A Day In The Life Of…Jim And Blair

By Debbie

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Jim sat in his chair, observing as his partner stopped and spoke to everyone in the bullpen as he weaved his way towards Jim's desk.

'He looks about ready to drop,' thought Jim, knowing exactly what Blair's last week had entailed.

Blair flopped down in the chair beside Jim's desk, flashing a tired smile in Jim's direction.

"Hey, Jim."

Jim heard the tiredness in Blair's voice. Jim smiled back at Blair.

"I thought you were going to go home and get some rest? I know you were up and down all night."

"You mentioned something about going over the latest crime scene and I wanted to make sure you had backup."

Jim shook his head. He knew how Blair worried when Jim went out on his own. Blair's level of worry had increased since they had become lovers.

"I was going to take Joel with me since he knows about my abilities…" Jim looked at Blair and leaned in closer. "And I really thought you would be resting at home."

Jim lowered his voice. "I have plans for us later." He winked at Blair.

"Don't worry about me, Jim. I'll be a willing participant later. I have unlimited stamina." Blair returned the wink.

Jim knew Blair would go until he dropped.


Over the past week, Blair had been going nonstop. It was finals week at the university and Blair had all he could handle with classes, test preparations, lectures and even the added burden of helping his fellow professors. Besides his university responsibilities, Blair also found time to show up every day at the station to fulfill his duties as a consultant to Major Crime.

Blair reached the point during the week where he couldn't relax. Jim assumed the duty of trying to help Blair relax. It was a daunting task. The main problem was as soon as Jim distracted Blair enough to get him to close his eyes, Blair would think of something else he needed to do, either for the university or for the station. Jim estimated that over the past week, Blair had probably gotten a grand total of eight hours sleep. If that much.


Jim knew it would be futile to try to dissuade Blair from helping him at the crime scene. He would just make sure that the young man didn't fall asleep on his feet.

"Okay, Chief. Let's go to the crime scene. Then you can type up the report for me."

Blair perked up. "Sounds like a plan, man. Let's go."

Jim watched as Blair bounded to his feet, a sudden burst of energy fueling the younger man. Jim shook his head again and thought again how blessed his life was with Blair in it. Jim practically had to run to catch up with his partner.


Jim went to get the coffee as Blair started on the report from the crime scene. Once more, Blair had been right. Jim needed him to keep him focused at the scene and as a result, Jim found an additional clue to help in the case.

On the way back to the truck afterwards, Jim had pulled Blair close and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Blair had leaned into Jim's side, sighing contently.

Jim carried the cups towards his desk and frowned when he didn't see Blair sitting there. He looked around the bullpen, but didn't spot Blair anywhere. Jim turned to Rhonda sitting at her desk.

"Rhonda, have you seen Blair?"

"Yeah, Jim. Simon called him into his office. He wanted to ask Blair about the Torrelli report that he did earlier this week."

"Thanks, Rhonda." Jim walked over to Simon's office, knocking on the door before opening it. He walked inside.

Simon looked up at the intrusion, seeing that it was Jim. "Don't you wait for an invitation, Detective?"

"I was wondering where Blair was, Captain."

Before Simon could answer, Blair did. "Simon needed my expertise on an important matter, Jim. Maybe I'll reconsider that offer of becoming a detective. It seems I'm invaluable around here."

Both Simon and Jim laughed at Blair's announcement. After a few minutes, Blair joined in. All of them knew Blair wasn't interested in becoming a full-time detective. He loved teaching too much to throw it away.

"Thanks for clearing that matter up, Sandburg. You best get Jim's other reports done for him."

"No problem, Captain. I'm happy to help out when I can." Blair got to his feet.

Jim led him from the captain's office and back to his desk. As they sat down, Jim leaned in close to whisper in Blair's ear.

"When we get home, I'm taking you to bed and you're going to sleep."

A look of disappointment crossed Blair's face. "Aw-w, man! Where's the fun in that?"

"Just wait and see, Blair."

As Blair typed up the report, there were matching smiles on both men's faces.