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                                               OUTSTANDING AU SERIES

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Coming up for Air-- An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is … well … not the Jim you know. Rated PG for language. (47K)

Paying Karma's Dues -- Second story in AU where Blair's an observer with Major Crimes and Jim's been misdiagnosed as autistic as a child. A little language, as usual. (27K)

Calling Carl J. -- A long day in the life of Blair Sandburg. A little language, as usual. (21K)

Living at Fourth and Talmadge-- Blair's bad day stretches into two and only Jim realizes it. Warning for language, as usual. (52K)

Looking for Unicorns -- While Blair's recovering, Jim tries again to explain about the wolf. (40K)

Humming Along with the Boss -- Blair tries moving out. (32K)

Conversing in a Universal Tongue -- Blair searches for an ASL tutor for Jim and one question gets answered. (31K)

Receiving the Blessings of a Two-Faced God -- Naomi comes for the holidays and Blair does a little contemplating of the gifts of Janus. (51k)

Dreaming with Borges - Blair feels like he's disappearing, Jim's drifting further away, and Stephen makes an astounding proposal. (33k)

Staggering Along the Ruta Maya - Blair and Jim struggle along their own personal Mayan routes only to end up in the same place. (46k)

Partaking of the Vine of the Soul - A frustrated Blair goes native in his attempt to connect with Jim. (64k)

Charting the Waters of the Madre Dios - Blair and Jim both find a measure of peace and completion when they undertake a journey with Steven to help Jim find his way home. The final chapter. (131k)