Note: This was meant to be the introduction to a longer stories I might, or might write someday... I guess until then, it can stand alone as a snippet. As always, Annie and Xasphie did the beta - thank you, ladies!

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By Demeter

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I don't really know why I've come down to the city, and to this cafe. It doesn't make any sense; the chatter of the people around me is annoyingly loud, opposed to the blessed silence I've found in the Cascade mountains, and this Latte standing in front of me tastes of whatever they've used in the dishwasher. Disgusting; I should go back, right now.

The clothes on my skin feel scratchy and uncomfortable, the sun is so bright it hurts my eyes. I feel the sting of tears. The doctors couldn't find anything. I'll never be free of this... curse? Whatever it is, if I don't get a handle on it soon, it'll cost me my job - not to mention, my sanity - for sure.


I sit up a little straighter in the booth. Before I let that happen, I'd rather pull the trigger on myself. That thought gives me a little comfort at least. Some control.

Which is gone in the next moment when all hell breaks loose.

Shots fired half a block away; it sounds like an explosion in my ears, my hand automatically going to my hip, but of course... no weapon. It's not my city, not my duty to interfere with whatever has happened, but a strange feeling is coming over me, as if my whole body's tingling with - anticipation? Apprehension? I can't tell, but I instantly know I've never felt anything like this.

I get up, as do some other occupants of the café, to find out what happened. There are sirens to be heard, or at least I hear them, can't be too sure about the other folks... when the squad cars and the ambulance are nearing the scene, I feel like my ears must be starting to bleed. It's so fucking loud, it hurts!

And then I see him, the man on the gurney, the one who's been shot. Must be a police operation, since the police are there so quickly. My sight informs me that the poor guy is in bad shape, it's easy to tell that from all the blood. He doesn't look like a cop with his long, curly hair, and terribly young at that... maybe working Narcotics. That would probably work.

I can see all this if I use my sight to the max, and at the moment, I'm intrigued, curious, I can't turn away, I'm even willing to risk the headache it's going to cost me for sure.

Something about that man on the gurney... calls to me.

There's somebody with him, talking softly, and this one has got 'cop' written all over him, probably ex-military. He's got the buzz cut and, from what I can determine from here, under the tight shirt and jeans, the muscles to prove it.

I really shouldn't invade their privacy like that, but... It's the two of them, something in their interaction that just doesn't let me be. So what, I think, and listen in.

"Hang on, Chief," he says, and I wonder about the nickname. "It's going to be alright."

If only that promise doesn't seem a bit premature. Impossibly, the other man manages to smile through his pain, for the sake of his partner. Yeah, that's what they've got to be, partners. We do feel for civilians, but I know that look, it's reserved for that one special person in your life. Which isn't your husband or lover, sorry about that.

I realize my vision is blurring which is not because of my freaky senses, but due to unexpected tears at the fate of strangers. //It's going to be alright.// God, I hope that so much. For them. For me.

I grab a tissue from my purse and wipe at my eyes, and when I can see clearly again, I'm in for the shock of my life. The taller guy who still hangs on to his injured friend's hand like a lifeline, is looking at me.

Yeah, you got that right.

He. Is. Looking. At. Me.

We are looking right into each other's eyes; his are full of suspicion, me, I'm simply confused. This isn't possible. Is it? I've been told by doctors, the one in Cascade being no exception (where I came for a vacation, but didn't find any peace of mind either) that what I have is an abnormality, that I'm a freak of nature.

But this man, a cop like me, he can do it, too.

He can see me from that distance.

It's only a brief moment, then he directs all his attention to his partner again, but it's something that can't be undone.

I am not alone.

I finally give in to the tears I've been holding back for too long.

My wish has come true.

The End