Author’s Notes: Sentinels and Guides are known and Bond. It’s just part of life.

Warnings: Smarm (Okay, so it’s not a serious warning.)

Disclaimers: Not mine. Just borrowed.

Other Notes: AU. This is not a drabble, but it’s kind of short. No need to archive.

Rating: PG? (for mention of sex)


By Jayed

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The best thing, the wonderful thing, about having a Guide, was not the fact that someone else had taken over the mundane things, like shopping for safe, but tasty, foods and double-checking his medication. Nor was it the fact that he didn’t have to worry about zoning. Before he found his Guide, he’d zoned about once a week, although rarely on the job, and luckily never when it would have caused trouble for his colleagues.

Nor, despite what some of the more dirty-minded thought about Sentinels and Guides, was the best thing the sex. Of course, being with his Guide meant he didn’t have to keep his senses so in check. Previously, sex had sometimes been almost unpleasant, something he did for a partner, but not really for himself. Sex with his Guide was beyond his imagination. All of his senses were ecstatic when his Guide gave him that half-lidded look and suggested it was time for "a quick shower and then bed."

No, the best thing was simply this. Sitting on the couch, cuddling. He would, of course, rather be killed than admit it. Military men, covert operations men, even policemen, would never admit that they sometimes just needed, well, to be held, and he was all three.

It had started soon after his Guide first moved into the Loft, soon after they met at the monthly mixer. His Guide had been looking for a Sentinel for a little over a year, and he had already admitted that he had been tempted to either settle for one of the weaker bonds he’d occasionally felt or to give up looking. He gave thanks every day that his Guide and he had found one another.

A week after they met, while the Bond was still Settling--he was focusing on the sensory aspects of his Guide and his Guide on his emotional and physical needs--he had come home one day from the police station tense and unhappy. Before he knew what was happening, his Guide had pulled him into a hug and then settled the two of them onto the couch. His Guide had settled himself comfortably against the pillows and placed another across his lap, slightly adjusting it for additional support as he pulled the larger man into his arms.

He tensed a little at first, thinking there was something sexual about the slick move. He hadn’t yet been ready for that so early in the relationship. Then, to help ease him, his Guide started stroking his brow, softly and soothingly. Then his Guide added a very slight rocking motion and began to hum soothing melodies, almost-Sentinel soft. It took him a moment to realize that he was being cuddled.

His first inclination was to jump away, but he didn't, couldn't. It felt too good. He felt…loved. No one had rocked him like that since the disappearance of his mother. He settled down, adjusted himself to a slightly more comfortable position, and allowed himself to be held.