Blair to Lash in the episode CYPHER: How old was I when I broke my arm falling out of Mrs. Danwich's tree?

 minor spoilers for DEAD CERTAIN and CYPHER


Mrs. Danwich's Tree



//Oh man oh man oh man.// Blair took a deep breath and grabbed the jacket, making sure to NOT look down.  "'s a man's suit coat." Heswallowed and tried to keep his voice steady. "Looks like it matches our John Doe's pants." Tightening his one-armed grip on the tree branch, he tossed the jacket down to Jim.


//Why am *I* always the one to do these things? I don't even get paid to risk my neck and here I am kissing the sky.// He took another deepbreath and tensed as he shifted his right foot. // Jim's the one with commando training and *I'm* the civilian observer. Always telling me I can't do this or I can't do that because I'm not a cop, but when it comes to climbing trees and breaking bones, he tells me to do it.... Ohshut up. One foot at a time. Just focus on getting down in one piece. You are *not* going to fall out this time.//


His foot slid off a branch, and he froze, gripping the tree limb with all his strength. //Not gonna fall. Not gonna fall. This is, like, *so* much higher than Mrs. Danwich's tree. Broke my arm that time. Gonna break my damn neck this time.//


Taking another long, deep breath, he forced his legs and arms to move again and resumed his descent.  He'd never told Jim that his fear of heights had started with his fall from old Mrs. Danwich's tree. He'd climbed almost to the very top, feeling mighty proud of himself, when the damn limb gave way and sent him crashing through leaves and branches. He got badly scratched on the way down, then snapped his wrist when he hit the ground.


He pulled himself out of that memory and focused on his present situation. Glancing down, he released a relieved breath when he realized he was close to the bottom. He dropped to the lowest branch and let go. His heart lurched into his throat as he fell to the ground, but he bent his knees as he hit the ground and softened his landing.


As he straightened up, he saw Jim holding a money clip.


The detective glanced at him. "Swiss Francs."


Blair feigned interest, but his heart was beating a marathon in his chest and his lungs were working double-time.


Jim's face flickered with concern. "You all right?"


Blair shrugged him off, quickly covering his delighted surprise that Jim had *noticed* his discomfort. "Yeah, yeah."


It wasn't exactly an obfuscation. He was on the ground, so he was okay. Definitely okay... now. He made a mental note to talk to Jim about a little thing known as hazard pay. He was supposed to be an observer, not a tree-climbing gopher. Didn't the department have rules about this sort of thing? Weren't there insurance issues?


The End


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