a rhythmic oral massage of his cock, while his other hand went down to roll Doyle's balls.

Doyle stilled his frantic movements and watched breathlessly as Bodie licked one finger, using it to rub beneath his scrotum, along his perineum. He lifted his hips, pushing his cock further into Bodie's mouth then shoved down on the finger he could feel tracing circles around his anus.

Bodie pulled his mouth back from Doyle's cock, hearing his partner groan with disappointment. "S'alright, sunshine. Haven't finished with you yet. Just need to get something." He pulled open the drawer of the dresser, moaning his pleasure as Ray's hand found his hardness and fisted it. He turned triumphantly back to the bed, the tube of lube held up for Ray to see. "You sure about this, Ray?" he asked.

Doyle simply nodded, his hand continuing its slow pumping, providing a loose tunnel for Bodie to thrust into.

"Roll over, Ray," Bodie said, quietly, watching as Doyle obeyed. He grabbed a pillow and pushed it beneath Doyle's hips, smiling as Ray shoved down into it, rubbing his hard-on against it. "It's okay, Ray. I'm gonna take care of that for you, too. Lift up a bit."

Doyle did as he was told, raising himself to hands and knees, his legs moving apart as he felt Bodie's fingers teasing along the cleft of his buttocks. His cheeks were spread gently but firmly and Doyle gasped as Bodie's tongue touched his hole. He pushed back against it, grumbling his disapproval when it moved away, the next moment gasping his arousal as Bodie pressed one slick finger into him.

"Don't move yet," Bodie said softly. "Let me do all the work for now." He watched his finger moving in and out of Doyle's body, circling it round, before adding a second, using them in a scissoring motion. Doyle was keening steadily now and Bodie pulled his fingers out, then thrust back in with three, moving them more roughly in and out of Doyle's centre as his own excitement grew.

"Bodie! Do it now, please," Doyle begged, as, no longer able to keep still, he began to move backwards and forwards on Bodie's fingers.

"Christ, Ray," Bodie managed to rasp out. He pulled his fingers out and hurriedly smeared lube over his leaking cock then lined it up at the entrance to Ray's body, one hand on Ray's hip, holding him steady. He saw Ray push back and he thrust forward at the same time, groaning as he felt the head of his penis pop through the ring of muscle, and his shaft enveloped in the silky depths. "Alright, Ray?" he breathed, waiting for the confirming nod, then he began to stroke in and out, pulling almost all the way back, before plunging back in. He could feel the muscles beginning to clench around him and he thrust faster, shortening his strokes, angling up to jab at Ray's prostate, hearing Ray's moans of pleasure as he connected. He felt his orgasm rising up from his belly, his balls drawing up close against his body, knowing he wasn't going to last long. He reached a hand round to pump Doyle's cock, fisting it in time with the thrusts into his body, Ray's internal muscles beginning to spasm around his shaft. Then Bodie was coming, his semen filling his partner and moments later, Ray froze in his arms, then shuddered his own release, covering Bodie's hand with his seed, Bodie's name on his lips.

Doyle slumped forward onto the bed, Bodie following him down, collapsing against his sweat slicked back, exhausted.

Bodie rolled off his lover's back and moved so he could see Doyle's face. He looked into the green eyes gazing steadily back at him. "You are okay with this, aren't you?" he asked.

"Should be, seeing as I started it," Doyle replied, turning onto his side to face Bodie, pushing himself up to rest on one elbow. "You?"

Bodie leaned forward and rubbed his thumb over Doyle's mouth. "Already showed you how I feel, didn't I? I could show you again, if you like?" He smiled suggestively.

"Later, you need to get some sleep, first. You're not as young as you used to be," Doyle replied with a grin.

"Oy, watch it, old man. You're older than I am. But you're right. I am knackered. Stay tonight, Ray, please?"

"Course, wasn't planning on going anywhere," Doyle replied, turning over to his other side and allowing Bodie to pull him back into his arms. "You're gonna have to be more careful on the job, Bodie. No more silly bloody heroics, okay?"

"I don't know about that, sunshine. Got me what I wanted, didn't it?" Bodie laughed, his breath blowing pleasurably across Doyle's ear.

"Yeah, but we both stand to lose more, now. It's not just the partnership or the friendship any more," Doyle said, seriously.

"I know, Ray. I'll try. Can't promise what I'll do if you get yourself in trouble like that again, though." Bodie kissed Ray's shoulder. "Go to sleep, sunshine. We've got two days off, remember, and I don't plan on doing much sleeping once we wake up again."

Doyle closed his eyes and let himself begin to drift off.

"Love you, Ray," Bodie whispered, just before he fell asleep himself.

Doyle smiled to himself. "Ditto, Bodie."

The End