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NEW!    Ordinary Miracle



2100 RPM

Blair is badly injured in an unusual accident.

A Momentary Lapse of Season

The Auction Story won by Dana - an "angst-filled Christmas story" that has Jim's senses and sanity out-of-whack.

A Touch of Sanity

Blair is hospitalized with somewhat minor injuries, but soon ends up in the psych ward.

Age of Conspiracy

Blair and an ancient artifact are nabbed by Cancer Man, and Jim, Mulder, and Scully search to find him and get to the bottom of Cancer man's agenda. However, Cancer man seems more interested in Blair's sentinel work than in the mysterious artifact. 

Bio "Chemistry"

Jim, Sandburg, and a bit of biochemistry wreaks havoc with Jim's sense of... well... You'll just have to read it and find out. *grin*


Black Cat

Back by popular demand. This is a short Halloween story that was taken down in November. However, due to request, it's back up.


Blair wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of how he got there.

By the Gods, A Lone Wolf Cries

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

A Cross-over that turned out much better than I expected. Give this one a chance! It's a Sentinel-Xena-Herc crossover with lots of smarm and angst.

Cheating Death

A weird piece. An attempt at humor. Some vile language, but no real violence. I apologize in advance.

Bite Me

Blair falls victim to a police K-9 unit.

Dark Zone

A zone-out gone bad, with a new twist: Blair gets hurt! *grin* Betcha never expected THAT from such an aptly-titled fiction page. :-)

Dark, Silent Night

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,

Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Rated High R or NC-17. Blair experiences a trauma that profoundly affects him. High angst and h/c.


Blair gets caught up in a bank robbery. Based on an actual "fact pattern"


Jim is presumed dead.

Echoes of a Gunshot

In response to a challenge: The reason for Blair’s aversion to guns comes back to haunt him. What are the reasons and what has happened that bothers him so?

Experimental Ramblings

You ever do thosstream-of-consciousness rambling writings? The ones where you just write whatever comes to mind, unedited? Well, here goes!


Sandburg burns-out.

For the Good of One

A story of tribulation, sacrifice, and friendship.


Jim forgets to pick up Blair - and the consequences are almost deadly


Blair. Psycho. Jim to the rescue. *grin*

In the Arms of Angels

A tear-jerker. Blair may have found his father, a brilliant researcher at Stanford. How will Naomi react? Jim? LOTS and LOTS of smarm and angst. Heavy emotional story.


This is a dark piece with violence and strong language. The Plot: After shooting someone in self-defense, Blair finds himself the target of an insane man bent on revenge.

Inner Demon

Part 1, Part 2

Crossover with Stargate SG-1.

Inside and Out

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Blair is framed for several Major Crimes, and Jim must struggle to clear his partner's name. There's lots of smarm and angst in this one, and I've rated it PG-13. Thanks to Angie for beta-reading this for me. She pointed out an inconsistency that has been corrected. I'd also like to thank Sobra for contributing her critical eye. This story contains minor spoilers for "Warriors" and "Blind Man's Bluff."

Knocked Senseless

Blair is not himself and Jim ends up getting hurt -- knocked senseless

Life's Blood

A short piece. Blair hurt/Jim comfort. Angst all around.

Light and Fluffy

A fun piece.

Mortal Combat

Jim and Blair in a stakeout gone wrong.

M. O.

A "real case" story. Blair and a psycho.

On the Edge of Forever

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Here it is! The Sentinel/Star Trek (original series) cross-over! It's long, that's all I'll say.

One Agonizing Moment


One Cold Night

The title says it all.

Out of Mind

Simon's not himself and Blair pays the price.

Friday Snippet
Happenstance Health Hazard
Let Sleeping Anthropologists Lie Loft Intruder

Spoilers for Blind Man's Bluff. Originally posted to the sentinelangst list as a March Themefic. Angst and H/C


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It was an initiation event. A training exercise. A strike against the police force. It was like nothing Blair had ever imagined...

Random Acts of Tragedy

This piece was inspired by a true story (no it didn't happen to me). Blair is involved in a car accident that results in the death of a family.

Side Effects

Spoilers for Blind Man's Bluff. The title says it all. Angst and H/C

Simon Says

Response to a challenge.


Blair's really tired...

Soul of Mine

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Strangers in the Night

Blair takes a trip to the hospital.

The Law of Friendship

Blair commits a crime -- and gets caught.

The Deep

An explosion at sea puts Jim and Blair in danger.

When the Mirror Looks Back

Incacha's Shamanistic Legacy haunts Blair, forcing the young man to leave Jim's side to find his own Way. The events in this story follow the Fourth Season Finale.

The Other Side of Reality

This is a stand-alone sequel to When the Mirror Looks Back. Jim and Blair must face some hard challenges as Blair struggles on the path of shamanism.

'Til Death

Blair is kidnapped and presumed dead. That's all I can say without giving anything away.

Whispers in the Night

What could possibly possess Jim to turn against Blair?

The Cellar

Blair finds himself in a dark, cold place.


The name sort of gives it a way. <g>

Times Change

Part 1, Part 2

A Sentinel/Starsky and Hutch Crossover that is probably not what you think. *grin*

The Edge

An intruder in the loft means trouble for Blair.

The Brackett Racket

Brackett's back with a little torment for our guys.

Flash Bang

Blair and Jim both find minor trouble at the hands of their fellow officers.

The Enclave

A stolen movie scene, re-written Sentinel style. The clock is ticking. Can Jim save Blair before it's too late?

Visions Before Dawn

Blair has a disturbing dream.


Sleepy Blair

A very short snippet.

Rough Housing

A short, smarm-laden piece: Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl are playing a game of water polo that turns sour.

Cherry Bombs

An accidently drunken Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases. Co-Authored with Hephaistos.

A Glimpse of Agony

A short piece of angst: Blair's world crumbles in one agonizing moment.

The Heart of a Warrior

Darn, I don't know how to describe this one. If I say "Blair finds another Blessed Protector" I'll be lynched *grin* I'll just say it's a "Doggie-Sue" story :-)

A Quiet Weekend

Written by AngieT. This is the auction story that I won. My request was that Blair rescue Jim and Simon.


This is the Good Cause Auction story that Sheffield won.

The Intrepid Anthropologist

Blair annoys Jim.

Uneasy Alliance

A Round Robin TS/SG Crossover.

Most Household Accidents Occur...

Even on a trip to England, the boys can't escape trouble.

Ordinary Miracle

Based on a true story - sorta.




The Dentist's Chair

A Cypher Epilogue. Blair goes to the dentist.

A Hard Day

A Cypher Epilogue (Yes, another one)

A Place Called Home

A Sentinel Too epilogue.

An Eye For An Eye

A Vow of Silence pseudo-epilogue. H/C and angst.


This is an added scene for Smart Alec. It's a short piece posted in response to the challenge issued by the elves of Guideposts.

Avenging Angel

A sequel to the episode "Mirror Image." Chapel's back, and he's out for revenge!

Badge of Dishonor

Spoilers for Season 4 finale! The way I'd *like* it to be based on the spoilers.

Blind Man's Bluff

Episode and missing scenes. The Complete Episode about the drug Golden. It's written word-for-word, in standard prose format, with a missing scene added.

Causa Mortis

A Sentinel Too Part 2 thingie.

Character Evidence

Jim defends Blair's character in court following TSbyBS.

Crossroads Epilogue

Just like the title says. An epilogue to Crossroads.

Cleaning Up the Mess

A "Mirror Image" Missing Scene.

Epilogue to The Girl Next Door

An epilogue to The Girl Next Door. <g>

False Pretenses

This is a sentinel-pretender cross-over, but in essence, it's a pure sentinel story with only a few brief Jarod scenes. The PLOT: Yep! Another LASH story. A LASH copycat killer is on the loose in Cascade. The pretender angle? Jim, Blair, and Jarod discover that Lash was a pretender, as is the new killer, and now the killer's out to finish the job Lash left undone (yep, Blair is once again the target of a psycho).

Fear Based Responses

We just don't have enough "Sentinel Too" epilogues, so here's another one *grin* Heavy smarm and angst, minor "owies. 


A Cypher/Blind Man's Bluff thingie.

Hallowed Halls

Episode Two of the Sentinel Virtual Season Five by Faux Paws Productions. Look under link to Previous Episodes

(This link will take you off-site)

Ice Cold

Missing Scene for Iceman

In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance

Alternate ending to "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Major spoilers.


A Cypher Missing Scene/Epilogue story.


Missing scene for Smart Alec

Missing Scene for The Rig
Muerte 101

A Murder 101 missing scene.

Mugshot of an Anthropologist

A short missing scene from "The Girl Next Door," when Blair gets arrested. A touch of angst. A touch of humor.

Mrs. Danwich's Tree

Blair to Lash in the episode CYPHER: How old was I when I broke my arm falling out of Mrs. Danwich's tree?


A Sen Too missing scene.

Post Trauma

Missing scene for BMB.

Quiet Desperation

BMB missing scene.


Epilogue for S2P2.


Deals with Blair's emotions post TSbyBS.

Second Impact

Missing scene for Out of the Past.

Siege Missing Scene

What the title says...

Silent Observer

Cypher missing scene.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Alex Barnes' psychiatrist realizes she's a sentinel, forcing Jim and Blair back into the media spotlight. Spoilers for TSbyBS

Sweet Misery

Missing scene for Sweet Science


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Missing scene for Cypher.

The Bludgeonings of Chance

Season Premiere of Novation Season 5 Virtual episode.

And the Password is...?

Novation Episode

Special Delivery

Season Finale, Novation Virtual Season Five

Ten Days of Peru

A missing scene for Flight.

Survival Epilogue

Blair and the chopper.

The Camera

Spoilers for Blind Man's Bluff and The Girl Next Door. Blair gets an unexpected reminder of that night in the garage.

Too Close

A missing scene from Love and Guns written in response to the missing scenes challenge at GuidePosts.


The Nothingness Inside

Blair suffers the fallout from Lash.




Constitution Series

We, the People... except

Blair becomes the victim of a very intrusive search .

Constitution Series

Truth and Technicality

Based on an actual Supreme Court Case. When a "technicality" known as the Fourth Amendment threatens to free a dangerous criminal, Blair becomes a casualty in the war between Truth and Justice.

Constitution Series

Zones of Privacy

Blair gets arrested for a crime he often commits.

Constitution Series

The Rule of Law