A Hero To Some

By Debbie

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Blair sat by the hospital bed, waiting for Jim to wake. In his mind, Blair replayed the shooting and the moment the bullet hit Jim in the arm. Blair was Jim's backup, right there, calling for an ambulance and getting Jim out of the line of fire. Blair knew the wound wasn't life threatening, at least he hoped it wasn't.

However, it would leave a scar. Another mark on Jim's body that told the story of what this man endured over his years of service. Blair knew Jim's scars and the stories behind them. It had all started when Blair saw the scar on Jim's chest that dated back to his Army training.

It surprised Blair that Jim was so open about the scars that made him a man. But Blair did have that effect on Jim, getting him to open up and talk freely. Blair reciprocated by explaining the scars on his own body. Including the one on his left ear that was a result of a nip by a dog when he was only four years old.

There were also the scars Blair had received since teaming up with Jim. But Blair wore those as a badge of honor, since he was able to help Jim.


There was a moan from the bed and Blair placed his hand on Jim's arm.

"Take it easy, Jim. You'll be okay. It was just a bullet to your arm. I got you out of the line of fire before anything worse happened."

Jim looked over at Blair, a slight grimace on his face.

"At least you didn't get hit. You didn't, right?"

"I'm fine, Jim. Not a scratch at all. I would have been royally pissed off had that happened. It's only been a week since I got over the flu. I need to build up some healthy time."

"So… can I get out of here?"

"Not yet. The doctor wants to make sure there's no infection. He says probably tomorrow."

Jim closed his eyes, trying to relax.

"Just dial it down, Jim. That's why I'm here."

Jim smiled. "I'd be lost without you, Chief."

"You should start to think about the story to explain your new scar. The ladies will go gaga over it. And you."

Jim frowned, opening his eyes. "Gaga, Chief? Women don't go gaga over me at all. Ever."

"Sure they do, Jim. Boy, for a guy with heightened senses, you sure miss a lot."

"Women still don't go gaga over me."

"I'll make sure I don't cramp your style when you get released. I'm sure there is some lady just waiting to hear how you were a hero."

Both of them burst out laughing.

A few minutes later, Blair got serious. "I am glad you're going to be okay, Jim." Blair continued to look at Jim until Jim broke contact.

Jim settled back in the bed, relaxing. He smiled over at Blair, who returned the smile. He then closed his eyes, thanking the gods above for Blair's inclusion into his life.