Snippet For Hepahistos

By DawnC

Blair, dressed in his *RED* shirt, leaned his hip against the counter,
blinking as he suppressed a yawn. He was vaguely aware of Jim standing
behind him, reading the menu on the wall, while Blair waited for the cashier
to hand him back his card.

He was tired. After a full two days of finals, he was ready to scarf down
dinner and hit the bed.

The cash register made its noise, then the cashier handed the dual-copied
receipt to Blair to sign. Blinking through fatigue-blurred eyes, Blair
scrawled his signature, then removed the yellow copy from the white copy and
stared at the words on the bottom.


Blair blinked again and re-read.

Yep, the words were still the same.

White Copy... White... // Okay, White // He lifted the White copy. White. He
could do White.

// The white goes to... uh... // He read the words again. CUSTOMER.

// That would be me, right? White. //

"Chief?"  Jim's amused voice pulled Blair out of his near-trance.

Large hands reached over Blair's shoulder and snatched the yellow copy, then
handed it to the cashier. Another hand came down on Blair's shoulder,
offering an affectionate pat.

"Eat, and then I think you need to sleep, Chief. Probably 'til next

Blair nodded as he stared at the white copy still clutched in his hand. His
head felt heavy.

// White Copy - Customer. // He read the words again. // Got it. White.
Customer. Me. //

Why'd they have to make the receipt thing so damn complicated?

the end :-)