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NEW! - Watching TV


Shelter Gravity

This is my Moonridge Auction story 2006, the first time I took part at all. The photographs inside all are from my recent vacation where I walked in the boys' footsteps a bit...

Break On Through

Just a little piece on the verge of slash.

The Fetish
The Pain Unseen Blair's Fantasy

Drabble based on art by Lisa Adolf.

Jim's Fantasy

Drabble based on art by Lisa Adolf.

Nightly Rituals
Under the Surface The Passage of Time

Written for the Moonridge Auction 2007.


Post-TSbyBS. Something's lost but something's gained.


Sequel to The Pain Unseen.

Buying Shelves and Other Changes

Truth be told, this would be *my* dream come true. I'm pretty sure though that Blair would appreciate it, too. This is dedicated to all my fellow book junkies with Amazon wishlists longer than my arm...

Small Distortions of the Truth

Written for the Give&TakeTS challenge 07/08 - "We all know that Blair obfuscates, but this time he's lied. What did he lie about? How did Jim find out? Does it change their relationship?"

Watching TV

Two couples are watching TV.