Notes: This could be replaced by a longer story one day; for now, it's 500 words. Be warned: There's a non-consensual scene in this, but - hopefully - worded carefully.


By Demeter

EMAIL: Demeter

"You don't want to kill him." Even though I can see he's shaking, Blair's voice is eerily calm. It's the voice I know well, the 'Guide' voice, the tone that always gets to me and used to make my toes curl on occasion, but it's like a gut punch to hear him using it now. On *him*.

I'm straining to see more; the pain is limiting my capacity to move, and it's making my vision blur. The smears on his face... this other Sentinel uses natural colors for his rituals, and part of them is blood. I can smell it.


I hate the look of determination on his face, knowing he'd do whatever it takes to keep me alive, if only a while longer. There's no saying if the cavalry arrives in time to get us out of his clutches, out of this primal showdown I've lost already. "No," I want to say. "It's not worth it." Meaning, *I'm not worth it.* Not this.

The distraction worked. "It's me you want, right? Your Guide." I'm going to be sick. I can't stand this. Blair stays very still though, as the monster begins to sniffle him. Then lick his face.


The surge of outrage almost drowns out the pain for a moment, hot and heady. Seeing red. In the distance, I can hear footsteps arriving, anxious voices taking, wondering if it might be too late. It is, I think bitterly.

"Yours," Blair says, still calm even though his body language tells me otherwise. I don't want to hear or see any of this, knowing that he's buying time, for me, because the creep was so close to letting him go. He wanted me dead, the enemy; still wants it, I guess, but his mind is elsewhere now.

Blair cries out.


"Mine," the man agrees, his smile a feral grimace. Blair doesn't flinch, staring right back at him. "Yes," he whispers, the look in his eyes making my blood run cold. Hopeless.

The Sentinel looks at me disgustedly, picking up the hammer that's been sitting on the table all the time. Another sacrifice made in vain.

"No. Leave him. Damn it, I will not come with you if you--" Blair's voice rises to a shrill, desperate height as the door is kicked open. A shot rings out, then another, and I'm coated in warm wetness all of a sudden. Then - black.


His face is clean, his clothes orderly as he comes to visit me at the hospital. It's been almost a week since... There are always other visitors around, making it impossible for me to approach the subject.

Blair even gives me that standard joke about meeting nurses, but underneath it all I can easily see that this encounter with another evil Sentinel has left its traces; I see it in the paleness of his face, the slight tremor to his hands.

It makes me wish the monster would have killed me rather than trade my life for my Guide's body.