Introducing Jim and Blair of The Sentinel and Lindsay and Cindy of the Women's Murder Club. I'm sorry, I just had to do this. Thanks to Lyn & Xasphie for the beta!

Summary: What the title says. Jim and Blair are watching 'FBI Guy', 10/1 of WMC. Lindsay and Cindy are watching 'Cypher', 5/1 of TS. (and if you like cool cops, big friendship, creepy serial killers all in one ep, I recommend those). They are more real to me than they are to themselves *g*.

Oh, and by the way, we'll be given 3 more episodes of WMC this season. Which is great. Which doesn't mean we won't continue fighting for a second season.

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Watching TV

By Demeter

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Part One: Cascade, Washington, January 4, 2008

"What are you watching, Chief?"

Reaching for the beer that Jim held out to him, Blair missed by inches, as he was deeply engrossed in the TV program. So he also missed Jim's indulgent smile, but his expression was pleased, to just a little smug, when Jim took his hand and wrapped his fingers around the bottle. "There you go."

"Thanks." Blair scooted over to make room for Jim on the couch. "All the students are, like, so excited about it; it's said to be the coolest show of the year."

"So you had to watch it to stay on top in conversations with pretty co-eds, right?"

At that, Blair shot him a look of fond exasperation, and Jim chuckled. "Just had to check," he said with a shrug, taking a long swig of his beer and leaning back to watch. "Oh well. A cop drama?"

"Well, yeah. Look, this guy reminds me s bit of Sneaks."

"If only Sneaks would give up information for a fast food meal."

Jim rested his arm on the back of the couch, watching the female cop kneel beside the body of a man who'd been run over several times. The camera flashed onto the body only briefly, but it was enough to make Blair's heart rate go up. Still. Jim couldn't help but hear it. They'd seen worse things in real life, but Jim would have been more concerned if there hadn't been any reaction.

It wasn't hard to figure out the plot; it was about three women in law enforcement and a reporter who were friends and solved crimes; the cop's ex-husband was now her boss, and he was remarried. On top if it, a serial killer she'd been after for years, had returned, and she was supposed to be working with an FBI profiler in order to solve the case.

"Creepy," said Blair. He shivered. "This is really starting to remind me of Lash."

Yeah, creepy. That was one nightmare lurking in the shadows they hardly ever talked about, but neither of them had ever really forgotten.

"I'm with her," he said. "I don't like this profiler, either. I bet you, he's the killer."

"Could be, but we won't find out tonight." Blair sighed. "It's the last episode before the strike."

"Sandburg, and you're telling me that just now?"

Blair gave him a quizzical look. "I thought you didn't like cop shows. You're always complaining about how they don't get procedure right."

"Well, this one's not bad. She isn't exactly hard on the eye."

"Oh, yeah, I was afraid you'd say that. Definitely your type."

The hint of jealousy - for a TV character, for chrissakes - was nice, Jim decided.

"It's pretty real. Working around Carolyn in the early days after the divorce wasn't easy."

"But you didn't--" Blair turned to him, wide-eyed and curious.

"No, I didn't. Besides, it wouldn't have been that dramatic, because I wasn't going to get married to someone new."

"Yeah," Blair said fondly, his attention back to the TV screen. "Took you a while to figure it out." He ducked the swat just in time.

Watching the cop and her partner get into an argument sparked another uneasy memory.

I've got to have a partner I can trust. Like Lash, years ago. Filed under things that were far away most of the time, but easily brought up.

"Well, he's right. She should have told him. So damn hell-bent to manage it all on her own. Hey." Blair gave him a friendly shove. "Coulda been you. Years ago, I mean."

"She's getting there. Have you seen the looks the reporter girl has been giving her?"

"Never gonna happen on TV, but yeah, the students talk about it, too. There's a whole lot of subtext in the show."

"A whole lot of what?"

The show ended with a new lead and her female buddies swearing to the cop that they'd stand by her until the threat was eliminated.

Blair turned around, but instead of launching into a lengthy explanation, he leaned very close, smiling.

"Man, it's what got us here."

And he leaned in for a kiss.

It left Jim without a doubt that they'd find a way to occupy themselves, on Friday nights and at other times, until the writer's strike was over, and they'd finally get to see the conclusion.

He wouldn't get bored in the meantime.

Part Two: San Francisco, California, January 4, 2008

"That show's a decade old," Cindy remarked. "I watched it as a teenager."

"Really?" Lindsay had never cared much for cop shows, as they hardly ever got the procedure right, and the old ones were mostly... just worse. Tonight, though, an evening of easy entertainment, somebody she cared for and trusted by her side, was exactly what she wanted. "Must be because of the writer's strike."

Cindy curled up in her corner of the couch, taking a sip off her wine. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "Look at the size of those cell phones!"

"It's not the only thing that seems weird there," Lindsay said dryly. "Oh, and here it comes. Tough cop with gun, attitude and issues. Working with his ex. Can we change the channel now?"

"Oh, come on. It's going to be fun, trust me."

Lindsay shot her a doubtful look, but Cindy's disarming smile got her every time; tonight was no exception. She sighed. "Okay, then enlighten me. What are they all about, besides breaking all the rules in police investigation and having ridiculously big cell phones?"

"Oh yeah, I can do that. They're partners."

Another quizzical look, which failed to impress Cindy.

"Well, not like you and Jacobi. More like you and... me."

Lindsay smiled at the comparison, just a little intrigued now. "Oh, watch that, he's telling his *civilian* sidekick not to go investigating on his own. There is wisdom in those old shows," she said triumphantly.

Cindy snorted at that. "One, you didn't even want to watch it a minute ago, two, look, he's doing it anyway. And helping the case along." She sighed dramatically. "The work of a sidekick - never appreciated."

"Oh, I do appreciate you. Very much." Lindsay had deliberately lowered her voice, knowing without looking that Cindy would shiver, distracted from the action on screen for a moment.

They watched together as the young anthropologist, about Cindy's age, brought in the critical lead, earning praise from the FBI profiler who was supposed to assist in the chase for a serial killer. That theme was something Lindsay could have done without, but the dynamic of the two men was actually nice to watch. Friendship. With benefits, maybe.

On the show, the cop who had enhanced senses as Cindy belatedly informed her, and his partner, found out that the profiler was actually the killer. Lindsay shook her head. "That doesn't make me like Agent Ashe any more."

"He's weird," Cindy agreed, "but at least he wasn't serial killer kind of weird. Hey, can I sit in on an interrogation, too?"

"You ask me that based on a show from the nineties?"

They laughed together, but grew silent as the 'cute' sidekick was being kidnapped by the killer, the cop now breaking all the rules again and messing with evidence in order to save him.

"Would you do that for me?" Cindy asked quietly.

"Do you really have to ask?"

TV was filled with cliches that were aimed at a person's gut more than their brains, but Lindsay actually had some sympathy for the cop firing not one, but five shots at the killer eventually. He would have to deal with I. A. - but she guessed that wouldn't be part of the show.

Anyway, growing that attached to a person, she could understand.

Protective instincts. Yeah, right, she could do that even without enhanced senses.

The episode ended with some friendly banter, all trauma forgotten, the way cop shows were. Lindsay had to admit, it had not only been easy entertainment, it was also a nice way to spend a rare free Friday evening together with Cindy.

"I'm curious," she admitted. "Does he cuff him on the second meeting?"

"Like you did with me? No. But it's similarly intimate. I'll show you someday. I've got it on DVD."

Lindsay wanted to roll her eyes at that, but she didn't, as Cindy settled into her arms, and they shared lazy kisses halfway into the next show, without ever realizing what it was.

"All right, DVDs, someday. Intimate sounds pretty good to me now."

The End