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Blood Bond

An intense Jack-Daniel h/c piece

The Safety of Home

Daniel gets mugged.

I, Alone

A slightly angsty, slightly mushy, Daniel-birthday story.


Daniel falls into trouble during a mission.

Menace of the Soul

SG1 is captured by Apophis, and Daniel faces one of his greatest vulnerabilities. Revised with parts added by Pho!




Daniel once again meets with misfortune.

In Sickness and In Health

After a mission, Daniel falls ill.

The Demon Inside

A Goa'uld invades Daniel.




A Dark, Dark Day

A Menace tag.

Corners of the Mind

A Fire and Water epilogue

A Grandfather

A Scene Expansion for Crystal Skull

Black and White

A Shades of Grey epilogue.


A First Ones epilogue.

Heroes Cry

A Tag for... you guessed it... Heroes. Therefore, there be spoilers for Heroes, along with Meridian, Fire and Water, and a few other Season Six-Seven smatterings.

In the Eyes

Tag for Evolution.

Mightier Than the Sword

Tag for Torment of Tantalus.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Follows Forever in a Day. A long, angst-filled, h/c story.

The Pit

The Light missing scene.

The Shadow of Joy

An epilogue to There But For The Grace Of God and the Politics-Serpent's Lair arc

White Room

A Legacy missing scene.


Part 1, Part 2

Missing Scenes and Epilogue to Hathor. Daniel deals with the aftermath.

Prime Meridian

First episode of the Stargate Virtual Season 6.