What's that Smell?

Daniel glanced at his watch and realized he was late for lunch. He grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair and rushed out of his office, knowing Jack and the rest of his team were waiting for him.

He jogged towards down the hallway, but slowed down when he saw several people crowding around the elevator. He was surprised to see Jack among them; he�d figured his friend had already gone to the commissary by now.

�Elevator�s not working?� Daniel asked him as he brushed past a few airmen and other staff to join his friend. As he stopped beside Jack, he was surprised to see that he was armed. Daniel raised his eyebrows in surprise when Jack handed him a zat.

�Something�s going on. The elevator�s stuck and there were screams coming from inside a few minutes ago. We�re just waiting for Siler�� Jack broke off when the technician joined him, carrying a huge pry bar.

With a bit of manoeuvring, Siler managed to fit the piece of metal between the doors and began forcing the heavy partitions open. Daniel aimed his weapon towards the tiny opening as Jack and both SFs did the same.

�Colonel, what�s going on?� Janet cried as she ran towards them. �I got a call that there was an emergency.�

�We got injured coming. It�s not gonna be a pretty sight,� Jack said in a tight voice. �Stay back, doc. We don�t know what�s in there.�

Siler managed to pry the doors open no more than an inch when they got stuck. Daniel could see that the elevator had stopped nearly halfway below the floor level. Inhuman moans and gasps came from inside the depths of the dark elevator car. Everyone tensed, afraid to see what horrible creature had managed to infiltrate the SGC.

�Oh, god, what�s that smell?� Daniel moaned when a sickening odour wafted through the hallway. He breathed through his mouth, trying not to gag. He heard one person behind him begin to retch and the sound of people moving away in a hurry.

More Security personnel came rushing down the hallway, coming to stand behind Daniel as backup. One brave soul stepped through them all to give Siler a hand.

The eerie sounds got louder and shadows could be seen moving inside the elevator. The two men strained mightily, and with grinding of metal on metal, the doors suddenly gave and swooshed open.

Seven men and women climbed out of the elevator, scrabbling over each other in their rush to escape. The people were wheezing and coughing and gagging and choking. The onlookers quickly helped their comrades, supporting them and escorting them away from the danger zone. Daniel looked at them with pity; they appeared to have suffered horribly. Janet was ordering them all to the infirmary; Daniel hoped she had plenty of oxygen tanks at the ready.

The stomach-churning stench had followed the people out of the elevator, and everyone took a couple of steps backwards in an attempt to find fresher air.

Movement from inside the elevator caught Daniel�s eye and he tensed, his zat aimed towards the interior. A large shadow approached and suddenly the armed men had moved forward again, barrels pointed towards the intruder. One step, two� and suddenly Teal�c appeared, looking around him curiously. He caught Daniel�s eye, and raised an eyebrow.

�Okay, stand down,� Jack ordered loudly. The SF all stared at Jack for a moment, and he glared at them. They sullenly lowered their weapons and moved away, a couple of them grumbling together.

�Teal�c, for crying out loud!� Jack moved forward and grabbed Teal�c�s arm, pulling him out of the elevator while he held his arm over his nose and mouth.

�O�Neill. It appears that the lifting mechanism on this particular car is inoperative,� Teal�c said as he joined Daniel.

�Ya think? Jack groused. �You sure it just didn�t erode when you decided to let loose a ripe on inside there?� He looked up at the ceiling in supplication for a moment. �That�s it. I�m going to strongly recommend to General Hammond that three bean salads are now off the menu, especially when Teal�c is on base.�


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