Waiting For My Love

By Debbie

EMAIL: Debbie

Summary: Jim and Blair's vacation is interrupted.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Lyn for the beta.

I want to keep him safe, healthy, and, most importantly, alive. He is the love of my life and I can't bear to lose him. Yet, here we are, once more at our home away from home. Cascade General Hospital. I've heard rumors that they are going to rename part of the hospital after us. It's never a good thing when one of us lands here.

I hold onto Blair's lax hand, praying fervently that he'll wake soon without any complications. He just has to be okay.

We were supposed to be on our *honeymoon* but Simon called, saying a murderer we've been after, was spotted. When I told Blair, he told me that we needed to go and help with the arrest. I wanted to argue and tell him we had worked hard and deserved the time off, but I knew what he was telling me was right.

We both go to the house where Josh Shepherd, the fugitive had barricaded himself. There is practically a squad surrounding the house and I almost turn and tell Blair that we are leaving. But Blair spots Simon and walks over towards him. What else can I do but follow him?

"I'm sorry, guys," starts Simon, looking at both of us. "I know you were set for vacation, but -"

"We understand, Captain," Blair begins and I just want to shut him up. "It's more important to catch Shepherd and as a result, our *vacation* will be that more enjoyable. Right, Jim?" Blair gently smacks me in the chest.

I catch his hand, wanting to kiss it, or Blair, but I resist the urge. "Right, Chief." I answer his question finally. I notice Simon giving me a strange look. "Uh… right, Simon."

Simon still is giving me that strange look. "Can you determine where Shepherd is in the house?" asks Simon, hoping my special abilities can help aid the capture of the killer.

I nod and turn towards the house, piggybacking hearing and sight. Blair is a great help in grounding me with small circles on my back. I can't help but smile.

"He's… in the basement. That's where the sounds are coming from."

Simon coordinates the arrest of Shepherd. It all went fine, at least for a while. But Shepherd started playing hide and seek with us. It became harder to track Shepherd in the house, even with Blair's help. Then it happened.

Blair and I separate somehow and that gives Shepherd the opportunity to grab Blair. Shepherd uses Blair as his ticket out of the house. The feeling of dread fills me, as I know how it's going to end. Once Shepherd gets away, Blair's usefulness is over.

Shepherd pushed Blair out of his car about a mile away from the original scene. Luckily, there were several patrol vehicles tracking them. They notified us where they were and that an ambulance was en route. Simon drove me to the area. All along the way, I kept up the prayers, hoping my lover wasn't seriously injured. Damn! This happened much too often to us and I, for one, was getting weary of it.

The patrol units caught Shepherd, but my focus was on Blair. I wanted to hold him in my arms, but I could tell he was seriously injured. All I could do for him is to hold his hand, whispering endearments and prayers to him. Asking him to hold on, that I love him.

Simon waited with me while Blair was in surgery. I told him our *vacation* was actually our honeymoon. Simon told me he suspected as much and he was happy for us.

Now, I wait for my love to wake, to squash the fears that there might be brain damage. I can hardly even think about such a thing, even if it could be reality.

I hear a soft moan from the bed and I'm immediately by his side. His eyes open slightly and he looks over at me. A smile slowly crosses his face.


Even injured and barely conscious, his voice is the balm that can soothe me. I smile down at him, reaching out to caress his face. "Yeah, Baby."

"This isn't - our - honeymoon - suite." Blair lets loose a big yawn and I can't help but smile.

"No, but we'll get there." I need to reassure myself as much as him.

"Did you get Shepherd?"

"He's in jail and he won't get out anytime soon."

I watch as Blair closes his eyes again. "Good."

It will be good. "Just rest, Baby," I say as he drifts off to sleep. I kiss him softly on the lips, eliciting a soft sigh. I sit back down to watch over him.