Unintentional Invitation

By Hawk


Rating: R - for sexual situations

Summary: Challenge fic - - "Do you want to be my sex slave?"


"Do you want to be my sex slave?" Blair said this in his most sexy voice. Then he took a bite of his cereal and chuckled. "Can you believe that line, Jim?" When his partner didn't answer him he looked up at him. "Jim?" // Vacant stare, thin line of sweat over his upper lip, shallow breathing… // "Damn! Jim?" // He zoned! But on what? // Blair put his book down, jumped up and hurried around the table. He touched the side of Jim's face, rubbing gently. "Jim… Hey, man. Come on back to me. Jim, follow my voice."

Blair continued talking as he caressed Jim's face and arms, calling him back from his zone. Jim blinked once and Blair sighed, dropping his head. "Thank God. Jim? Are you okay, man?"


"Yeah Jim. What the hell happened?"



Jim blushed and looked away from Blair.

"Were you listening to me when I read aloud from my book?"

Jim cleared his throat and pushed up from the table.

Blair stood his ground. "Jim. Talk to me. Were you listening to me?"

When Blair used that tone of voice Jim was unable to resist. He called it his guide voice and Jim couldn't not listen to that voice. It spoke to him on some primitive level, one he couldn't ignore.

"Yes. I was listening to you."

"And I said what?"

Jim cleared his throat nervously before saying, "Do you want to be my sex slave."

"And that's what made you zone… How interesting." Blair turned and walked away leaving Jim staring after him.

After a minute Jim cleared the table and did the dishes. As he was finishing up Blair called to him from the living room. "Jim? Come here a minute."

Jim put the towel he was holding down on the counter. Blair was sitting on the sofa. He had pushed the coffee table back out of the way so there was an open space in front of him. There was a pillow on the floor at his feet.

"What is it, Chief?"

"I need to ask you a question."

Jim swallowed heavily. "Okay."

Blair looked up at Jim. "Are you a bottom, Jim?"

Jim opened his mouth… then he closed it again.

Blair watched as a blush crept over his neck and face. He waited, doing nothing more than staring up at Jim. After a couple of minutes he asked. "Do you want to be my sex slave, Jim?"


Blair smiled seductively. "You know, I've had certain fantasies about this. You, on your knees." He reached down and cupped his balls through his jeans. He watched Jim's eyes follow his hands and smiled. "I want you Jim. I want you on your knees for me. I want to fuck you until you scream my name."

Jim gulped and clenched his fists at his sides. He turned on his heel.

"Have you ever played before, Jim? Ever had a Master?"

He turned back. Blair was playing with his nipples now and Jim found he couldn't look away.

"Have you, Jim?"

Jim nodded and looked at the floor.

"Do you have any toys?"

Again Jim nodded. Blair smiled.

"Bring them to me."

Jim looked up quickly, not believing his ears.


Jim turned and walked slowly up the stairs. He pulled a battered duffel out of his closet and walked back down to the living room… and Blair.

Blair sat on the couch where Jim had left him but now there was a navy blue gym bag sitting on the floor next to him. He saw Jim look at the bag but ignored the look. Instead he held out his hand for the bag Jim was carrying. Jim handed the bag over and let his hands drop to his sides. Blair took the bag and set it on the couch next to him. Then he motioned for Jim to stand in front of him.

Jim moved slowly to stand in front of Blair. He looked down and nearly gasped at the desire shining from his guide's eyes. He lifted his eyes once again and looked over Blair's head, where he couldn't see his eyes - - eyes that pulled him into their depths where he just might lose himself forever.

Blair smiled a little then cleared his throat. "Jim. Look at me." Jim swallowed but didn't lower his eyes. "Now, Jim."

Jim lowered his eyes to Blair's, letting his guide in behind his defenses. He knew once that happened there would be no going back. Were they really ready for this?

Blair looked at Jim sternly. "On your knees - - now."

It was the "guide" voice again and Jim found himself dropping to his knees on the pillow almost before he knew what he was doing.

"Very nice, Jim. Responsive."

Jim felt his guide's hand on his face and looked up into Blair's eyes. He felt himself drowning in the love radiating from those eyes and knew he was lost. He sighed softly and Blair smiled at the sound.

"I want to see you, Jim. Open your shirt for me."

Jim's fingers were shaking as he undid the buttons holding his shirt closed. He pulled the tail of his shirt free from the waistband of his jeans as he finished unbuttoning it. He groaned softly as Blair ran his hands over his now naked chest and gasped as he tweaked his nipples into small, aching peaks. His eyes closed as waves of desire for his guide washed over him.

"Stay with me, Jim. Open your eyes and look at me." Blair smiled as Jim opened his eyes. His pupils were black with his arousal. "Good. I want to see more now. Unbutton your jeans, Jim."

Jim's fingers moved of their own accord to the button on his jeans. He stared at Blair as he opened the button.

"Now unzip them and pull out that lovely cock of yours."

Jim slowly unzipped his pants and reached a hand into the opening. He grasped his aching cock and slipped it free of its confinement.

"Very nice…"

The whispered words sent a jolt to his already aching cock and it jumped slightly.

"Now lace your fingers behind your neck."

Blair smiled as Jim moved his hands to the position he commanded. Yes, he liked having his sentinel on his knees in front of him, ready to do anything he asked. Blair picked up Jim's "toy" bag and set it on his knees. He opened the bag and looked inside. He watched Jim out of the corner of his eye as he rummaged through the bag on his lap. He lifted out a leather collar and held it up.

"Does this have any special meaning for you?"

"No. I… it was just for clubbing… when I thought I could find something in that scene. It didn't work out."

Blair smiled and set the collar aside. He pulled a couple of things out of the bag then replaced the collar in it. He zipped up the bag and held it out to Jim. "Dispose of this."

Jim stood and took the bag from Blair.

"And then come back to me… naked."

Jim blushed and turned away.

When Jim returned to the living room Blair had replaced the small pillow in front of him with a longer one. He dropped to his knees once again and laced his fingers behind his head.

"Good. I like you like that. Now move your knees further apart."

Jim blushed but opened himself to his guide.

"Sit up tall, Jim. Look at me."

Blair looked like a vision to Jim. He glowed with his newfound power and his desire radiated off him in waves. Jim breathed deeply of the scent of his guide's arousal.

Blair rummaged in his bag and pulled out a two-inch wide strip of leather. He held it up in front of Jim's face. "Smell." He smiled as Jim scented the leather. "This will do until we can go shopping together."

Jim sighed as the leather collar was fastened around his throat. The feel of the leather against his throat was comforting. He felt safe… and it had been so long.

"Want to tell me about it?"

"I don't understand."

"Your last Master."

"Oh." Jim shifted slightly, easing the ache that was starting in his knees. "I… it was just one… and it was a very long time ago. It doesn't matter any more, Blair."

"Okay. I'll let it go for now but one of these days you will tell me that story, Jim. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

Blair smiled and pulled Jim close for a kiss. He didn't let him go until they were both breathing heavily.

"Did you like that, Jim?"

"Yes Blair." Jim blushed again.

Blair suddenly stood in front of Jim. "Let's take this upstairs, Jim."

Jim stood and looked down at his guide… his soon to be lover. His cock jumped at the thought.

"Oh yeah… I like that, big guy. Your cock is so gorgeous. You go first. I want to watch your ass as you climb the stairs."

Jim blushed and turned away. He walked slowly, afraid if he gave in to his eagerness he would break into a run and make Blair angry.

"You're so beautiful, Jim."

The whisper was sentinel-soft and it made Jim blush again.

"And I like the color your blush brings to your cheeks, big guy."

Jim groaned aloud. Blair laughed and followed him up the stairs, watching the flex of his ass muscles and occasionally catching a glimpse of that gorgeous cock dangling between his legs.

"Oh yeah… this is mine… all mine."


"Jim! C'mon, man. Just 'cause it's Saturday doesn't mean you can just sleep the day away. I made breakfast!"

Jim rolled over, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was still highly aroused even though from the looks of his sheets he'd gotten off more than once last night.

Jim finally staggered to his feet and stumbled downstairs to the bathroom. He took a quick shower to wash away the smell of cum and headed for the kitchen.

"Mmm… smells good, Chief."

"Sit down, man. It's getting cold."

Jim smiled at his partner. He had his nose buried in a book as usual. Jim poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at the table across from Blair. He had just begun eating when Blair said…

"Do you want to be my sex slave?" He chuckled. "Can you believe that line, Jim? Jim?"