The First Valentine's Day

By Debbie

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Blair wanted everything to be perfect. He had gotten the day off, just so he could make it perfect. He and Jim hadn't discussed doing anything special for Valentine's Day, but since it was their first as a couple, Blair wanted to make it special. And perfect. He had decided to have a bouquet of red and white silk roses delivered to Jim at the station. He would send silk in deference to Jim's heightened sense of smell. The silk roses wouldn't have the odor of regular roses. And red and white roses together to signify unity. He would send fifty roses, a sign of unconditional love. Blair was sure Jim didn't understand the significance of the roses, but he would be more than willing to explain later, when they cuddled in their bed upstairs. Just thinking about it got Blair hard.

He called in the order for the roses. When the clerk asked him what he wanted to put on the card, Blair had to think. He wanted something that would make Jim smile. It was rare when Jim smiled at the station. Usually, he was busy with cases and gruesome details, which didn't lend itself to smiling.

"Put on the card, 'To my cuddle buddy. Hurry home'." Blair smiled at that. "And make sure they are delivered by noon."

"Yes, sir. We have that down already."

"Just making sure. I want this to be perfect."

After finishing with the ordering of the roses, Blair turned his thoughts to the meal. He was planning on cooking, so they could stay in the loft. He knew Jim would go with whatever he decided. But what to cook? He thought of several things and wrote them down before leaving the loft to go to the grocery store.


Jim had been late to the station that morning, all because of Blair. But at the thought of his sexy lover, Jim could only smile. Blair had told Jim he was taking the day off and was going to cook dinner for them. After all, as Blair had explained, it was Valentine's Day and both of them deserved to be pampered. Jim figured he was the one getting pampered since Blair was cooking dinner. Jim had already gotten Blair a Valentine's Day gift, since it was the first significant holiday since they had become a couple. Jim opened the top right side drawer of his desk and pulled out the small box. He opened it, seeing the silver earring lying amongst the velvet. Jim had it specially made. He remembered Blair commenting on getting a small silver badge, saying it would be tasteful. Jim knew a jeweler who did custom work and gave a description of what he wanted. As he looked at it again, he decided it was tasteful. And Blair would love it.

Of course, Jim planned on pampering Blair after dinner. After the dishes were washed and dried, which Jim planned to offer to do, he would take Blair upstairs to their bed and snuggle. Blair loved to snuggle and Jim loved Blair when he snuggled. Just thinking about them in their bed made Jim hard. He'd have to change his train of thought. But it was hard to do.

Jim closed the small box and put it back in his desk drawer. He refocused his attention on the latest reports on the string of attacks taking place throughout Cascade. With any luck, he'd find the break to catch the perp and have him arrested by the end of the day. This would make dinner and whatever came afterwards that much sweeter.


Blair knew he'd have to make at least two trips to get all the groceries upstairs to the loft. He gathered up three bags from his back seat and made his way inside the building. He walked over to the elevator, sending up a prayer that the contraption would actually be working for once. He smiled when the door opened and he got inside. There was a slight jerk when it first started but then the rest of the ride was smooth. Blair got off on the third floor, walking down the corridor to the loft. He unlocked the door, able to juggle the bags in his hands and get the door open at the same time. He walked inside, placing the bags on the table there. He went back to close the door, and then went to put the steak in the refrigerator, along with the asparagus and the strawberries he had bought. He then went to get the rest of the groceries, making sure the door was closed and locked when he left the loft.

It only took one more trip to bring everything upstairs. He put everything away, and then decided to do the decorating he wanted to do before Jim got home. He went into his old bedroom, now used as a storage room, and got out the candles and the heart pillow he had bought last week. He took the items upstairs and put the candles all around the bedroom and placed the pillow on the bed. He had also brought up a candy dish full of chocolate kisses, figuring he and Jim could nibble on those when they weren't nibbling on each other. Chocolate was a favorite of them both, so Blair knew he couldn't go wrong with his choice of sweets.


At precisely noon, the delivery man walked into the bullpen. Everyone looked up at the big bouquet of roses. Someone was getting lucky.

"I'm looking for a Detective Jim Ellison?" The delivery man spoke up.

"Um…I'm Detective Ellison." Jim stood up from his desk and took the vase when the delivery man handed it to him.

"Enjoy, detective. It looks like you have someone very special."

Jim pulled out some money, giving the man a tip. He said thanks and turned to leave. Jim carried the vase back to his desk, quickly determining that the roses were silk. He found the card and read the inscription. He smiled. And then let a small chuckle escape.

Henri Brown and Brian Rafe were watching Jim and noticed the smile that came across his face. They smiled also.

Brian nudged Henri in the ribs. "Only one person could make Ellison smile like that."

Henri nodded his head. "Yeah. It must be nice to be in love."

Jim looked over at the two men. "You can't even imagine."

Jim grabbed the phone and made a quick call to the loft, hoping Blair was there. The phone was answered after the second ring.

"Ellison-Sandburg residence. Blair Sandburg speaking."

"You use that sexy voice every time you answer the phone?"

"Oh, hi, Jim. No, I was expecting another call."

"Ha, ha. Very funny, Chief. I just got a delivery. It looks like a garden of roses. And silk ones at that. Thank you."

"What would it look like if I didn't take into account your senses? Do you know what the significance of red and white roses is?"

"No. I never was into flowers."

"I don't think I'll tell you right now. I'm going to wait until tonight. I'm glad you like them. Make sure you bring them home with you."

"I will. So, did you get everything you wanted?"

"Just about. I have one more place I need to go to and then I can start on dinner. You are going to be home on time, right?"

"I'm planning on it. I best let you get back to things. I just wanted to call to thank you."

"You can thank me properly later, okay?"

"It's a deal. See you later. Bye." Jim hung up the phone and had to resist the urge to leave right then and there and go home to thank Blair properly. He looked over at the roses again and wondered how he got to be so lucky as to have Blair as his lover. Jim did consider himself the lucky one in the relationship.


Blair looked at the time - Jim would be home in about an hour. He checked everything and it was fine. He placed the wine in the refrigerator to chill it and set the table with the good china Jim had boxed up in the basement. He placed two taper candles in holders on the table.

The only thing left to do was get dressed before Jim got home. Blair walked into the small room under the stairs and grabbed the garment bag he had placed in there the other day. Blair had been able to bring it in when Jim wasn't home, so Jim didn't know about the outfit Blair had bought.

Blair went into the bathroom and got dressed in the dark blue silk shirt and the tight black slacks. Blair looked at himself in the mirror there and decided to wear his hair down. It always ended up down anyway, might as well start out that way. He placed the gold earring in his ear and the gold bracelet around his left wrist. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror and then unbuttoned another button on his shirt.

Not that he needed to get Jim in the mood. Jim seemed to be in the mood all of the time. Like this morning, when it was Jim who had initiated the mutual blowjobs, waking Blair from a perfectly good sound sleep. Not that Blair had minded it too much.

Blair left the bathroom and looked around once more, just to make sure everything was nearly perfect. It looked great. And soon, Jim would be home. This would make it perfect. Blair checked on the dinner, which was cooking and looked delectable.


It was time to go home and Jim was disappointed that the case had not been solved. But tomorrow was another day. And Blair had mentioned something about stopping by the station and helping out. Jim decided to let Blair take a look at the rash of attacks and see if he had a new perspective to add to the mix. Over the years, Blair had surprised them all with his insight into the criminal mind. Jim figured it must have been all of those psychology courses Blair had taken at Rainier.

Jim opened his drawer, grabbed the box, slipping it into his coat pocket. He then picked up the vase of silk roses and went to leave. He got on the elevator, taking it down to the garage. As he walked through the garage towards his truck, he got several comments about his bouquet. He didn't answer any of the comments, but just continued on to his truck. He was a man on a mission. He had promised Blair to be home on time. And he wasn't one to disappoint his lover.


Blair heard the key in the lock and stood by the kitchen table, waiting. The door was soon opened and Jim walked in. He took in the loft and Blair. He closed the door behind him and went to place the bouquet of silk roses on the kitchen island. He took off his coat, hung it up, and then made his way over to Blair. He pulled the younger man into his arms, kissing him deeply.

After several minutes, they parted. "I missed you, babe. And you look as sexy as all get out in that outfit. When did you get it?"

"The other day. You weren't home yet. I got it just for you." Blair dove in for another kiss, this one lasting longer than the first.

When they finally came up for air, Blair smiled at Jim. "Dinner's almost ready. Have a seat and I'll pour us some wine."

"Just a minute. I have to get something." Jim went back over to his coat, pulling out the small box. He turned and handed it to Blair.

"This is for you. I hope you like it. Happy Valentine's Day." Jim smiled and stood back while Blair opened the box.

Blair peered inside the box and then laughed. He looked up at Jim. "It's perfect, Jim!! I love it!!" Blair pulled the earring out of the box, removed his gold earring and put the small silver badge in. He held his hair back and walked over to Jim. "How does it look?"

Jim pulled Blair into his arms again and tongued and kissed Blair's ear. He whispered into his ear. "It looks great, babe. I'm glad I got it."

Blair kissed Jim back and then pulled away to get dinner on the table. Jim reluctantly let him go. Later, it would be a different story.

When they were done with the main meal, Blair brought out the chocolate hand-dipped strawberries. Before Blair could get back to his seat, Jim pulled him onto his lap, feeding him strawberries. Soon, Blair was doing the same to Jim. The strawberries quickly disappeared. Blair poured the last of the wine into Jim's glass and they shared it.

"The sooner we get things cleaned up, the sooner we can get to my Valentine's gift to you."

"Would it have anything to do with cuddling?"

"Am I that predictable?" Blair started to pout.

Jim hugged Blair close. "You're never predictable, babe. Let's get these dishes cleaned up."

Between them, the task was finished in no time. As soon as Jim put the last dish in the cabinet, Blair grabbed hold of his arm and led him towards the steps leading up to their bedroom. As soon as they were up the steps, Blair pushed Jim down on the edge of the bed.

"Stay there." Blair moved around the room, lighting the candles he had placed all over. Soon the room was bathed in candlelight. Blair stood in front of Jim. "I'm going to strip for you and then I want you to strip for me."

Jim's full attention was on Blair's every movement as he slowly removed his clothes. Soon, Blair stood naked in front of Jim. Jim reached out his hand, lightly touching Blair on the thigh. Blair reached out his hand, pulling Jim to his feet.

"Your turn, love. Get me as aroused as you are."

Jim took his time removing his clothes, watching as Blair became aroused. Then Blair guided Jim into their bed.


Blair placed another chocolate kiss into Jim's open mouth. He could see the obvious pleasure Jim was getting out of letting his sense of taste take over for this activity. After every chocolate kiss, Jim would give Blair a kiss and Blair could taste the chocolate himself.

Blair scooted around in the bed and snuggled even closer to Jim. He rested his head on Jim's chest and just lay there as Jim held him, whispering endearments to him. This was the best of all, lying with Jim, being told 'I love you' and repeating the same. Their first Valentine's Day, but most definitely not the last.