Observations, Love, and Chocolate Cake

Debbie Tripp

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Acknowledgements:  Thanks to Lyn for the beta.


Jim sat in a chair, watching his lover. Blair was sitting in his own chair, oblivious to the scrutiny he was undergoing. Jim catalogued all of Blair's vital signs, noting his heartbeat was slightly increased, though not dangerously so. There was a slight flush to Blair's cheeks, but it was rather warm in the bullpen and Blair had just returned from getting several files from Records. Blair always took the stairs when he went to another department. It gave him exercise, keeping him in shape.

The phone rang on Blair's desk and he reached over to answer it. "Detective Sandburg, Major Crime, how may I help you?" Jim relished Blair's voice. It was as smooth as silk, sort of husky and sexy as hell. At least to sentinel ears it was. Well, sentinel ears attuned to his guide's voice. A slight smile came across Blair's face and Jim knew the call was nothing serious. "Yeah, that sounds good. Of course, I'll do it. I'm honored you asked me, Dr. Bryant."

Jim tuned out the rest of the conversation, focusing on Blair's sensual mouth. It was someone from the university, probably roping Blair into doing another anthropology seminar. He was in great demand, having to juggle his career as a cop and his pastime as an anthropology professor. However, Jim knew Blair wouldn't have it any other way. He was happy and content. Added on to that was the fact the two of them were lovers and their lives were perfect and complete.

Blair hung up the phone and turned to Jim. "That was Dr. Bryant at the university. He wants me to fill in for the Anthro 101 teacher for the beginning of the year until the end of February. She's going on maternity leave. I was the first choice to fill in."

"It won't interfere with cases?" Jim's worry sounded needy, even to his own ears.

"No problem, Jim. It's only the 8:00 AM class. I'll be here by 10:30 AM at the latest."

"Good, because Simon wouldn't be too pleased if you weren't available after the city spent all that money on your training."

"Funny, Jim. You couldn't even say that with a straight face. You're the one who'll be missing me."

"I'm sure Simon and the others will miss you, too." Jim lowered his voice. "Then again, they're not the ones who love you like I do."

Blair smiled at Jim. "And they're also not the ones who watch me every day, without fail." At Jim's shocked expression, Blair laughed. "Oh, c'mon, Ellison. I'm the king of observers. You didn't think I would notice?"

"It wasn't obvious, was it?" Jim tried sounding hurt, failing miserably.

"At least you didn't drool down your chin." Blair chuckled again, avoiding Jim's swat.

Jim smiled too, always glad to see Blair smile and happy. Both of them were happy these days. Being lovers agreed with both of them. Jim continued to watch Blair as he got to his feet, leaving the bullpen to go to the break room to get coffee.


Blair was happy that Jim watched him, that Jim loved him. He had mostly been a loner up until the time he met Jim. He'd had dates, but no one special. No one long term, no one he wanted to stay with forever. He never thought he would have a soul mate. At least, not until he met Jim Ellison. Blair knew from the first day Jim was the one. Blair controlled himself, however, because Jim seemed to be the poster boy for the straight ladies' man.

Both men had the same misconceptions until the night of Jim's birthday when Jim turned 45, almost three years ago now. Blair had treated Jim to dinner out and they came back to the loft, where Blair broke out the champagne. They had the next day off so a little indulgence had been in order. Blair vowed to watch Jim's back.

They had just drained the bottle of champagne when Jim made his confession.

"I love you, Blair. Not like a brother, not like a friend. I LOVE you."

Blair, for his part, smiled and patted Jim on the arm. "I love you, too, Jim."

Blair started to get to his feet when Jim pulled him back down to sit on Jim's lap. Blair was trapped. Jim reached out to place his hand on Blair's obvious erection. "You do love me." Jim kissed Blair on the mouth then and the young man was lost.

Blair returned the kiss and leaned into the touch. He stayed on Jim's lap. Jim nuzzled Blair's curls and then moved over to Blair's neck, licking and nipping slightly. There were moans from Blair as he gave himself over to Jim, content to stay where he was.

That night, Jim got a bonus gift from Blair -- his love. It wasn't much more than cuddling, kissing and jacking off in Jim's bed, but it was enough then. As time passed, it became more and they explored everything together. Both men had done basic things when they were younger, but nothing long-term and definitely, nothing advanced. They were in no hurry to push things along, knowing they had the rest of their lives.


Blair brought back coffee for Jim, setting it down to the side of the files Jim had spread out over his desk.

Blair leaned in close to whisper in Jim's ear. "Finally deciding to do work rather than watch me?"

Jim reached out his hand, catching Blair's left thigh, gently massaging the area. He knew how turned on it made his partner. Blair backed away quickly, returning to his desk.

"Later, babe," Blair said under his breath, knowing Jim would hear. Jim rewarded him with a lop-sided grin.


Jim smiled and took in the sight as Blair got to his feet, stretching his arms over his head, yawning and popping his back. He couldn't believe Blair was so damn sexy and made him so damn horny. Jim was already getting hard and he took several deep breaths to control the urge to pull Blair into the bathroom and take him there and then.

Jim's smile widened. He wasn't quite the caveman Blair had indicated that first day in his office. Jim knew the minute he pushed the young man up against the wall that Blair was special. There was an attraction even then. But it was too early to act upon anything at that time. Things between them might have been different if they had done it at that time. Jim found out Blair felt the same way that first day, but kept his thoughts to himself, not wanting to jeopardize their budding friendship.

Blair looked over at Jim and smiled. "Caught you, man." He grabbed his coat, and Jim's, tossing it to the older man. "Ready to go home?"

"I'll stop by the store and get what we need and meet you there. You need anything to make dinner?" Jim pulled on his coat, getting out his keys.

"Nah, I've got everything I need there. Oh, you could get some kind of dessert. I'm thinking chocolate sounds good."

Jim frowned at Blair. "You have a fever or concussion, Chief?"

"No, Jim. I'm just hungry for chocolate. Maybe a cake."

"Okay! Now I know something is wrong!" Jim marched over to Blair's side, placing his hand on the man's forehead. "No fever. Did you fall in the bathroom?"

Blair smacked Jim's arm. "No, I did not fall in the bathroom! Can't I indulge every once in a while?"

"Sure. I guess. It happens so rarely, though." Jim was still concerned.

"Just get a chocolate cake and I can get it out of my system." Blair beamed at his partner.

Jim couldn't help but smile back. "Okay, chocolate cake. But if you get fat, don't blame me."

"You'll keep me fit." The words were sentinel soft, sensual and Jim smiled.


Blair practically devoured his piece of cake. When he was finished, he reached over and snagged a bite of Jim's piece. Jim grabbed Blair's wrist, forcing him to drop the fork on the plate.

"No stealing. It's against the law and I'm a law officer." Jim used his most menacing tone.

"Ooh…officer! started Blair, breathlessly. "I've been very, very bad! Will you cuff me?"

Jim knew it was going to be a playful night. He didn't mind playing along.

"I'll have to cuff you. And strip search you. Divest you of your clothes; explore all of your hiding places."

"Well, I better clean up these dishes then. I think it's going to be a very long night. I have all kinds of hiding places."

"I'll help you clean off the table. We need to get this started. Are you going to make me chase you down?"

Blair looked at Jim and smiled. "You have a devious mind, Officer."

The table was cleaned off quickly, the dishes left in the sink at Jim's suggestion. Blair turned to face Jim, who was standing behind him.

"I'll give you five minutes head start. Use it wisely."

Blair only laughed. "I surrender! You'd find me by the chocolate on my breath." Blair leaned in for a kiss, while Jim imprisoned Blair's hands behind him.

Jim savored the chocolate flavored kiss, lost in the sensation. He kept his hold on Blair, however, and led him towards the stairs leading up to their bedroom.

It was indeed going to be a very enjoyable night.