Disclaimer: Just borrowed, briefly Warning/Notes: AU. Sentinel-Guide "Bond" Story. Sequel/Series: This is the follow-up to "Heard," itself a follow-up to "Whispered"

Whispered 3: Destiny

By Jayed

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Ironically, although he was-and had been since his senses came online-waiting for a Guide, the Sentinel had not been meeting the buses that day with the thought of meeting a Guide in mind. He had actually been waiting for the arrival of a snitch with word about a suspected drug deal. The snitch had been quite late, and he had been about to give up and go home.

Lost in thought, he'd been trying to decide his next move. He could try to set up another meeting, or he could just write this one off as no-show/no-help. Of course, the latter put him back at square one on the drug deal. Then, as yet another bus pulled slowly in, he heard it. Other Sentinels had explained the heartbeat phenomenon to him, but he hadn't really understood it. Now, he it was clear. His senses came so sharply under control that he could suddenly focus on one bus, and he was able to push the unpleasant smells of the station aside in favor of a subtle herbal shampoo, a slight tang of sweat and fatigue, and the most wonderful unique scent he'd ever encountered. His Guide was on that bus.

A few people climbed off the bus as he watched intently. A young African-American woman with two small children, a pair of elderly Hispanic men, and, then, a young man with curly hair and an expectant look. Striding confidently forward, he approached, and spoke, "Sentinel? I hope you were waiting for me."

The most amazing sound caressed his ears and echoed through his heart, his mind, and, even, it seemed, his skin. He felt the smile growing on his face and heard soft contented sighs rolling through the station as he answered, happily, positively, possessively, "Yes, I've been waiting for you."

The young man laughed delightedly, a sound that the Sentinel knew he would come to love. "Cool, man. It looks like I chose the right day to come back to Cascade." Stepping forward confidently, he accepted the Sentinel's embrace, resting his head beneath the taller man's chin, and sighing contently into his chest.

A wave of excited applause startled them a moment later as the crowd at the bus station reacted to the happy feeling in the very air. Bonding happened when and where it would, and the people in the bus station were basking in the extended happiness in the Guide's last unbonded words and the reflection of the happiness of the then newly Bonded Pair. Well wishes followed them through the lobby and out into the sunshine on the parking lot side of the station.

Without having to think about it, the Guide climbed into the cab of the blue and white truck as the Sentinel held open the passenger door. His bags were placed carefully in the truckbed, and the two drove away toward, well, destiny.