KinkBingo Ficlets

By Hawk



Title: Tell Me…

Kink/ prompt: sensation play

"N-not fair!" he gasped as the maddeningly light touch ran up his side, over stretched ribs.

"Tell me."

The voice was low and rough with passion and Blair gasped. "D-don't -"

"Tell me."

"F-feather," Blair gasped, licking his lips. He turned his head then, the blindfold serving to keep him from seeing, but his ears picking up faint sounds of Jim moving around him. "T-tickles."

A low chuckle sounded off to his right and he turned toward the sound, Jim's presence grounding him in the darkness. He pulled on the cuffs binding his arms over his head, the leather biting into his skin and making him moan.

"Tell me," Jim prodded again.

Blair felt a light touch run up over his hip and he sighed, trying to think about what items had been laid out on the bed when Jim had bound him in place. "M-mitt," he stammered as the fur mitt was rubbed over his chest and then down over his tense abs. His hips thrust upward uncontrollably as Jim wrapped the fur around his aching shaft and pumped him once - twice. Blair mewled when Jim pulled away and almost begged for more - almost - biting back the words at the last possible second.

When Jim had set down the rules he'd specifically told Blair that the minute he begged (for it to stop or for more), they were done. He'd also said that Blair couldn't take what Jim endured every time Blair decided to run his infernal tests. The gauntlet thrown, Blair couldn't just walk away - not even when Jim had told him to strip. He'd not said a word when Jim had cuffed him to the guide-wires that served as the headboard for their bed. And, even if his heart had skipped a beat when Jim had fastened the blindfold around his head, he'd only nodded when Jim asked if he was okay.

"Tell me," Jim said again, this time with his mouth right next to Blair's ear as he whispered the words.

"D-dish scrubber!" Blair hissed from between clenched teeth as Jim rubbed the scrubber over his sensitized nipples.

"Ahh!" Blair squealed as Jim ran a toothpick up the sole of his foot, scratching it sharply. "Toothpick! St-" He tugged on the ropes binding his ankles to the foot of the bed, grunting when there was little play.

"Had enough, Blair?" Jim asked and Blair could swear he could hear the smug smile in his voice.

Blair shook his head stubbornly, hearing Jim's chuckle almost immediately. He tensed when Jim's hand left his ankle and turned his head again, listening for some indication of what item Jim would use on him next. Blair screamed when warm moisture hit his balls. "Tongue!" he grit out as he pressed his heels into the bed and thrust hip hips into the air. Jim's strong fingers pressed into his skin at his hips, holding him down as his cock was engulfed in the inferno of Jim's mouth. "M-mouth!" he gasped as Jim increased the suction.

Suddenly Jim pulled off, Blair's cock slipping free from his mouth with an almost audible pop and Blair cried out wordlessly, biting back the 'no!' that was on the tip of his tongue. His cock slapped wetly against his stomach, pre-come leaving a sticky trail on his skin.

Blair screamed when something rough scratched over his balls and he instinctively tried to pull away from the sensation. That same something scratched up the length of his cock and he twisted his hips away from the pain. "Ahh!" he breathed.

"Too much?" Jim asked suddenly, hip lips brushing the edge of Blair's ear.

Blair shook his head, panting for breath.

Jim chuckled. "Tell me," he demanded.

"D-don't know!" Blair gasped as the scratch moved to his chest, scraping across one nipple before brushing over his abs.

"Tell me," Jim said again as he moved the object in long, light strokes up Blair's ribs.

And then, suddenly, Blair knew. "Back scratcher!" He nearly sobbed as the offending object was pulled away and he sank back against the bed with relief.

Cold wet pressed against his ass and he pushed back. "F-fingers," he gasped as Jim slipped his digits into Blair's channel, pumping and twisting them inside of him.

"Mmm, good Blair," Jim murmured. "And now?" he asked, pulling his fingers from Blair's ass and slamming his hips forward, filling Blair's channel again.

"Fuck!" Blair screamed.

Jim chuckled.


Title: Please

Kink/ prompt: teasing

Was it the hair? Jim never could seem to keep his hands from tangling in the long curls. And now, here he was, pressed up against the wall with Jim's hands wrist-deep in his hair again. Those long fingers wrapped in the strands and pulled sharply, tugging Blair's head back and wrenching a groan from between his lips.

The groan deepened when Jim began to pull the hair into a tight pony tail, tugging it high on the back of Blair's head. His naked back rubbed against the rough brick as Jim pulled his hair tight, his bare feet scrabbling for purchase on the slick wood floor as he was forced up onto his toes. As he watched, Jim reached into his back pocket and pulled out a length of rope. This time Blair closed his eyes and swallowed heavily. The rope was white and well worn - soft with repeated use - and, even before Jim brought it to his lips for him to kiss, he could feel it against his skin, his nerve endings remembering the last time they'd use it, and a shiver ran through him. The rope was wrapped around the hank of hair, once, twice, and then Jim folded the ponytail in half and wrapped the rope again. When Jim let go of Blair's hair, the rope held, pulling and tugging as Jim stretched his arm up, wrapping the rope around a hook set up high in the bricks, pulling Blair's head up so his darkening eyes met Jim's, not able to look away from the hunger there.

Blair's arms itched to reach up to touch the rope, to trace the loops that wound through his hair. But Jim didn't like him to touch and he'd learned to keep his hands fisted at the small of his back until Jim took that choice from him as well. As Blair struggled with the need to move, Jim turned him, his hands at Blair's hips. Nose pressed to the bricks in front of him, Blair felt Jim's hands map his body as he began to cocoon him in yet another soft length of rope.

He started with the rope folded in half, the center placed over Blair's heart, weaving the rope into a tight diamond patterned harness over his torso, securing his hands at the small of his back. Just when Blair thought Jim would force his legs together he, instead, pushed them further apart, forcing Blair up onto his toes as the ropes wound through his hair pulled on his neck and head. A soft gasp escaped his lips as Jim's slick fingers probed at his asshole and then he groaned softly when one long finger breached him, entering him slowly and steadily despite his attempts to push back on the digit.

"J-Jim," he gasped. "P-please."

A soft bite on his shoulder startled him. "No talking, Blair. Understand?"

Blair nodded as much as he was able, wincing as the movement pulled on his hair.

"Good boy," Jim whispered in his ear as he wrapped one strong hand around Blair's aching cock.

Blair bit his lip as Jim began pumping his cock. He knew that, with Jim's heightened senses, Jim was able to keep him teetering on the edge forever - letting him almost hit the pinnacle before backing off and denying Blair the orgasm he so desperately wanted and needed.

Just when Blair had decided Jim was going to fist him until he was begging incoherently, he felt a sharp tug on his balls and a tightness around the base of his cock and he gasped, pumping his hips once before he stilled with the feeling of Jim's hand slapping his ass.

"No moving," Jim reminded him with another little slap before turning his round to face him again.

Blair stared as Jim picked a small box up off the low table to Jim's right. Jim then knelt in front of him and Blair lost sight of him since he couldn't move his head down. He hissed his breath in between clenched teeth as Jim tugged on his balls again and then he felt something tighten around them.

"Cock ring and ball stretcher," Jim said easily and he got to his feet. He stepped up to Blair, close enough that Blair had to tip his head upwards slightly to see Jim's eyes… and lips.

Jim's fingers pinched Blair's nipples next, making Blair pull back slightly as he twisted and pinched them. A small whimper sounded as Blair closed his eyes. And then shooting pains stabbed his chest and he gasped, opening his eyes to see Jim smiling down at him.

"You like?" he whispered against Blair's lips and Blair moaned as Jim thrust his tongue into his mouth.

"Y-yes," he gasped when Jim finally let him breathe again.

"Good," Jim drawled as he slid a crown over the head of Blair's cock and then ran a chain from the crown to the middle of the chain connecting the nipple clamps on Blair's chest.

Blair cried out as the weight of his hungry cock pulled on his aching nipples and Jim ground his fully clothed body against Blair's naked one.

"Safe word, Chief?"

"M-Machu Picchu," he gasped as Jim's finger found purchase in his ass again.

Jim kissed him once more before turning him to face the brick wall again. Sooner than Blair could voice a protest, Jim's fingers were teasing him once again, sipping into his asshole and then pulling back out again. And, just when he thought he couldn't take any more - he got it - more, in spades. Jim began to fuck him slowly with one of their moderate sized dildos, slipping it into Blair and pulling it out with exquisite slowness, pressing against his prostate just long enough to send sparks of white hot desire shooting through his body before retreating maddeningly slow.

"J-Jim, please," Blair gasped as Jim pressed the toy against his prostate again and held it there, turning it slowly.

"Please what, Blair?" Jim asked, his lips hovering at the rim of Blair's ear.

"P-please may I come?" Blair whimpered.

Jim chuckled and pressed against Blair, pushing him forward against the rough brick of the wall, abrading his nipples and cock. Blair sobbed as Jim backed away again.

"Come whenever you like, lover," Jim said nastily as he began to fuck Blair with the toy again.

Blair sobbed and writhed as Jim played with him, teasing him to the brink and then backing off, time and time again. Sweat ran down his neck and Jim leaned in, licking a path up from his shoulder to his ear, tasting him.

"You taste so good," Jim growled as he pulled the toy from Blair's body and replaced it with his slicked cock.

Blair gasped as Jim set a punishing pace, raking his cock over Blair's hot spot over and over again as Blair danced and writhed to his rhythm.

A litany of soft curses and pleas fell from Blair's lips as Jim fucked him and then, finally, when he was on the verge of giving up and using his safe word, Jim's strong fingers released the cock ring. He convulsed in Jim's arms, his seed spraying up his stomach.

Blair sagged in Jim's arms, the ropes in his hair, pulling and making him whimper. He vaguely heard Jim talking to him, telling him what he was doing, but Blair couldn't focus on the words, instead he sighed as Jim unwound the rope from the hook high on the wall, removing the tension on his neck. He felt strong arms scoop him up and he relaxed into Jim's embrace, murmuring in distress as Jim set him down on something soft. And then Jim's hands were unwinding the soft ropes from around his body and hair and he sighed in contentment as Jim wiped him down with a warm, wet cloth before pulling the sheet on their bed up to cover his nakedness and crawling into the bed beside him. After turning into Jim's warmth, he let himself drift off, content that Jim would take care of him - always.


Title: Testing…

Prompt: Temperature play

"Please," he gasped as he raised his hips toward the maddeningly light touch that barely ghosted over his naked flesh.

He was bound tightly, his wrists encased in padded leather cuffs ("Nothing is going to chafe my lover's sensitive skin.") and stretched to the corners of the bed, the long ties running to the guide wires that served as the headboard of the bed - pulled tautly, his shoulders stretched but not protesting. His ankles were, likewise, bound, the soft leather caressing his flesh and the ties stretching his legs to the corners of the mattress, the straps having been run over the sides of the mattress and tied to the frame of the bed.

This wasn't a new position for him to be in. In fact, his lover seemed to like this one and used it often in their play. But today was different. Today he was blindfolded, the artificial darkness giving their session a new level of intensity that he found both exhilarating and a little frightening. Giving up control to his lover was easy, but this took his trust to a whole new level - one he hadn't had to consider before - and he found it slightly daunting.

The sharp smell of sulfur suddenly filled the air and he tensed. Something rattled off to his left and he turned his head in that direction, automatically seeking the source of the sound. He wanted to call out, but he'd been asked to stay quiet - to relax of all things - and he so wanted to be good so he held his tongue and waited, listening to the sounds around him.

The edge of the bed dipped and he waited, tensing slightly in anticipation. It was a test - just a test. He could get through it. The problem was - he wasn't used to being on this end of things. He stifled a snort of amusement. He was usually the one administering the sensory tests, not waiting to see what the test was and how it would affect him. But Jim said he'd had enough of the tests Blair ran on his senses. They'd argued a little - and Jim had taunted Blair. Jim had told him he didn't think Blair could handle being tested in the manner Blair tested him at every turn. Blair, in a fit of temper, had disagreed.

And now here he was, tied to the bed waiting for Jim to begin the 'test'. Suddenly Jim put his hand on Blair's thigh, making Blair startle and try to pull away.

"Shh, Chief. It's just me."

The sound of Jim's voice calmed Blair immediately and he blushed as he realized that he'd overreacted at the light touch. It's just that everything seemed so much… bigger, louder, heavier, more acute. His senses were turned to 'high'. Somehow he thought that maybe he knew just the tiniest bit of what Jim put up with on a daily basis.

"You ready?" Jim asked softly, as if aware that Blair's hearing would be more acute without his sight interfering.

Blair nodded hesitantly and Jim's hand began to rub small circles on his thigh.

"You don't have to fear this, Blair. I'm going to make it so good for you."

"I -" Blair licked his dry lips. "I know, Jim. I trust you." And, in that instant, he was positive that he did. When that knowledge hit him, he relaxed into his bonds and waited, knowing that his lover - his Jim, wouldn't let anything harm him.

And then Jim shifted on the bed and Blair thought he was leaning away from him. When Jim's weight shifted again, Blair tensed.

"Relax Blair. I'm not going to do anything to you that will harm you."

And, suddenly, Blair was even more worried about this 'test' Jim had devised. But he had no time to worry for, suddenly, Jim's hands were stroking him, running lightly over his skin from the tops of his feet, up over his legs, hips, torso, shoulders, neck and, finally into his hair, his fingers threading through his unruly curls. The small tugs on his hair told him that Jim was fanning his curls out to lie on the pillow.

As Blair squirmed under Jim's hands, pulled away again, leaving Blair panting and aroused. "Jim?" he said softly.

"I'm here, Blair. Are you ready?"

Blair nodded and heard Jim chuckle.

"Then tell me," Jim said. And, suddenly Blair felt a drop of something wet hit his left nipple. "Hot or cold?" Jim asked.

Blair thought. It wasn't really either, but Blair supposed it was more warm than cool so he said, "Hot."

"Very good," Jim murmured. "Keep going."

And then Blair felt something cold and hard press against his right nipple and he arched off the bed, gasping, "Cold!"

Again, Jim chuckled. Seemingly immediately Blair felt the exact sensation press against his left hip. "Cold!" he gasped, twisting away from the freezing touch.

Something hot splashed against his left nipple, the heat seeping into his flesh. "Hot!" he cried. The heat dulled, becoming a dull thrum against his skin and, as he twisted against the cool sheets, he could feel something pull against his skin. Jim was using a candle. The smell of sulfur before had been a match. He didn't have time to ruminate about it, however, as the cold sensation landed just beside the heat and he cried out, "Cold!"

Cold hit him again, this time on his upper abdomen. The cold was followed by two splashes of the hot wax and Blair's sense of touch was reeling. Another drop of hot wax on his left nipple had him whimpering before he called out, "Hot!" The layers of wax kept the heat in, building more and more with each layer. That, coupled with the fact that the cold sensation (Blair assumed Jim was using ice cubes) was alternating locations quickly, but always came back to is right nipple and it felt frozen, the cold building as much as the heat was in the other.

Another splash of heat hit his midsection, just above his groin and Blair groaned. "Hot," he gasped as another hit right on top of the first. And then another splash his next to that one but it was different. It took him a few seconds to process that the latest sensation was 'cold' and he called it out, hearing Jim chuckle again.

"Not so easy, is it, Chief?" Jim said, his lips next to Blair's ear.

Blair bit his lip, trying to hold back the groan that threatened to escape.

"Again," was his only warning before another splash of the hot wax hit his stomach, right on top of the last, making him gasp as the heat seeped into his skin.

"H-hot," he said brokenly just as Jim pressed the ice against his stomach. "Cold!"

This went on for a few more minutes, Jim moving the sensations around and trying to confuse him. After a while he found it was difficult to discern the hot from the cold, the stimuli were changing so quickly. The first time he guessed incorrectly, Jim chuckled and continued. The second missed guess elicited a low growl and a second application of the hot wax to the same spot, making Blair groan as the heat seeped into his hip.

Blair bucked up and screamed as Jim pressed an ice cube to his perineum, holding it there while he dripped hot wax onto his unprotected balls. His orgasm ripped through him then, shocking him with its intensity and making him gray out for a long minute. When he became aware again, he realized his blindfold had been removed and Jim was wiping him down.

He watched as Jim gently peeled the wax from his skin and then wiped him off with a fresh, warm cloth. Jim then sat beside him on the bed again and looked down at him.

"Not as easy as it looks, is it, Chief?" he said after a minute.

Blair blinked sleepily up at Jim and shook his head. He watched as Jim smiled and then bent down for a long, lingering kiss before sitting back once again, his fingers running lazily over Blair's skin.

"Jim?" Blair asked after a minute.

Jim met his gaze. "What is it?"

"You going to untie me?"

"Wasn't planning on it, Chief."


Title: Penmanship

Prompt: Writing on the Body

Blair lay on the bed, blissed out from the latest round of sex with his sentinel. He was lying on his front, his arms and legs akimbo. As he breathed in, he could smell his sentinel so he knew his head was currently on Jim's pillow and, as Jim wasn't yelling at him to move, he figured he was downstairs someplace. He took a moment to wonder just how the older man could hop up and out of bed so quickly after what had so recently passed between them. Even if he was in better shape, his age alone should have made him lay in bed for at least a few minutes basking in the afterglow.

But - Blair flinched and pulled his arms in to push himself up off the bed - what if there was no afterglow for Jim? He pressed his face into the pillow for a moment, trying to gather the strength to get out of bed, pushing up onto his hands for a brief minute before falling back to the bed again with a soft groan.

A low chuckle alerted him to his lover's presence and he turned his head toward the sound. The sight of his lover standing naked beside the bed made him smile and he started to roll over when a hand on his back stopped him.

"Don't move," Jim said softly as he climbed up on the bed.

Blair groaned. "Oh, Jim - I don't think I'm up for another round right now."

Jim chuckled again and smacked his ass lightly, making Blair gasp.

"I'm afraid that isn't going to do it either, Jim," Blair said saucily. "I'm done in. I think you broke me."

Jim snorted and straddled Blair, kneeling up enough so he wasn't putting his full weight on Blair's legs.

"Lay still," Jim said as Blair heard a soft snap.

Blair sighed as Jim's slick hands began to knead the flesh of his back, at first lightly and then with more force as he worked the knots out of Blair's aching muscles.

"Oh God, Jim - that feels wonderful," Blair murmured. He groaned softly as Jim's strong fingers worked on a particularly tender spot.

Jim continued to work, lightening his motions as Blair relaxed under his touch. Pretty soon Blair felt the lightest of touches on his back and he squirmed.

"Jim? What--?" Blair tried to twist around to see what Jim was doing but Jim slapped his ass lightly again.

"Lie still," Jim said softly.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Blair gasped as Jim's finger ghosted over a rib. The heavy massage had left his skin sensitized and now, the light touches were driving him mad.

"Practicing," Jim replied slowly as his finger slowly traced across Blair's skin, spiraling at first then moving in a straight line before Jim moved it to another nearby spot on Blair's back and started it all over again. The lines were never the same, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, sometimes wiggly, sometimes not.

"P-practicing what?" Blair asked as Jim hit a particularly sensitive spot.

"Well, you know how you're always telling me that I have atrocious handwriting…"

"Yes," Blair said, wondering what that had to do with anything.

"I'm practicing my penmanship, Chief."

Blair stifled a giggle. "On my back?"

"Uh huh," Jim said distractedly.

"In massage oil?" he asked, looking over one shoulder. Jim was grinning at him.

"What better to write on you with, Chief?" Jim asked mischievously. "Now - tell me what I'm writing."

Blair lay down again and closed his eyes. He could feel Jim's finger tracing an incomprehensible pattern over his skin. Rolling his head against the pillow, he sighed. "I don't know," he said softly.

"Relax, Blair - and don't think about anything but this. Just feel me," Jim said as he continued.

Suddenly Blair realized that there was a pattern to Jim's tracings. Once he realized that, it was easier to let everything but the feel of Jim's finger moving on his skin drop away. A loop, then the finger moved. Another tall loop, a small loop, a wiggle and an open loop, before the finger moved again. A wiggle, a low loop, another rounder loop and another wavy line before the pattern began all over again.

As he relaxed into the softness of the comforter under his body, he let his mind drift. Loops - wavy lines - loops - wiggles - wavy lines - Suddenly he got it and he smiled into the pillow.

"I love you too, Jim," he said. A yawn overtook him then as he felt Jim lean forward and place a light kiss between his shoulder blades.