Author's Notes: Another tale from a Series of stories about a Sentinel and Guide Pair in a world that accepts them and celebrates them as Partners.

Warnings: AU, Xover, Not Too Angsty…

Disclaimers: As before, not mine. Just borrowed.

Relatives Series Story Eight: A Good Reason to Gloat

By Jayed

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Jim had been around pregnant women and babies before, frequently. He just couldn't understand why he had such a "pull" to this baby, even before she was born. Perhaps it was the fact that Olivia was a member of his new Family, perhaps it was that she was the first pregnant woman he'd known since he'd Bonded with Blair, perhaps it was some odd phase of the Moon. He just knew that this baby was important to him almost from the moment he'd become aware of her existence, her little heart beating soothingly alongside her mother's.

Fortunately, both Elliot and Olivia were pleased rather than distracted or upset by his interest. His assurances, backed (and fronted for that matter) by Li Po, the Family midwife, and by both Family doctors, Nathan and Dan, were all quite welcomed by the nervous young Spouses. There had been a lot of upheaval in their lives, with the fiasco of their first Family's breakup at the Fair, and then their-admittedly fortuitous-Joining Simon's, and then, of course, the move and set-up of the new Family home and business.

When Sophia was born, Jim was right outside the door, hovering protectively. At Blair's insistence, he had dialed down scent and hearing, but not all the way. He felt an overwhelming need to monitor that wouldn't allow him to let go completely. After Li Po and both new parents, and even before Dan or Nathan or Kim (in the role of nurse), Jim was the first to hold her. Blair put a gentle finger to her soft little cheek, and, just like that, Jim's protectiveness and interest was made clear. Sophia was a Guide.

The birth of the Family's first child would have been cause for celebration in any event. This just made things even more exciting. While Guides could be, and were, discovered at any age, it was most often between the ages of eight and thirteen. The whole Family was looking forward to a rare glimpse of how a Guide developed from such a young age. Blair, who had been discovered so late, was especially fascinated. He decided to wait a few weeks while Elliot and Olivia and Sophia settled and then he'd ask the new parents and Simon, as Head, for permission to write to the Guild House for information and inspiration.

While Nettie, as Family Nanny, showed the baby to her adoring extended Family, Simon made some plans. He had decided to gloat.