A Day in May

By Travelin

EMAIL: Travelin

Genre: slash

Pairing/Characters: Jim/Blair

Rating: FRM

Summary: Jim awakens in an unknown place, not remembering how he arrived there

Warnings: Character Death (Sorta)

Notes: Was quickly penned when muse told me what to write. Not beta'd, so I take full responsibility for any and all errors.

Additional Note: Did someone really die?


He shook his head trying to wake himself. However, the pain in his head told him that repeating that movement in the near future was not a good idea. Slowly allowing his head to rest against the pillow, he began to open his eyes. The room came into focus but now a new problem arose. Where was he? It appeared to be a hospital, no, more of extended care type of room. There were paintings on the wall to give the 'homey' look to the room. There was a wooden dresser and mirror in the room as well as a comfortable looking upholstered chair. 'Ok,' he told himself, 'something happened to put me here. Must have been pretty bad for Blair to.... Where's Blair?' he suddenly thought. Regardless of the discomfort in his head, he started thrashing about in the bed, furtively searching for his partner.


"Oh my, you mustn't do this, Mr. Ellison. Slow down now. You are going to be fine," the elderly nurse said calmly. She placed her palm on the struggling man's chest, repeating, "Just relax, Emma is here. You've been asleep for awhile. C'mon now, relax for Emma. Listen to me, Mr. Ellison, just relax."


The distressed man's tension filled body finally allowed itself to be comforted by the aged woman's voice. "There, there now, young man. That's so much better, isn't it?" She paused, moved her hand to the man's forehead, this time moving her palm on his forehead in a circular motion. "So, you've decided to wake up and join us all again, eh? Your friends will be so happy. I know you are very tired, but try to answer this question. Do you remember today's date?"


Jim Ellison *knew* he was in some kind of long-term care facility, so he *knew* whatever date he said, would be wrong. His biggest fear was how long had he been unconscious? He also needed to know where his partner was located.  She did say his friends would be glad he woke up, so Blair must have had to go back to work at the station.


"May 16th," he rasped.


"Oh...my....um, okay then," Emma went on, "good, good. Guess your vocal cords aren't as rusty as I thought after so long," she let slip out. "Oops, I need to get the doctor here, fill you in on, well you, of course," she quipped, and then left the room.


Before Ellison had a chance to ask about Blair, he saw Simon Banks enter the room. "Jim, you are a sight for sore eyes. The nurse notified us as soon as you started to stir. We, that is to say the doctors, said you might...oh hell man, they weren't sure you would ever wake up," the captain of the squad announced. "But we just knew you were too stubborn to just, well, you know, give up after everything that happened."


"What day?" Ellison whispered as Emma entered the room with a cup of chipped ice.


She raised the bed and then offered a few ice chips to the recovering man. Gratefully he took them into his mouth, savoring both the chill of the ice and the moisture.


"It's the 25th, Jim, of," Banks paused, knowing the month would surprise him, "August. It's August 25th, man. You've been out of it for over three months."


Closing his eyes, he tried to comprehend that he had been unconscious for that length of time. "B'air, where's B'air?" Jim queried, wanting to see his partner as soon as possible. Whatever had happened, he had hoped his partner escaped any injury.


Simon's eyes darted up to the nurse, then back to the reclined man. Emma left the room quietly. She did not want to be in the room during the explanation. Banks gathered his courage, opened his mouth to begin, when doctor entered the room. 'Temporary save,' thought Simon. 'Just postponing the inevitable.'


"Mr. Ellison, I have to admit it. Your recovery is nothing short of a miracle. After the trauma, we thought you would stay in a coma for a longer period of time.  Still, we are quite happy to have you with us again. As I am sure your friend has already told you, we too are sorry about your friend's death. We understand everything possible was done for him, but..." The doctor stopped speaking when he noticed the fervently negative shaking of the police captain's head. The doctor covered his mouth, realizing that his patient only then knew that his partner was dead.


"I am so sorry, Mr. Ellison. I thought Mr. Banks had already told you. Your partner, he was a good man I was told. He, ah, saved your life," the doctor continued with the old adage of 'in for a penny, in for a pound', playing in his head. "You saw the sniper, pulled Mr. Sandburg behind you, but then he stood up, pushed you down, and the bullet hit him in the throat."


The monitors showed that Ellison's breathing was sporadic at best, his pulse was elevated, and his temperature was rising rapidly. His color was blanching to an eggshell white. The doctor lowered the head of the bed so his feet were higher. 


Jim remembered the scene as the doctor described it, with one additional memory. Jim had pulled his shirt off, held it over the wound in the throat to stave of the bleeding. The sentinel knew his guide was dying though. Dying in his arms, dying alone, without his sentinel. The sentinel had failed to protect the guide.


Unable to speak, Blair's eyes stared into those of his friend. His mouth moved noiselessly, but Jim could read his lips. 'Love you,' Blair had said.


"Oh God, Blair!" Hearing the time between breaths decrease, he held his partner close to him, speaking passionately into his ear, "I love you, Blair. Don't leave me! Love you so much...." The sentinel heard the last breath and saw the chest deflate, never to rise again.


That was all he remembered until he woke up here. He must have zoned and now all he wanted was to go back to that zone.  Maybe there, he would find his partner in the jungle and they could be together again.  Unaware of Simon's shouting, demanding he stay on his side of consciousness, he let the zone of the memory of his beloved take him back to the void. Life without Blair....




"Jim, Jim! Hey man, get your lazy butt out of bed, would you? Today's the only day we have off and I have an arms length list of things to do. Jim?" Blair noticed his lover was struggling to wake.  Reaching out, he gently shook the sentinel's shoulder until the reclined man started to groan. "Jim, hey man, just relax, I'm here. You've been asleep for awhile. C'mon now, relax for me. Listen to me, my love, just relax," Blair said as he rested his hand on his partners chest, then slowly moved the hand to the forehead, drawing slow, casual circles on his forehead.


"Blair, that you?" Jim questioned, still in a fog from waking up.


"It better be me waking you up in *our* bed, mister," he replied jokingly. Turning serious, Blair continued, "That was some dream that you were having. I tried for several minutes to wake you, and you just stayed there, asleep, almost like a coma, if I didn't know better!"


Sitting up rapidly in bed, Jim asked, "What's today's date?"


"Whoa, easy, big fella! Okay, it's May 17th. Yesterday must still be bothering you about the sniper and all. Have to admit it, I had a nightmare about that last night too. Feel better now though. In fact," he drawled, "to hell with the list. Bed and snuggling sounds so much better. I could snuggle with you forever and be the happiest man on earth."


At that, Blair removed his clothing crawled under the blankets and spooned up to his partner with his back rubbing up against the sentinel's chest.


Jim put a protective arm around his guide's waist. "Yeah, forever like this sounds like a plan to me too."