Author Notes: This story is loosely based on the song At This Moment by Billy Vera and The Beaters (Lyrics at the end of the story)


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Found Another

By Travelin

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Part One

 Jim stared at his partner, tears slowly cascading down his cheeks.  He never believed telling his friend, his partner, his constant companion for over 3 years, he was leaving, would be this difficult.  The tall detective slowly drew his hand up and rested it on the shoulder of his guide.  Attempting to remove the pain he saw in his friend's eyes. Attempting to say aloud that which he had only said in his heart before.


Blair looked up at his sentinel. Disbelief scrawled across his wrinkled brow, he tried not to allow the tears he felt welling up the release they sought.  The feelings he thought that they shared, were, in fact, one sided.


Jim respected the grad student. He knew that without Blair's support, he would have surely gone insane due to the onslaught of his senses. The curly headed observer calmed the senses of the sentinel, as well as the spirit of the man.  The individual Jim Ellison evolved into was one that exuded trust and loyalty.  All this through the initial trust he placed on his guide. Yet, it was just this confidence that allowed the restrained sentinel to reach out again to the world; to find a place that welcomed him, senses and sensibilities completely.


Now, detective Jim Ellison had to tell his best friend, he had found the person he could love. A person that accepted him, all facets of him, just the way he was.  A person that loved him unconditionally, seeking only that bottomless need in return.


Blair hoped that Jim would see that he was that person. He loved Jim that way, totally, unconditionally.  The police observer noticed though, his friend was spending more time away from him these past few months. Camping weekends were cancelled. Casual evenings in the loft watching movies were a thing of the past. The teaching fellow found he had time to correct papers, plan classes and even work on his dissertation these last couple of months.


The observer blinked back the tears straining for release from his eyes. Occasionally one would slowly escape down the side of his face, that he would slowly wipe away with his flannel-clad sleeve.


Jim, at last sensed all the emotions churning in Blair, that until now, the grad student had kept hidden within himself.  "I didn't know...I," the sentinel paused, another tear flowing uninterrupted past his chin, "I love him, Blair.  I need him in my life.  When he's not nearby, I feel empty." The sentinel could feel that his words were not helping his distraught friend.

"I wish...I wish you had said something.  I love you, Blair, but...ah, I need him to complete me.  Oh God, Blair!" Jim exclaimed as he took both of his arms to surround his heartbroken guide and embraced him.


Speaking into the smaller man's ear, he continued, "Please, don't hate me, Chief.  You helped me to join the human race again. I felt I could trust people again." Pausing, letting this final embrace speak for itself, he eventually continued. "If it wasn't for you, I would still be some stiff, boring, ex-military withdrawn bag of flesh.  Thanks, Chief."  Jim gathered his thoughts together. With a rasping voice, he finally managed to say, "I didn't know about...about how you felt until just now. I am so sorry to hurt you this way."


Pushing out of the embrace, Blair looked into the eyes of his friend, never to be lover.  "Jim, I will always love you.  I don't want you to think I would say, or do, anything to jeopardize your relationship. I do want you to know that I will always be your friend. I will always be here for you," he finished, practically whispering the last sentence. Blair watched then as Jim walked out of the loft, to the man waiting on the other side of the door. Holding hands, the two left the guide alone in the loft. Slowly, Blair shut the door on his friend and that part of his life.



At This Moment by Billy Vera and The Beaters

What did you think
I would do at this moment
When you're standing before me
With tears in your eyes
Trying to tell me
that you have found you another
and you just don't love me no more

What did you think
I would say at this moment
When I'm faced with the knowledge
That you just don't love me
Did you think I would curse you
Or say things to hurt you
'cause you just don't love me no more

Did you think
I could hate you
Or raise my hands to you
Now come on you know me too well
How could I hurt you
when darling I love you
and you know
I'd never hurt you-oo-wo-oo...

What do you think
I would give at this moment
If you'd stay
I'd subtract twenty years from my life
I'd fall down on my knees
and kiss the ground that you walk on
If I could just hold you again

I'd fall down on my knees
and kiss the ground that you walk on baby
If I could just hold you
If I, could just hold you

If I could just hold-hold you, again

Part Two

Author Notes: Special thanks to Janet and Audra Rose who asked for a second chapter. Hope this works for you!

Story influenced by My Best Friend by Tim McGraw (lyrics at end of story)

Some days it just did not pay to get out of bed. The day started off, but not on time. The alarm clock did not ring as scheduled, although looking back, he may have forgot to reset it after the latest power outage. Blair finally did wake up though due to the pounding rain on the balcony doors. Looking at the dysfunctional clock, he realized he only had 30 minutes to the start of his Anthro 101 class at Rainier. The students would not mind if he did not show up, but the administration was still very diligent to his attendance record.

Throwing clothes on that he found in on the floor, he grabbed his coat and keys. Slamming the door to the loft behind he ran down the steps, knowing the elevator would not be worth the wait. He jumped into his car, whispered a few short prayers to the gods of dilapidated cars, and hoped his car would start. The Volvo turned over; Blair backed out of his parking space and carefully joined the very damp rush hour traffic.

At the intersection he was going to turn left into the parking lot, noting he still had 10 minutes to be on time for his class, he saw that the car coming up behind him was not slowing down. Blair looked quickly to see if he could turn yet, but the oncoming traffic was still a steady flow. With nowhere to go, the teaching fellow braced for the impact.


Jim Ellison was on his way to the police station. It seemed the harder it rained, the more the crazy people came out from their hiding places. Today was no different. Even his lover, David, surprised him this morning, which was another reason for Jim's earlier than normal departure from their apartment. The detective finally realized he could not argue with him, since he was right.

Lately, Blair's name crept into their conversations. The detective, for whatever reason, would tell David about Blair's antics at the station that day, or what he said that had everyone laughing. Last night, for the first time since they have been together, they did not make love. David barely gave him a kiss on the forehead. Jim could feel resentment, almost anger, arising from his lover.

When morning and noisy alarm clocks caused them to get out of bed, it was without their usual morning rituals. They would usually hold each other while telling of what the day held in store for them. When the words stopped flowing, hands and lips would become busy kissing, feeling, rubbing or groping each other. Their bodies would become flush with an inner heat until the explosive union would have each man crying the other's name out loud.

But today, David slipped out of soundlessly. The blankets barely moved. Jim asked what his plans were for the day, but his lover just grunted unintelligibly, even for a sentinel. David entered the bathroom, locking the door. That too was a first. They never locked each other out. Jim knocked on the door, "David, what's up, man?"

"Ask Sandburg," was his terse reply.

Having a conversation through a door did not seem like a good use of the time, so Jim showered in the spare bathroom in the apartment. He finished and was entering their bedroom as his lover was exiting the master bathroom. The tall detective could see his lover's eyes were bloodshot and he could smell a salty residue on his face.

"What's wrong, David?" the sentinel inquired. "How can I help you, if you don't tell me what's wrong?"

"Ask Sandburg," David replied quietly.

"What does Blair have to do with your actions last night and this morning? What.."

"…He has everything to do with this, Jim!" the lover interrupted. "He is the reason. He is the one. I thought I had you all to myself a couple of months ago. Especially when you told him you needed me, really needed me," the tearful lover continued, now unable to stop his rampage. "But lately, all you talk about is ‘Blair did this, Blair did that'. I can't pretend anymore. You LOVE him. I don't know why I tried to come between you two." Looking at Jim's towel wrapped body, David shook his head sadly, partly realizing why he wanted Jim, why he wanted his body. He had hoped to also have his heart, but that had already been given away.

Jim looked at his lover. "No, I love you. I do."

"You probably believe that. Who knows, maybe on some level, you do love me. But he has been with you since you left the loft. You see him every day at the station. You are with him some days longer than you are with me, you…"

"You're JEALOUS of Blair Sandburg?" Jim asked incredulously. His lover was 6 foot 1 inch of pure toned muscle, with straight, auburn hair and an incredible mind. He walked closer to David, opening his arms to embrace him, show him that their love was real. David moved away from the detective.

"I don't believe this!" With that, he grabbed clothes from the closet. Dropping the towel to the floor, he quickly dressed, left the bedroom, grabbed his gun and badge, coat and keys and left the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

"Bye Jim," David said sadly.

The sentinel heard his lover's comment as he walked down the hall. He continued walking to his parked truck to drive over to the station and... he paused in his own mind's ramblings. He was heading to the station, and to Blair. He had to see his guide today. Something did not feel right today. Maybe that was the reason he was talking about Blair so much the night before. His ‘Blessed Protector' mode had been trying to get his attention. His guide was in danger.

Jim hopped into the truck, started it and pulled out onto the rain soaked pavement. Normally, he would not have to drive by the University to arrive at the station, but for some reason, he knew he had to drive in that direction. The sentinel glanced at the panel noticing the time. Blair has a class in 15 minutes, he recalled, and should be there by now. Jim smiled. Blair hated the rain, hated being cold. He probably overslept today and is still trying to drive there. With that thought in mind, Jim pointed his truck toward Hargrove Hall, where the teaching fellow would be parking near today. As he came close to the intersection, he saw Blair's Volvo, sitting in the intersection waiting for traffic to clear to make his left turn. Unfortunately, he also saw the late model car barreling at him. He could see the driver was on his cell phone, engrossed in his conversation, and not to his driving. If that car hit Blair's, it would cause a domino effect, with Blair and his car being bounce off of many cars, based on the amount of traffic he could see.

The detective made a quick decision. Pointing his truck between the two vehicles he angled his truck to absorb the collision.

Blair looked up briefly expecting to see the large car about to impact his own at that very moment, when he saw instead a late model blue and white pick up truck block the path of the impending collision. Blair screamed, "No, Jim, get out of the way!" Even as the words left his mouth, the out of control car, rammed the detective's pick up truck, pushing it at an angle into the oncoming traffic's lanes. Luckily, the light had changed to stop the flow of traffic, so the detective's truck rolled across the lanes unimpeded over and on top of the curb, crashing into one of the cement university kiosks. The large car's driver, now realizing the damage he was causing, applied his breaks before his now angled car rolled into the stopped cars in the opposing lanes.

Blair, realizing everyone had stopped, completed his left turn, and pulled up on the sidewalk, near the crushed truck of his friend, his sentinel.

"Jim?" He smelled gas as he walked up to the truck; that caused him to remember old stories about side mounted gas tanks. Not being a ‘car guy' he was not sure if this was one of those models, but if it was, Jim's truck could explode at any time.

"Jim?" Blair could hear sirens. His friend still had not moved. The glass of the window in the back of the cab had shattered like a spider web from the impact of Jim's skull as the truck impacted the kiosk. Blood was dripping down the glass, down over the collar of the injured sentinel. As much as the guide wanted to pull his friend out of the damaged truck, the vehicle would not open to him.

Blair finally saw the fire trucks. He saw the emergency vehicle pull up. He saw all the equipment being carried over to open the crushed vehicle to release his friend.

The grad student, suddenly realizing he had been standing in the frigid rain, just as quickly realized someone putting a space blanket around his shoulders for both warmth and protection.

"Don't worry, buddy, we'll get him out. Do you know him? Witnesses say he purposely put his truck there to apparently save you from the impact. Did you see it that way too?" the fireman asked.

"Um, yeah," Blair whispered, noticing how dry his mouth had become. "Yeah, I know him. Used to be my roommate. He's like that, protecting people, I mean."

The fireman nodded and then returned to the truck to assist as needed with the extraction of the injured driver. The door of the truck was at last pried open. The paramedics immediately descended upon the truck's occupant, checking over the body, sending readings and their observations to the hospital. Blair stepped up to tell them about the sentinel's medicinal sensitivities, but they waved him off.

The hospital staff had already pulled his records. His partner would recover. He had to recover. As they put the still unconscious detective into the ambulance, Blair hopped in, not allowing for anyone to deny him this ride.

At the hospital, Jim was whisked into the examining room, leaving Blair in the waiting room. The drenched flannel clad student was offered dry scrubs to change into. He jumped at the opportunity to be dry again. Once dressed in the hospital clothes, Blair assumed the waiting position that he and Jim had become experts at over the past few years.

To Blair's surprise, he saw Simon slowly walking in the emergency room doors. Rainwater dripping off the long raincoat of the police captain, indicated the rain had not stopped. The guide expected to see Simon Banks, the injured detective's boss and good friend, but did not expect to see Jim's lover, David, only a step behind the captain.

David stopped in front of the chair Blair was still occupying. Blair rose, still shaking from the adrenaline rush that had run through his body earlier that day.

"How is he?" David asked to the smaller man. Not waiting for a response he continued, "It's your fault, you know. He…he left in such a mood today. He…we…dammit. Just tell him…goodbye for me, will you?" David turned around and left the building before Blair could react to what the man had just said to him.

My fault? ‘Tell him goodbye'? Blair's heart started to beat harder. Was David telling him what he hoped he was telling him?

"Sandburg," Simon called to the almost zoned guide, "the doctor wants to see you in the examining room."

Blair slowly moved in the direction of the small cubicle. Sounds were no longer making any sense. The blood in his veins was being pumped so hard that he could hear the rush of the fluid in his ears, masking out all other sounds. Each step he took closer to the room that contained his sentinel caused his body to vibrate. His fingers started to tingle from all the exertion his heart was placing on his body.

Finally, he pushed aside the curtains to the room. He was so surprised at the vision that greeted him, he lost his breath, for a moment.

"Chief," the sentinel whispered, bringing Blair out of his stupor.

"Mr. Sandburg," the doctor said hoping this time the young man would actually hear him after several unnoticed attempts.

"Um, yeah, I mean, yes, Doctor, what is detective Ellison's condition?" he asked, his eyes never leaving that of the sentinel's.

"Detective Ellison does have a concussion, but he assures me that the two of you are very well practiced in the treatment and procedures involving this type of injury. Is that true, Mr. Sandburg?"

"Huh?…Oh, yeah, that is very true. Jim and I, I mean detective Ellison and I, tend to be frequent visitors to hospitals and emergency rooms and in doing so, have learned many skills," the guide replied still observing the quiet sentinel.

"I told you Doctor, so, release me to my friend's care, please," the detective confirmed.

The doctor looked at the two men who had not stopped looking at each other since the younger one had entered the small space. He could see that the injured man would be well attended to by the long haired man. The unspoken message delivered between the visions of the two men spoke volumes to the doctor. His patient would receive excellent care today, and if he were right, he would be cared for long after the injuries were healed.

"The papers will be at the desk gentlemen. Any problems arise, give us a call here, or your regular physician," the doctor relayed then promptly left the room.

"Chief," the sentinel said as he reached for one of the curly locks drooping down in front of his guide's right eye, rolling it gently between his fingers, "let's go home."

Almost unable to stand, his legs feeling like jelly, the sentinel moved both of his hands to the sides of his guide's face, combing the unruly, wet locks with his fingers.

"Jim," Blair gasped as he leaned into the gentle finger running through his hair, "David, um, David was here. Oh, God, I can't think with you doing that."

"Blair, love, I heard David. I know what he said. It's not your fault. It has been my fault all along. Two months ago, I said I loved you, but needed him. I was wrong, love, so wrong. I tried to give you back your life, give you the freedom to find someone worthy of you. But, I couldn't let go of you emotionally and David finally was tired of the ‘three' of us. He's a good man, but couldn't stand to be the number 2 man in my life," the sentinel concluded, smiling at his guide, his best friend, his soon to be lover.

"Oh yeah, Jim, let's go home. Now it really will be a home, since you'll be there... God, I've missed you!"

The two left the hospital, not noticing the stunned police captain striding up behind them after they walked past him in the waiting room. Once they exited the building, they stood under the awning, looking into each other's eyes. Without any words, each tilted their head, Jim leaning down, Blair tilting his head up, until their lips touched.

Oh yeah, Blair pondered, since they had to release the kiss in order to breath, some days it just did not pay to get out of bed. Fortunately, today was not one of those days.

My Best Friend by Tim McGraw

I never had no one
I could count on
I've been let down so many times
I was tired of hurtin'
So tired of searchin'
'til you walked into my life
It was a feelin'
I'd never known
And for the first time
I didn't feel alone

You're more than a lover
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do
Oh we just get closer
I fall in love all over
Everytime I look at you
I don't know where I'd be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You're my best friend
You're my best friend, oh yeah

You stand by me
And you believe in me
Like nobody ever has
When my world goes crazy
You're right there to save me
You make me see how much I have
And I still tremble
When we touch
And oh the look in your eyes
When we make love

You're more than a lover
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do
Oh we just get closer
I fall in love all over
Everytime I look at you
And I don't know where I'd be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You're my best friend
You're my best friend

You're more than a lover
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do
Oh we just get closer
I fall in love all over
Everytime I look at you
And I don't know where I'd be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You're my best friend
You're my best friend (my best friend)
You're my best friend (my best friend)