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NEW! Out of the Past



An Altered Life

Blair finds himself in a reality that's a definite setback to the one he's used to...

Upside Down

AU. Blair works as a consultant for the District Attorney Alex Barnes - unofficially, as a Guide to a Sentinel. Their newest case might just change this partnership forever.

Pieces of a Dream

Part One  Part Two



The Glass Ceiling

AU. Blair discovers the life he was leading was not quite real.

Cascadian Icons

In the sequel to 'Coincidence', the female Sentinel-cop and her Guide meet Jim and Blair.


Warning: Death story. Deals with assisted suicide; death of major characters.

Redemption Shadows Fall

When Jim is not around to rescue Blair from a dangerous situation, he doesn't cope very well...

True Luxury Then and Now

This is a prequel to 'Letters From Hades', set in the timeline between Sentinel Too and the beginning of 'LFH' shortly after TSbBS.

Letters From Hades

LFH deals with a very serious subject matter (Dissociative Identity Disorder, aka Multiple Personality Disorder), but it's also about the great strength that a human mind has under the worst of circumstances.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Out of the Past

Moonridge story for Della.

I tried to write a TS story '24'ish style.


One Wild Night

Jim and Blair go to a concert.

Dangerous Encounters

Crossover with '24'.


Kidnappers love Blair. Really.


Short little fic from Megan's POV. Check at the end if you need a spoiler warning... potentially disturbing subject, not graphic.


This could be replaced by a longer story one day; for now, it's 500 words. Be warned: There's a non-consensual scene in this, but - hopefully - worded carefully.


Blair's had about as much harrassment as he can take.

Telling Stories

On a camping trip, Jim and Blair share some childhood memories and learn something interesting...


Two Sentinels, attraction - but the past is in the way.

One Day In the Life...

There's a train accident near Cascade.

Cutting Ties

Becky's Moonridge 2007 story.



In Darkness

A short piece of introspection, Jim's POV, after 'TSbBS'.


Trading Secrets

A missing scene for Spare Parts. What happened before Blair comes home to find Jim and Naomi in bed together, literally?

The Wish

A missing scene for 'Blind Man's Bluff'. Jim makes an unexpected request.


Siege missing scene... at the end of the day.


Walking on Thin Ice

Cypher missing scene. The interrogation of Lash's father gives cause to disturbing conclusions.


Epilogue for Crossroads.

A Matter of Trust

Missing scene for True Crime.


Sen Too Missing Scene



Prisoner X Epilogue. Jim is back from Starkville, but one nightmare has followed him home.

From the Ashes

An alternative ending to 'Siege'. Please read the warning. Adult themes ahead.

Savin' Me

Inspired by the song 'Savin' Me' by Nickelback. I always thought it would make a great soundtrack for a Prisoner X story, but instead, this happened. Life after TSbBS isn't easy...

Past Pains

In this story, I played a bit with the fact that actor Dennis Christopher played both TS's David Lash and the archetypal serial killer Jack-of-all-trades in 'Profiler'. This is a crossover, but focusing on The Sentinel.

Naomi's Son

Co-written by L. A. Adolf.

Set Post TSbyBS with some parts from Naomi's PoV.




The Hunger

While Blair is struggling with a relapse of bulimia, the guys are assigned to a horrible case. How much more can their partnership take?


The Devil's Whisper

Sequel to 'The Hunger'. Blair goes away for therapy, but it's hard to find peace with all those questions left unanswered...

The End Series:

First arc of the series.   

The End  

When becoming Jim's official partner isn't an option any longer, Blair makes a lonely decision.        

He Ain't Heavy

The Morning After


The Comfort of Silence



The Language of Hope

The End Series:

Second arc of the series.



Time to Wonder

Don't Turn Around


The Rules of Love


Something Real