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Lyn's Little Stargate Fics



New! Anniversary



Nightmares Shared Series

Nightmares Shared

Part One of the Nightmares Shared Series

Getting to Know You

Part Two of the Nightmares Shared Series.

Being Brave

Part Three of the Nightmares Shared Series.


Part Four of the Nightmares Shared Series.

Paradise Lost

Part Five of the Nightmares Shared Series.

Paradise Regained

Part Six of the Nightmares Shared Series.


Welcome Home, Danny Boy Series

Welcome Home, Danny Boy

Part One of the Welcome Home series. Daniel's been downsized by mysterious means and Jack's got guardian duty.

Trials and Tribulations

Just as Jack and Daniel seem to be settling into a routine, something sinister rears its head.

A New Year

On New Year's Eve, Jack ponders his and Daniel's past and future.


Not all Daniel's memories are happy ones.

Thoughts on Christmas Eve

A Christmas snippet for the Little Danny list.


A little interim stand alone fic. Daniel's sick and Jack's *really* trying to help.

Trust Issues

Sometimes you have to overcome your fears in order to trust.

Begin Again -New chapters added

Warning: Begins with Jack and Daniel in an established relationship. Nothing explicit.

How do you deal with the fact that your lover is now a child? Jack O'Neill tries to cope with his own emotions and memories while child Daniel struggles to understand why the man he believes is his father is suddenly rejecting him. 


Miracles of Life

Daniel goes missing on an away mission. By the time the team finds him, he appears to have changed... in more ways than one.

A Different Road

A tribute and farewell to Don S. Davis.


Previously published in Little Daniel 3 - available from Ancient's Gate Zines.

Sometimes the hardest choices aren't that hard at all.

A Chest Full Of Memories

Daniel learns that sharing memories, even the bad ones can be a good thing.

A First Step To Healing

Jack’s grief and guilt over Charlie’s death threatens to overwhelm the fragile relationship he is building with a now down-sized Daniel.


Evelyn's Birthday

A birthday fic for a friend.



Brothers Of The Heart

Rodney's natural curiosity puts someone else in a spot of bother.