I wrote this for the August Themefic (even though Winter Rose is no longer on the list) Her request was: One of my favorite stories out there is "Parking Permit" by Wyvern where Blair is getting a hard time by a police officer and that causes trouble between himself and Jim. I'd love stories along that line - where Blair is not so accepted by other members of the police force. MINOR owies are encouraged. Please NO NO NO stories where Blair is accused of a crime he didn't do - those are my absolute least favorite stories!

Bonus points for: inclusion of other members of Major Crime (Rafe, Henri, Megan and Rhonda!) Bonus points for: minor Blair owies OR if Blair has the flu/cold/bronchitis.

Here is my offering. I have included minor Blair owies (do you realize how hard that was to do?!) and also Blair has a cold/bronchitis mixture, plus I have included other members of Major Crime, so I get the bonus points.

One of Their Own

By Debbie Tripp

EMAIL: Debbie

Rating: PG

Warnings: None really except a little car abuse and some bad cops

Summary: Blair is not well-liked by everyone at the Cascade Police Department.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only and no money was made from this.

This is only spell-checked as I was writing against a deadline and wanted to get this posted. All mistakes are mine. If you see anything glaringly wrong, let me know.

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Also, if anyone needs dues, I will graciously offer this as it has h/c, angst and a little humor.


One of Their Own - 1



Jim couldn't help but smile as he watched Blair walk into the bullpen of Major Crime. It wasn't that Jim found it amusing that Blair was practically drenched from the constant rainfall that occurred in Cascade, but it was the fact that Blair looked like a kid as he stomped his way over to Jim's desk. Jim wisely got rid of the smile before Blair saw it, seeing the scowl that graced Blair's face.

"Is it raining outside, Chief?"

"Gee, you ready to take that routine on the road, Jim?" asked Blair, as he squished down on a chair. "Great! Now I'm making sound effects!"

"Hey, don't worry about it, Sandburg. We all needed a little entertainment, right guys?" Jim looked pointedly at his fellow detectives, Brown and Rafe.

Rafe spoke up. "Um… yeah, Blair. Jim's right. It's been a boring day until you arrived. Simon's making us catch up on our reports."

"Well, then, I'm so glad I could entertain you guys!" Blair's gaze fixed on Jim. "So, catching up on reports? Boy, this day just keeps getting better and better."

"I thought you liked doing my reports, Sandburg?"

"Yeah, I do, Jim. It makes me feel like *one of the guys*. So, how many of your reports are left over to do?"

"Most of them," Jim mumbled as he turned from Blair.

"Uh… what was that, Jim? I didn't quite catch that."

"Nothing, Chief. Do you want to use my computer? I can move over."

"Sure, Jim. Is it this pile here?" Blair indicated the slightly tilting pile on the edge of Jim's desk.

"That would be them, Chief. Tell you what -- you get started and I'll get us each a cup of coffee. How does that sound?"

"Just peachy, Jim." Blair got to his feet, took off his wet, still-dripping coat, hung it up on the coat tree and repositioned himself at Jim's desk.

Blair reached out, picking up the first file and started typing in the pertinent information that needed to be filled out on the forms.

It was really an easy job and Blair totally understood why Jim didn't want to do it. It wasn't action and it wasn't catching criminals. Jim Ellison was a man of action, not a man who worked well when he needed to sit and use his brain. Blair let a small chuckle escape as the smile widened across his face. It wasn't fair, the thoughts he was thinking. Jim was very intelligent, but he was a police officer and most police officers Blair had met were men (and women) of action. If they didn't have that adrenaline rush of chasing down leads and catching criminals, they didn't know what to do with themselves. The paperwork was always the last thing to be finished, usually under duress.


Jim signed the latest report and placed it on the ever-growing pile Blair had been able to finish up since he had arrived at the station three hours ago. Jim looked at his watch, noticing it was 5:30. It was time for Jim to repay his partner for all his hard work.

"Hey, Chief. Are you about ready to blow this place? I'll treat you to dinner, your choice."

Blair looked up from the computer. "You go ahead, Jim. I only have three more reports to get through."

"C'mon, Sandburg. That can wait until tomorrow. You're going to get the other guys pissed off at me because you helped me."

"Nah, I was planning on coming back tomorrow and helping the rest of Major Crimes. I already mentioned that to Rafe, Brown, Dills and Crawford. Major Crimes will have the most legible and intelligent reports in the PD."

Jim was surprised. "You would do that?"

"Hey, don't act so surprised. Of course, I'd do that. I've done that in the past for the others. All of you have helped me in the past and this is just my small way of repaying the service."

"How much longer are you going to be?"

"Probably about an hour. Why don't we have take-out? I'll call when I finish up and you can call for the food. Or I could stop by and pick it up?"

"No, just call before you leave and I'll call for the delivery.

You've gone above and beyond, Chief."

"I really do enjoy this, Jim. Believe it or not."

"Somehow, I do believe it."


Jim looked at the clock again. Blair had called over an hour ago, telling Jim he was finished with the reports and leaving the station. Jim had called in the take-out order, pizza, requested by Blair. It surprised Jim, but who was he to question Blair's choice of foods? If Blair wanted pizza, meat-lovers at that, Jim would oblige him.

The pizza had arrived, but Blair hadn't. Jim called Blair's cell phone, letting out the breath he was holding when Blair answered the phone.

"Yes?" The word was barked into the phone. Something had happened.

"Sandburg? Are you okay?" Jim decided to tread carefully.

"Yeah, Jim." Blair sounded defeated. "Just a little problem with my car."

Blair was being vague and Jim knew there was more to it than that. "Do you need a ride home?"

"Nah, Jim. Um… I'm going to be a while longer. Sorry about dinner."

"When will you be home, Chief?"

"Uh… I'm not sure. I need someone to look at my car. Tonight. I need it to get back and forth from the university."

Jim could sense that Blair still wasn't telling him the full story.

He decided to try his offer of help again. "You need me to come… to help?"

"No, Jim. Really, I can handle on my own. I've got to go, Jim."

Jim hung up the phone after Blair broke off the connection. He wondered just what had happened to Sandburg's car. Jim fought the urge to rush out to the aid of his friend. Blair could handle things on his own. He'd just wait for Blair to come home and then get the full story.


Blair wiped away at the tears that threatened once more to fall. He didn't need to show any weakness now. Not in front of an audience of cops. He lamented that all four tires on his car had been slashed in a supposed secure location, the police department garage. It was only his car that had been targeted. He had walked back inside the station after he had discovered the vandalism. He gave a report to the officer sitting at the desk in the lobby.

He had rejected the thought of calling Jim and telling him what had happened. He didn't want it to appear as if he needed Jim every time something went wrong. He could handle this on his own. He was a grown up and an extended member of the police force.

Since his time with the Cascade Police Department, Blair had encountered several officers who didn't want to give him the time of day. Blair understood that he was different from most people and that he tended to fit more into the criminal class than the police class. It was only because of first impressions, of which every human being was guilty of, to a certain degree. Blair tried not to be swayed by his first impressions of people.

Blair noticed several of the officers there were looking at him. He saw the derisive looks aimed in his direction, but he ignored them. If he didn't say anything, they would have no reason to say anything either. Blair got permission from the officer at the desk to call a tow truck to have his car removed from the garage."Is there any way the video can be looked at to determine who might have done this?" It was a simple enough request. At least Blair thought it was.

"Who are you accusing, Sandburg?" Blair heard the animosity in the officer's voice.

"No, I just thought…"

"You just think you're so much better than the rest of us, don't you Sandburg?"

"I'll wait in the garage for the tow truck."

"You do that, hippie!"

Blair wanted to respond, but knew that wouldn't go over well for Jim and the rest of Major Crimes. He went back to the garage and stood by his car, waiting for the tow truck. He'd have the car towed to his mechanic and see if Ritchie had four tires he could have cheap so he could continue to drive his car. Blair wasn't sure how he'd be able to pay for the tires. He was strapped for cash this month after paying Jim rent out of his last check. Maybe Ritchie had used tires he could put on for the time being that Blair could afford.

Blair was able to calm down once he was back in the garage. He knew getting into a name-calling shouting match with police officers was not a good thing. Even if he was right. Blair had a strong sense of survival. He'd ask someone from Major Crimes to look at the video from the garage. Anyone but Jim. Jim would demand to know the full story and would not be diplomatic when dealing with whoever was responsible.

The tow truck arrived and Blair's cell phone had rung at that time. Blair answered the phone, suspecting it was Jim. He only gave the older man the bare facts of what had happened. No use getting Jim worked up over something like this. Blair could handle it. He forestalled Jim from coming to get him and from offering his help.

Although, he really could have used a loan to pay for the tires.


Ritchie had found four used tires to put on Blair's car. Blair was grateful, but still didn't have enough money to pay for the tires.

"Don't worry about it, Blair. You can pay me the next time you are paid. I know where you live."

"I appreciate you coming down here after hours and doing this for me. And for not charging me labor for the tires."

"Just remember what I told you, Blair. You need to buy new tires ASAP. Jim would wring my neck if he knew I put used tires on your car."

"Well then, he'll just have to be kept in the dark about it. Okay, Ritchie?"

"Sure, Blair. No high speed police chases in this vehicle, okay?"

"Jim won't let me do high speed chases. Only cops are allowed to do that."

"You're all set, Blair. I hope you're going to get compensated from the PD for this happening in a secure place?"

"We'll see. I filed a report."

Blair got into his car and left the mechanic's garage. He didn't immediately return home. He knew that he couldn't hide what had happened from Jim. Jim would be able to get him to spill the beans about the whole thing. Blair didn't want Jim fighting his fights. He could handle disgruntled police officers who felt he didn't deserve to be in their midst. There was no use causing more waves.


Jim ate half of the pizza waiting for Blair. Then he called Blair's cell phone again. Blair didn't answer the phone this time. Jim cursed and started to worry.

It was times like this that Jim wished that he and Blair were more open towards each other. There was something to be said about sharing thoughts, worries, or even just everyday occurrences. It amazed Jim that Blair was so open and made friends so easily. It had a lot to do with his ability to engage anyone in conversation. Even Jim, who wouldn't normally talk a lot, opened up when Blair talked to him. The two of them just didn't share all that much when things went wrong. Jim knew they shouldn't do that, but both of them were equally guilty in that regard.

Jim decided to wait for Blair to come home. If anything were critically wrong, Jim would have heard about it by now. He always heard about it when things went wrong.

Jim put the remaining pizza in the refrigerator for Blair when he came home. Jim was sure Blair wouldn't think about getting anything to eat while waiting for car repairs. As the detective was cleaning up, he wondered again, what exactly had happened to Blair's car?

Maybe it had been an accident as he left the station. Jim was thinking about calling someone at the station and see if there had been an accident. Jim resisted doing that though; knowing Blair didn't like it when he interfered too much in his life. Blair was independent and he loved his independence. Even though Jim felt a need to be the younger man's blessed protector, he also knew when to back off. At least he was trying to learn.


Blair sat in his car, watching as the rain fell. He was near the docks, looking out on the water. Normally, he would walk along the waterline, but didn't because it was raining. He was still damp from his earlier encounter with the rainfall.

He didn't want to return to the loft just yet. He had made a decision to ask Henri Brown to look at the video from the garage and see if he could spot anyone tampering with the tires on his car. He knew Henri wouldn't mention anything to Jim and would make his investigation discreet.

He heard his cell phone ring again. He looked at the display -- it was Jim. No doubt worried about him. Like he always worried about Blair. Blair didn't answer the phone. He wasn't sure he could keep what happened to himself.

Blair got out of his car. He felt cooped up inside. He started walking, pulling his coat up closer to his body to ward off the rain. Jim would really be upset with him when he got home. Oh well, maybe Blair just wouldn't go home that night.

Blair got out his cell phone and made the call to the loft. The phone was answered after the first ring.


Blair heard anxiousness and worry in the voice. "Yeah, Jim. It's me. Look, I ran into a buddy that used to go the university. We're going to catch up and talk. Don't wait up for me."

"Are you okay, Sandburg?"

Blair was taken aback by the emotion he heard in Jim's voice. "Uh… yeah, Jim. I'm fine. A little tired, but I'm okay. You know, you worry too much."

"It's the nature of the sentinel and of being a cop, Sandburg. Maybe you should tell your friend you'll talk to him tomorrow?"

"Nah, he's leaving town tomorrow. We only have tonight. I promise I won't drive if I'm too tired."

"The offer is still there for a ride home."

"Just drop it, Jim." Blair was becoming a little irritated.

Jim knew when to back away. "Okay, Chief. I'll see you at the station tomorrow, right?"

"I promised the guys, Jim. I'll be there."


Blair jerked himself awake, momentarily confused as to where he was. He pushed himself into a sitting position and looked out on the night. He was still by the docks, sleeping in his car. He coughed to clear his throat. It was scratchy and raw. Great. Just what he didn't need, a cold. He couldn't afford to be sick now. He had obligations to the university and his students. Not to mention his obligations to Jim and Major Crimes. He was way too busy to be sick.

He had to get back to the loft, get some of his natural remedies, and start taking them so that he could head off the cold. It was the only answer. He lifted his hand, placing it on his forehead. Well, it didn't feel as if he had a fever yet. That was always a good sign.He should have never taken that walk in the rain earlier. Getting wet always brought on a cold, the flu and even sometimes bronchitis.

He had a history of respiratory ailments. He hoped he'd be able to forestall this latest bout of whatever. Otherwise, he'd have a sentinel in blessed protector overdrive taking care of him. Jim meant well, but Blair had never been accustomed to special care when he was sick. Naomi would take care of him, but she never hovered or pushed remedies down his throat. Jim would get every type of over-the-counter medication he could and try to push them down Blair's throat. Blair usually was able to balk at Jim's over protectiveness and get the guy to back off.

Blair could feel the beginnings of a headache and leaned his head back against the seat. He was tired and wished he had enough money to get a room in a cheap motel near the edge of town. Blair closed his eyes, figuring he still had a couple hours before dawn. He'd try to get some rest and then head to the university. He would be able to call Brown from there.


One of Their Own -- 2

Jim woke up, confused as to the reason why he was on the couch. Then he remembered he had been waiting for Blair to come home. He extended his senses, determining Blair hadn't arrived home while he had been asleep. Jim got to his feet and looked at the time on the VCR; it read 4:45 AM.

Whomever Blair had run into last night, must have had a lot of catching up to do. Blair had stayed out all night. Although that wasn't something new for Blair, it hadn't occurred very often since he had come to live with Jim. Blair knew how Jim worried and didn't go out of his way to aggravate the older man.

Jim walked to the kitchen, deciding to make himself breakfast. He noticed how serene it was in the loft alone. The little things about Blair that made the house a home weren't there as a constant to Jim's senses. He missed them. And Blair.

As he made his breakfast, Jim decided to call Blair later at the university. Even though Blair had mentioned about being at the station that afternoon, Jim wanted to reconnect with the younger man before then.


Blair was sneezing, coughing and had chills by the time he reached his office at Rainier. He got inside and turned up the thermostat for the heat, hoping it would help. He made himself some tea, hoping that would ease his sore throat. It helped some.

His phone rang a few minutes after he arrived. He answered it."Blair Sandburg." It was croaked out.

"Glad to know you're okay."

"Nice to hear your voice too, Jim." Blair tried to sound upbeat. But it rang hollow to his ears.

"I just wanted to check with you. Are you getting a cold, Chief?"

Blair closed his eyes. Leave to Jim to figure that out. "Just a scratchy throat, Jim. I'm on top of it."

"Good. We don't need you sick again."

Blair rolled his eyes at Jim's remark. "No, *we* don't."

"Don't get sarcastic, Sandburg. It's not like you."

Blair could hear the trace of humor in Jim's voice. "Sorry. So, did you need something?"

"Nope. Just wanted to check up on you."

"You missed me, didn't you?" Blair had pegged his friend.

"A little. I'm used to you making racket in the mornings."

"Aw-w-w, Jim. Thanks."

"Did you get your car fixed?"

"Yep. It's as good as new."

"That's good."

Blair didn't miss the fact that they were just exchanging pleasantries over the phone. Nothing of substance at all."I've got classes to teach, Jim. I'll see you around 1:30."

"Okay, Chief. I'll see you then."

Blair hung up the phone and got ready to go to his first class. The way he felt now, he wasn't sure he could make it the whole day. He owed it to his students, at least, to get through the classes.


Blair parked his car near Jim's truck when he arrived in the garage. Maybe it would keep it safer. He could feel aches throughout his body as he walked towards the elevator. He leaned against the back wall of the elevator car when he got on and closed his eyes. The lift made several stops on the way up to Major Crime.

He could hear the two officers talking, even though they were whispering. He opened his eyes, seeing two uniformed officers in front of him.

"Yeah, I heard he flaunts it wherever he goes and isn't even


"Definitely needs to have a lesson given to him."

Suddenly, the car stopped its movement upward. Blair opened his eyes, standing face to face with the two uniformed officers.

"Something I can do for you two?"

"We don't need you here, Sandburg. You give a definite stink to the station in general and to Major Crime in particular. You look more like a criminal than a cop. Oh, that's right. You're not a cop and you never can be. Just a word of advice and warning. Make yourself scarce or suffer the consequences."

The two officers got off on the fifth floor, leaving Blair alone to ponder their words and threats. He didn't want to leave the police department. He had forged several good friendships over the years he had been there and he didn't want to lose them.

Blair felt like crap when he got off the elevator. He was shaking slightly from the threats and felt terrible because of his oncoming cold. He stumbled slightly as he walked into the bullpen of Major Crime and immediately, Jim's senses zeroed in on Blair. He was out of his chair and over to Sandburg's side within moments.

Jim steered Blair over to his desk, pushing him down in the chair there. "You didn't have to come in, Chief. You look like death warmed over. You don't have to come in if you don't feel good."

"I look worse than I feel, Jim." Blair tried to smile for Jim, but it failed miserably as Blair was engulfed in a coughing fit.

"I've got to go out with Rafe to help him bring in a suspect. You can stay here and finish up my reports."

"Where's Brown at?" Blair was having trouble focusing.

"Down in Forensics getting some information on the case he and Rafe are working. Rafe needs to move now on the suspect and he can't get hold of Brown. Can you remember to tell him we left when he comes back?"

"Sure, Jim. Go. I'll be safe here." Blair turned his attention to the files there.

Jim frowned, realizing something wasn't right with Blair. But he'd analyze it when he got back. Rafe was waiting for him by the elevator.

"I'll see you later, Chief. I have some aspirin in my top drawer, if you need it."

Blair only waved his hand, effectively dismissing Jim.


Brown walked into the bullpen and Blair looked up. "H? Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"You sound terrible, Hairboy! I'm not sure I want to be within ten feet of you."

"It's just a cold, H. By the way, Jim and Brian went out to pick up that suspect in your case. Jim said Brian couldn't wait for you to come back."

"Thanks for the info, Hairboy. Was there something else you needed to talk to me about?"

"Yeah. When I went to leave the PD garage last evening, all four of my tires had been slashed and I had to have it towed to my mechanic's garage to have them replaced. I'm thinking it was intentional. I was wondering if there was any way you could take a look at the garage video tapes and see if you can detect anyone around my car, messing with it."

"Do you think a cop did this?"

"I'm not sure, H. It's just a little suspicious that all four tires were slashed in a supposed secure location with cameras all around. I was going to ask the officer in the lobby, but…"

Henri frowned, having never seen this side of Blair Sandburg before. "Is someone giving you a hard time, Sandburg?"

At the mention of 'Sandburg' instead of Hairboy, Blair's head shot up and he looked at Henri. He shook his head. "No, nothing like that. I was just a little intimidated and I didn't want them taking it the wrong way." No use getting Henri involved with his problems with other officers. Henri, Brian, Joel and the others could be just as protective as Jim. Blair didn't want to hide behind them.

"Okay, I'll look at the tape. I take it you want that information kept from Jim?"

"Yeah. Jim would go ballistic if he found out someone was vandalizing my car."

"If someone is vandalizing your car, it's not good and they need to be punished and charged for it."

"It's just slashing of tires."

"It's still vandalism, Sandburg. If I discover something, I'm taking it to IA. This can't be tolerated."

Blair almost told Brown to forget it, but knew the detective wouldn't just drop it. He only nodded his head and went back to work. He felt more feverish as the time passed. By the time Jim and Brian got back, Blair had gone into the bathroom.


Blair was surprised when he came out of the stall in the bathroom. The same two officers were standing there, waiting for him.

"Can I help you?"

"I thought we told you to leave."

"I deserve to be here as much as you do."

One of the officers got behind Blair and the other was in front of him, effectively pinning Blair between them. There was a slight shove from the one in back, then a shove from the one in front. The one behind Blair grabbed his right arm, twisting it painfully behind him until Blair let out a slight moan.

"We told you what would happen. Next time, it won't be limited to just you."

Blair was pushed hard into the sidewall and the two officers walked out, leaving a stunned and painful Blair Sandburg behind. Blair stumbled out of the bathroom, weaving his way carefully back to the bullpen of Major Crime. He knew he should report the two officers, but he couldn't. He didn't know how big the group was against him. He definitely didn't want to be looked at as a troublemaker.

Blair slipped into the chair by Jim's desk. Jim was over talking to Rafe. He came back over to where Blair was sitting, presumably working on the reports.

As Jim neared, he sensed something wrong with Blair. It was similar to what he felt earlier.

"Are you okay, Chief?"

"Yeah, just tired and a little dizzy."

"I'll drive home tonight. We don't want to risk you having an accident."

Blair only nodded, keeping his face from view of Jim. He hoped he didn't have any lasting marks or Jim would go wild. Along with everyone else in Major Crime. It was as if Blair was the younger brother and they all had a responsibility in keeping Blair safe. It made Blair feel good, even if he was a little overprotected.


Henri rewound the tape and tried to enhance the images there. The tape showed someone definitely near Sandburg's vehicle, and they could have tampered with the vehicle. There was no way to enhance the images enough to figure out who tampered with the car. But it was definitely someone in uniform.

Henri called Brian in to look at the tape and to confirm what he was seeing. Brian saw the same thing."We've got to take this to IA."

"It's going to open a whole can of worms. But I agree with you, Brian. We can't let this just slide by and have them think they can terrorize civilian workers."

Both men made out their reports and prepared to turn them in to Captain Banks in the morning. He would forward them onto the proper authorities. They would make sure they went through the proper channels and did everything by the book.

Henri returned to the bullpen and noticed Blair hard at work at Ellison's desk. He caught Jim's attention, but didn't say anything.

Blair didn't want Jim to know about this. It would happen soon enough.


When they got ready to leave, Blair claimed to Jim that he was feeling much better, which he was. Jim had to assure himself and told Blair he'd follow him home to make sure they both made it to the loft.

They rode the elevator down together. Blair was grateful he wasn't alone. They got off the elevator at the lobby and passed the desk there. No one said anything to Blair with Jim by his side. Blair only shook his head.

Blair walked to his car when they got into the garage. He noticed the damage first, followed closely by Jim behind him.

"What the hell happened here?" Jim was in full rage. He stalked back to go inside, Blair on his heels.

"It's not that bad, Jim! C'mon, why don't we just go home?" Blair grabbed Jim's arm.

Jim whirled around to face Blair. "Not that bad? The whole back end is caved in! It must have been a baseball bat or something. I want to know who did this!"

"Jim, I don't want to cause trouble. Just let it go. I'll find something else to do."

"I'm not letting this go! It's one thing not to like someone, but it's something else entirely to vandalize someone's property! Especially when you are swore to protect and serve. And when exactly were you going to tell me about how you got that lump near your temple?"

Blair reached up to finger the knot, which had swelled over the past few hours. "I can handle myself!" declared Blair defiantly.

"I don't doubt it, Chief. But this isn't just about someone hurting you and vandalizing your car. This affects everyone in Major Crime and every good cop on the force. However many rotten cops there are, it's too many."

"I know that, Jim. But, the threats…" Blair closed his mouth. He didn't mean for that to slip out… damn!

"Someone threatened you?" Jim grabbed Blair by his forearms, looking directly into the young man's eyes wide open with just a hint of fear in them. "Do you know who it was? Names?"

"Two uniformed officers. In the elevator riding up and then in the bathroom. It's how I got the bump on my temple. They pushed me against the wall. Told me next time it wouldn't be limited to just me." Blair shook his head and started coughing. Jim rubbed small circles on Blair's back.

"We have to identify the ones responsible. I need to look at the video."

"I had H look at the video from yesterday. All four of my tires had been slashed. I knew you'd go ballistic when you found out."

"Chief, anyone who's done all of this so far, won't just stop at vandalism. Let's get you back up to Major Crime where you can rest. And I want you to look through the PD database and see if you can identify those two uniformed officers."

"Okay, but I'd really like to be home in bed." Blair punctuated his statement by another round of coughing.

"We'll get you home soon. As soon as I have Brown look through more video and I'll help him."

"I never did anything to them to make them want to hurt me, Jim."

Jim could hear the heartache in Blair's words. He placed his arm around Blair's shoulders and led them back to the elevator and up to Major Crime.


It was several hours later when Jim had a fair idea of who the officers had been that had bashed in the backside of Blair's car, even though they had tried to stay out of camera range. He looked over the footage Henri and Brian had come up with on the tire-slashing incident. Jim made sure all three of them made detailed and thorough accounts of what they had done and that all evidence was provided. Jim didn't know the officers' names involved, but he was hoping Blair's search of the PD database of officers helped to clear that end up.Jim also had Joel and an IA detective interview Blair about the vandalism of his vehicle, as well as the threats to his person.

Blair endured the questioning only because Jim had told him it was necessary, as well as the IA detective. Blair had made a tentative ID of the two officers that had threatened him in the elevator and the bathroom. When Jim looked at the pictures, it didn't match the ones who had done the vandalism. Jim looked through the database to try to spot the ones responsible for the vandalism. It meant there were at least four officers involved with making Blair Sandburg's life at the Cascade Police Department less than satisfying.

Jim found the two officers responsible for twice vandalizing Blair's car in the station's database. He gave those names to the IA detective. It wasn't Jim's investigation, even though Jim would have loved to mete out his own brand of justice and payback himself. He would leave things to IA; take Blair home to rest. Jim found Blair resting his head on his desk when he got back to Major Crime.

Jim looked over at Brown and Rafe. "I want to thank both of you for helping with this."

"I just hope whoever is responsible gets caught and removed from the force," said Henri as he looked over at Blair. "Hairboy is more of an asset than some of the officers on the force. But it's always hard to accept someone different."

"That's no reason to attack him and hurt him, though," replied Brian.

"I best get sleeping beauty home. He hasn't been home for over a day now. He was afraid of how I was going to react about this. Those officers are lucky I didn't get hold of them first."

"They're lucky WE didn't get hold of them. Sandburg is one of us."

Blair roused up about that time. "Thanks, guys. That means a lot."

He looked over at Jim. "We ready to go yet?"

"Just waiting for you to wake up, sleeping beauty." Jim reached over and gently ruffled Blair's hair. He could feel the heat from the fever.

Blair shook his head. "Not the hair, man!" He got to his feet, waved to Henri, Brian and Joel and followed Jim to the elevator.

"Do you think my car can be fixed, Jim?"

"Sure, Chief. I don't see why not. I'll even float you a loan to pay for it, so Ritchie doesn't have to wait for his money. And I'm going to tell him to put four brand new tires on your car so you don't have a wreck."

Blair looked over at Jim. "You noticed that?"

"What kind of silly question is that, Chief? Of course, I noticed. When it comes to the well-being of my guide, I notice everything."

"Thanks, Jim."

They got inside the elevator, finally going home.


The End