Finding, Keeping, Losing, Weeping 3

By Jayed

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Warnings: AU. Xover. Angst. WiP.

Rating: Gen, for now.

Author's Notes: Blair held his press conference to denounce himself and his work, but Simon, Jim, and Megan were not shot, and no one has offered Blair a badge. Post-TSbBS. Spoilers for S2 and other episodes.

My apologies for taking so long between postings. If I'd realized this was going to be this slow, I wouldn't have started posting in pieces. In any case, previous parts can be found here:

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So, what was he going to do? He'd been cruel and emphatic about not needing a Guide, not once, but several times over, and, if he was honest with himself, he had been doing that very thing for almost a year. Now. Now, he'd been taken at his word; he'd finally sent his Guide away. And twenty three other Sentinels, men, women, hell even kids, who knew what, and how precious, a Guide was, who desperately wanted the very thing he had so often abused and discounted, they were all coming to court the Guide he'd thrown away. The man who'd saved his life, his sanity, his job. What the hell had he been thinking? He called the station to talk to Simon, only to find that he had inexplicably gone to Seattle with Blair. How could he…?


Shortly after Blair and Simon finished a mostly silent room service breakfast, there came a soft tap on the door. Simon looked to Blair, who nodded, and went to open it, checking through the peephole as he did. He opened his mouth to call an inquiry into the visitors' identities, but Blair spoke first. "Simon, in case I forget later, thanks." Simon nodded at Blair, smiling slightly, even as he called out, "Who is it?" "Dave Starsky, Sentinel, and Ken Hutchinson, Guide." The speaker was the darker man, his voice familiar from the phone call. "Senior Pair, Simon," Blair interjected. "Let them in.

It was time to begin. Subtly, unconsciously, Simon tried to keep himself between the other two men and his young friend and charge. Blair grinned at him, his first true smile of the journey, and then stepped around him. He bowed his head quietly and quickly to each man, unsure of the protocol, but wanting to show his respect for their positions. "Thank you for the invitation," he got out, suddenly and embarrassingly near tears again. Preliminary conversation was a bit stilted and almost painful, but then Hutch began to speak about how he and his Sentinel had come together. As he spoke, his Sentinel moved from his position near the door and joined his Guide on the small couch. Their Spirit Guides materialized suddenly at their feet, a scruffy badger and an enormous lynx, tough compact strength and wild blonde grace. Blair's Timber Wolf manifested as well and moved to touch noses with his counterparts before returning to station himself in front of his person. As he settled, another animal made itself present. An African porcupine, all smugness and rattling quills, touched his nose delicately to the other three and then settled himself at Simon's left. Simon, who knew about Spirit Guides, even if he was a bit startled to see them all appearing so casually, didn't at first understand the import of the one who settled by his side. It was Blair who made the leap first. He almost laughed in his surprise. "Simon. Simon. You're a Guide, too." Stunned the Lead Pair looked at Blair and then at Simon and the still rattling Spirit Guide. It was true. He was a relatively weak Guide, and he had, no doubt, been hidden by Blair's greater powers, but now he was revealed as what he was. For the Lead Pair, this was an unexpected boon. For the men from Cascade, it was something very different.

Blair looked up and over at Simon. Still laughing, although tears were threatening to fall, Blair spoke again, "I think Megan's a Guide, too, a weak, new one, like you." He paused and the laughter abruptly stopped again. He paused, even the thought of the name giving him pain, but he persevered. "You were both able to help Jim when I couldn't be there. No one else could." Then the tears began to flow in earnest as Blair gave into his grief. "Oh, God, Simon," he got out. "Maybe Jim's true Guide is you or Megan. Maybe I've just been in the way." He struggled to stop the tears and get control of himself, apologizing to Starsky and Hutch, but they, more than any other, understood, and they offered and made good on a strategic withdrawal to give Blair some time to compose himself and Simon some time to come to terms with the revelation of the last hour. As they headed for the door, Blair stopped them. "Thanks for giving us a time out, but I'll, we'll, meet everyone else at lunch, okay? We'll see you at 1:00." After acknowledging that plan, the Lead Pair let themselves out of the Suite. Hutch went to go research the situation. He thought he remembered reading about another case where a weak Guide was "hidden" by a stronger, and the unfortunate situation that had arisen then. Starsky went to go inform the other Bonded about this latest development. Pair business was never boring.