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Stand Alone

The Trouble with Thor

Thor’s transport-thingie is putting a crimp in Daniel’s love life. Abject silliness, nekked Jack, the rabid consumption of chocolate.

Warm and Safe and Dry

Santa, Goa'ulds and the only things that matter to Jack.

The Complete Whole and True Story of Jack, Daniel and the Duck

Umm, the complete whole and true story of Jack, Daniel and the duck...

Latin for the Novice

After looping for months, Jack puts his new skill at Latin to good use. Episode tag for Window of Opportunity.

Daily Aphor-mations

Oma communicates, Daniel pouts, Jack’s just confused, but all’s right in the end.


You'd forgotten love could mean this

A power surge to the 'gate results in
a switch in Daniels and a none-too-happy pair of Jacks. Warning: Disability fic. One of the Jacks has lost his sight. Part of the 'Blind Jack' series.

Negotiation of Boundaries

Jack and Daniel play diplomat and negotiate boundaries on Jack's first trip through the 'gate after Merseger. Part of the 'Blind Jack' series.

In the Month of Shemou

The joys of Thanksgiving with a blind Jack in charge of the deep fryer. Part of the 'Blind Jack' series.


It's a strange Christmas. Jack goes Christmas shopping with Sam,and takes Teal'c to church. Daniel's allergic to Christmas trees and Teal'c gets an unexpected gift. Part of the 'Blind Jack' series.

Tete de Pont

tete de pont -- bridgehead; a forward position seized by advancing troops as a foothold for forward advance

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No Place Like Home

Another tale about those pesky quantum mirrors.