Light and Fluffy

The moment Sandburg walked into the loft, he knew something was wrong. Jim stood in the kitchen facing the sink, his back to the door. That in itself wasn't unusual, but it was the soft, regular sniffles coming from the older man that stopped Blair in his tracks.

Oh God. He'd never seen Jim cry before. Not even when Danny Choi had died. What could have happened to bring Jim to tears? "Jim?"

The detective turned around, tears streaming down his cheeks, his eyes red and puffy. He swallowed and sniffled again. "Hey, Chief."

"What's wrong?" In four strides, Blair was at his friend's side. Hesitantly, he placed a hand on Jim's arm, unsure how the Sentinel would react to the display.

"Nothing." Jim managed a small smile as he sniffled again.

"Nothing? Why are you crying? It's okay, Jim. You can tell me. I'm here for you, man."

Jim sniffled again, but his smile widened. "I'm cutting onions, Sandburg." He gestured to the sink.

Blair's jaw dropped open and he looked past Jim to see a half-chopped onion submersed in a bowl of water. Two more onions lay in the clean sink next to the bowl. "Oh." Blair's lips twitched. "Onions. Got it." He chuckled. It was kind of funny. Blair had found the one thing that could make Jim cry.

But, uh... "Jim, you're cutting it under water..."

"I know. It's still making my eyes water, though."

"Really? Well, you finish that one and I'll do the rest just as soon as I go to the bathroom."

"Will do. Thanks, Chief." Jim turned back to his work as Blair shuffled into his room.

Now, where did I put the camera? Smiling, Blair searched through his drawers, locating the device in the third one down. Aha! Jim, man, I'm sorry but this has GOT to be preserved for posterity.

Trying not to laugh, he walked casually out of his room, knowing that if he tried to be stealthy he'd only tip Jim off. Instead, he acted like he was just heading to the bathroom, but then stopped halfway as if in afterthought.

"Oh, hey, Jim?"

"Yeah?" The Sentinel turned to look at him.

*Snap!* The flash went off and Jim blinked. "Sandburg!"

Bursting into laughter, Blair rushed back into his room just as Jim took off like a cat after its prey. He made it into his room and slammed the door, his hand going to the lock, but Jim pushed in from the other side.

Blair tossed the camera on his bed and pushed back. "Jim, man, this is my room and you can't come in! I pay rent here, you know! This is trespassing."

"Sandburg, you give me that film!" Jim pushed harder, and the door inched inward.

"No way! It's mine!" Blair gritted his teeth and pushed back, but he made little progress.

"I bought it for you for Christmas!"

"It's still mine! That's a legal transfer of property!"

"That's it, smartass!" The door burst inward, almost knocking Blair off his feet.

Blair lunged for the camera on his bed at the same time Jim did.

"NO!" Blair got it first, pouncing on it and holding it beneath him as Jim grabbed his shoulders and spun him onto his back.

The Sentinel towered over him, his lips twitching. "Give it up, Sandburg."

Blair raised his chin defiantly, clutching the camera to his chest. "NO!"

Jim smiled -- that cold, deadly smile he so often used on criminals -- and straddled Blair, pinning him to the mattress with the full force of his weight.

"We can do this the easy way, Chief, or the hard way."

Blair gulped. "Don't you touch this camera, Ellison. I'm warning you."

Jim raised his eyebrows, amused. "Or you'll do what?"

"You don't want to find out. Trust me."

"Oooooh. I'm shaking." Jim grinned and wiggled his fingers in the air. "You know, Sandburg, I learned all about pressure points in the army."

Blair squirmed beneath Jim. "C-Come on, Jim. I mean, you wouldn't really do anything to me over a picture, would you?"

"You don't want to find out. Trust me."

"Ha. Ha. Funny. Okay get off me now."

"Hand over the camera."


"Fine. The hard way it is."


Jim leaned closer to him, his fingers poised for an attack. "One last chance, Sandburg."

"And I'm giving you one last chance, Ellison. Get off me!"

"Okay, if that's your --"


"Hey!" Jim blinked and flinched backward, and Blair used that opportunity to push Jim off and run like hell out of his room.


Shit, now he's pissed! Blair lunged for the front door, his hand closing around the knob, but Jim grabbed him from behind, spinning him off his feet and throwing him face-first on the couch with the camera beneath him.

"That does it, Sandburg." Jim sat on top of him. "No more games. This is it. You had your chance."

"Jim! Man, don't, c'mon!"

But the Sentinel wasn't listening. "You know, there's a pressure point to the side of the knee that invokes an interesting sensation."

Oh God, no. Blair squirmed as Jim's fingers pressed into the tender area along side his knee cap.

"NO!!! Jim, please!" He struggled, but couldn't break free. "It tickles, man! Cut it out! Please, stop it, Jim!" He was laughing and squirming and twisting and trying everything to get Jim off of him, but the Sentinel was like a boulder -- immovable.

"You had your chance, Sandburg."

Blair stiffened, closing his eyes. "Oh man! My wrist! My wrist is under me! Stop, Jim! Stop!"

In an instant, the pressure abated and Jim was up, crouched on the floor beside him. "God, I'm sorry, Chief. Let me see."

"Sucker!" Blair grinned and leapt off the couch, scurrying to his room and slamming the door shut. This time he managed to get the lock closed before Jim pounded against it.

"Open this door, Sandburg! That was a dirty trick!"

"Ooooh.... Really? Gee, I'm sorry, Jim." Blair grinned and stepped away from the door. Then he snapped aimless pictures until he reached the end of the roll and it began to rewind. Quickly, he snatched the film out of the camera, hurried to his closet, and placed it in the small lock box he kept in the corner.

Ah... he couldn't wait to develop the picture. It would make a great blow-up!

The end!