Finding, Keeping, Losing, Weeping 4

By Jayed

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Warnings: AU. Xover. Angst. WiP.

Rating: Gen, for now.

Author's Notes: Blair held his press conference to denounce himself and his work, but Simon, Jim, and Megan were not shot, and no one has offered Blair a badge. Post-TSbBS. Spoilers for S2 and other episodes. My apologies for taking so long between postings. If I'd realized this was going to be this slow, I wouldn't have started posting in pieces. In any case, previous parts can be found here:

Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowed.


When arrived with his companion at the hotel, she was attracted first by the essence, the smell, the odor, although that word had implications that didn't fit. He smelled of cigars and dark coffee, of something unknown and spicy, of masculinity and sweat. He smelled Heavenly. She also had sound. His voice a bass rumbling, now serious, now softer, but never soft. His heart was strong, his breathing regular, his footstep firm. She wondered what he looked like, this Simon Banks. Her Guide.

She'd answered the Call, and she'd sent a Courting gift to the younger one, the Shaman, but she knew now that that gift had been a mistake. She didn't begrudge it. It had gotten her here, to meet him, her real Guide.

Rosa Gonzalez was thirty five. She had been an outdoorswoman all her life, first with her family, avid campers and fishermen, six brothers and herself following her father and uncles to their boats and livelihoods, but then she's met a man who'd changed her life. Her first true beau, her beloved Angelo, who loved not the sea, but the forests, and who took her with him back to the glories of the grandest wilderness of them all, the Grand Canyon, as far from the Sea as it was possible to be without being on Everest or in the Sahara.

She'd learned to love the woods, the rocks, even the mules and the tourists, although that took longer. The two of them partnered on the job in the Canyon as they had in real life. They'd been engaged, a baby on the way, when he died. Bone cancer knew no age limits nor did it respect young fathers and husbands-to-be. They'd married in the hospital, and he'd seen Leon Angelo exactly once before the end.

Now, eleven years later, here she was, ready and willing to take on a new kind of partner, the kind her great-grandfather's journal rhapsodied about, telling of the joys of a connection beyond the ordinary. She hoped he liked the outdoors, the he could come with her to Arizona, that he would love her son. She never doubted that he was hers.

A call down to the concierge desk and then another call. Her new, more important Courting gift was carefully and meticulously chosen. It would arrive in the morning. Lloyd Weston was also aware that there was a second Guide. He was now doubly sure his time had come. He'd waited long enough. He wasn't going to wait much longer.