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A Sentinel Carol

A few familiar holiday ghosts have a message for Jim

The Ghosts, The Sentinel and His Guide

Jim and Blair steal "The Ghosts That Stole Christmas".Guess I better give proper props -- any X-files guys out there will clearly recognize the story ... so any good lines are courtesy of Chris Carter.

The Towel

Who knew the clue bus was driven by Zaphon Beeblebrox?

The Sentinel Files

The Lone Gunmen want a story for the front page. Jim just wants Naomi's visit to be over.

Carolyn Street

It’s hard to hide things from your ex.

Carolyn Street 2

A trained detective reads the clues.

Biological Exuberance He's a Mermaid in the Night

Originally published in Senses of Wonder 3.

The Sense of Place

Originally published in Senses of Wonder 3.


Moonridge Auction story