Author's Notes: Snippet from a Series of stories about a Sentinel and Guide Pair in a world that accepts them and celebrates them as Partners. Warnings: AU, Xover, Not Too Angsty… Disclaimers: As before, not mine. Just borrowed.

Relatives Series Story Six: Thirty Four

By Jayed (aka Jaye Daver)

EMAIL: Jayed

They were actually leaving the Fair, packing up three days early, happy with their various choices and anxious to head to their new Home and settle in. Simon had originally planned for a family of thirty members, but was pleased with his thirty three. The unplanned included Megan with her Search dogs and a second pair of nurse-paramedics, John and Roy, to work with the earlier set, Kim and Alex. Yes, thirty three was a good number. Plus, of course, the five children, his own Daryl included.

Ezra saw her as he was settling his guitar safely in with some of the other cargo in the back of the SUV he was traveling in with his "brothers." It was the same vehicle they'd been gifted by their previous Head when they left the Denver Corp. The others, used to his fussing, had left him in charge of packing. They were used to his uncanny ability to put more into a space than physics deemed possible.

She was, quite possibly, most probably, oh yes definitely, the loveliest woman he'd ever seen. Her blue-black hair, braided with scarlet ribbons, flowed to the back of her knees, her skin was pale and flawless, and her brown eyes were large and searching. As he stared, she turned and looked back, a tentative smile appearing before she shyly half-turned her face away. In later years, when trying to explain the moment he first spoke to their mother, he could never really remember anything. He only remembered that he had to speak to her, to meet her, to hear her speak to him.

Simon, his Leadership skills always keeping him vigilant, followed Ezra discretely, amused and curious. He took a discreet look at the woman's clothing, noting the lack of Family signs. Her badge was Orange, and her skills were midwifery and something he was at first not too sure about. He turned to find Serena, his Forensic Specialist, at his shoulder, and she whispered to him that the unknown woman's second skill was lab technician.

Serena looked almost as interested in the young woman as Ezra did. She as well as Dan and Nathan, the Family's Physicians, could use a trained lab technician. They'd expected to have to train one of the nurses to do some of that work. Simon shared a quiet smirk with Serena, realizing that he would be most likely have been making an offer even if her skills had been botany or sword-swallowing. He could see it in Ezra's whole demeanor and in that of the woman across the clearing.

Thirty four. A good number.